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Favorite Anime
Fruits Basket
Fruits Basket add
Ouran Koukou Host Club
Ouran Koukou Host Club add
Skip Beat!
Skip Beat! add
Shinsekai yori
Shinsekai yori add
Jewelpet Tinkle
Jewelpet Tinkle add

Favorite Manga
Crash! add
Lovers Doll
Lovers Doll add
Rutta to Kodama
Rutta to Kodama add
Hadi Girl
Hadi Girl add
Koko ni Iru yo!
Koko ni Iru yo! add

Favorite Characters
Bourbon del Monte, Giancarlo
Katsuragi, Keima
Klein, Teito
Kuronuma, Sawako
Break, Xerxes
Mogami, Kyouko
Shiraboshi, Hana
Hyoubu, Kyousuke
Nishinoya, Yuu

Favorite People
Fujiwara, Yuka
Fujiwara, Yuka
Kamiya, Hiroshi
Kamiya, Hiroshi
Tooyama, Ema
Tooyama, Ema
Ichinose, Kaoru
Ichinose, Kaoru
Shouoto, Aya
Shouoto, Aya
Aikawa, Saki
Aikawa, Saki
Mishima, Kazuhiko
Mishima, Kazuhiko

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February 6,
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June 26, 2011
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Anime Stats

Time (Days) 62.3
Watching 18
Completed 192
On Hold 54
Dropped 4
Plan to Watch 264
Total Entries 532

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Unknown :(

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Manga Stats

Time (Days) 28.8
Reading 24
Completed 391
On Hold 74
Dropped 4
Plan to Read 664
Total Entries 1157

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Unknown :(

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About animelover4ver
I'm sorry for my inactivity. School has been keeping me busy and tired.

I enjoy comedies. Though I pretty much like almost all genres.
I like pokemon but I'm too much of a lazy person to put all those pokemonseasons/movies/and-the-like in my list.
I also love the seiyuu or Japanese voice actor; Suzuki, Tatsuhisa. But I can't have more the 5 fav people so...yeah.
I don't seem to be a very good reviewer for anime/manga, but I believe I can do pretty decent recommendations.

/▌This Is Bob. Copy And Paste him so he can rule the world~
/ |

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SheyCroix | 01-18-15, 2:53 PM

☆ N E W S L E T T E R ☆

LOAD | 12-24-14, 2:35 PM

Join us for a simulwatch Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

LOAD | 12-21-14, 11:20 PM

Roth | 11-16-14, 8:26 AM
Hello! Would you like to join? :)

Kannei | 03-22-13, 5:02 PM
sure its your decission and thx for joining BL Obsession ~~

infactuation21 | 08-12-12, 11:35 AM

nandenhah | 08-07-12, 3:11 PM
I really loved Hiyokoi, and started reading the manga (although you know that i don't like much), I would like more animes shoujo if u can :3 ... I watched these days Kaichou wa Maid-sama and I just fell in love with the anime making me uninterested in others >_< Usui is so so so perfect omg x_x

nandenhah | 07-28-12, 10:07 AM
I looked at pictures of anime you suggested and I'll start watching Ouran High and Hiyokoi , over time I'll see others mentioned too! :3 ~ thx

nandenhah | 07-18-12, 10:34 AM
I think it's happens because what attracts me most in animes is the cute voices, the Japanese language, the faces with life, everything that technically missing in the mangá, anyway ^ ^ I'm trying to, you can always recommend me a anime if you like , I have preference in shoujos but I dare anyone! But I'm too much of the moon, sometimes I want to watch anime step sometimes weeks without seeing any :33 ~

nandenhah | 07-17-12, 12:40 PM
I think I'm weird, I just can't get interested in manga, I read my first this week because I was very curious and passionate about the storyline but the anime does not exist yet, but I don't want to read more or others mangás or start reading a manga first and then leave for the anime like in case with books and movies :33 ~~

nandenhah | 07-16-12, 9:04 AM
Ha! Ohayo, don't worry about this and I don't come here so much anyway :3
Your list is interesting, you can really watch many anime simultaneously? I need must see to the end to get another or I end up losing myself or lose interest in one ><"

Murahana | 07-09-12, 4:49 PM
Haha Welcome back! sorry for the late reply c:
Been busy on Tumblr.
Hope you had fun! where did you go?

Murahana | 06-29-12, 9:11 PM
Oh! have a fun trip :)!!!
Message me when you get back!

Murahana | 06-28-12, 3:34 PM
c: i think anyone can pull anyone off.

I have the same problem. I only show my cousin. MY mom thinks im a creep and such for watching. I dont cosplay either, but i would like to soon. c:

Murahana | 06-26-12, 11:49 AM
o-o be Shou! It would be amazing!! c:

Me? hm. Tough one. Well I have the Akatsuki Costume for Tobi from Natruto shippuden, so he would be easy for me to Cosplay. I really want to be Shunsui from Bleach ._. or just a pokemon trainer.( which I am doing soon!)

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