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01-03-13, 6:57 AM
October 1,
August 18, 2012
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About alibel96
im a newbie.

i like comedy/romance/school life/reverse harem anime(s).. but i don't like female harems.
if you have any recommendations just leave a comment/post/something :D
p.s: watching anime is just my hobby yet i don't really like manga

i guess i'm an anime addict but i don't really know actually....but watching anime always makes me happy like i'm having a good quality time with myself :D and that's the reason why i watch anime.

and so far..........I'M IN LOVE WITH MASATO & ICHINOSE FROM UTA NO PRINCE-SAMA <3 you guys should watch it. trust me you won't regret it.

as you see, my profile picture is the 3 princes, the top is masato hijirikawa, and then the red haired guy is ittoki, and the right one is ichinose tokiya. they are perfecto.

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guga | 12-31-12, 5:47 AM

guga | 12-25-12, 4:56 AM

Sinnamon | 09-27-12, 12:16 AM
Boo!! Whats up?

-Cloudy- | 09-11-12, 9:33 AM
Sorry late reply! but your welcome lmao :D

Sinnamon | 09-07-12, 8:19 PM
Not a problem! Real life is important ^_^!

Thank you! I am glad you liked it.

Uhh I don't remember now x_x; I just search and pick through like four sites but basically all the sites are pretty fast now adays my episodes load quick.

It's ok when you get back we'll talk!! See yea! Have a safe trip, even though your most likely gone already.

Sinnamon | 09-04-12, 2:48 PM

Sinnamon | 09-03-12, 2:58 PM
Honestly if princess princess was where the boys dress up as girls, I have and I don't think I was tooo attached to it, I have not to great beside it in my little comments since I watch a ton of animes and sometimes it's hard to remember so that's my way of doing so x_x; hahah, but that's because I have high hopes for animes like that I LOVE them, Kuragehime was one of my favorites where the boy dressed as a female.

If there was more cross dressing animes i'd watch them, ((this is all in my opinion!)) anime things I like besides that romance ((usually a main must for me now adays,)), ninja/samurai, ecchi, fanservice is just a plus, reverse harem ((love)). And I keep an open mind for other stuff.

I only place animes I truly loved/would tell anyone to watch on my anime list, I have another list in my e-mail with almost all the animes i've watched and I picked off of that

This is my top 10 for sure school life would most likely be Hana Yori Dango don't judge the art. And I just watched Cross games, and I HATE watching sport stuff I LOVED it. Should give it a try.Another one I don't see on your list is Itazura na Kiss.

-Cloudy- | 09-03-12, 8:33 AM
Not a problem little lamb ;D
Ah, I watch all my naruto at <---
If ya cant find it tell me and I'll link you an episode :)
I like naruto its really entertaining full on but they do talk a fuckin' lot LOL

-Cloudy- | 09-03-12, 2:56 AM
Yo :D
Thanks for the friend request and WELCOME TO MAL!

Sinnamon | 09-02-12, 2:53 PM
It makes sense!! ^_^ Hehe

I have to admit the only time I think "family love" is ok is in anime because I pretend there NOT family at all since there just drawn characters but I have to admit at LEAST it's just cousins in this one it could be wayyy worse, plus they won't do that probably because they were suppose to get married anyways and it was called off.

RAWR speaking of I need to watch the new episode. I am getting worried for a continuation ep because than I have to wait another week for the second one x_x;

Sinnamon | 09-01-12, 1:31 PM
Hahah I love Novas weapon for sure but kind of like Liberta Nova is to the same as the usual "dark" character for some reason, why do you like him? (( this shouldn't sound rude ahah we like who we like in characters!))

jackiebanae | 08-31-12, 11:42 AM
no i haven't watched either one of those... i'll have to look into those :D thanks

jackiebanae | 08-31-12, 10:39 AM
you're welcome :)

jackiebanae | 08-31-12, 10:02 AM
Welcome to MAL! :D

EcchiCatgirl | 08-24-12, 7:26 PM
Hey, nice to meet you and welcome to MAL.

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