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Favorite Anime
Bleach add
Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Hunter x Hunter (2011) add
Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail add
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! add
D.Gray-man add

Favorite Manga
Bleach add
Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan
Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan add
Groove Adventure Rave
Groove Adventure Rave add
One Punch-Man
One Punch-Man add
Death Note
Death Note add

Favorite Characters
Akashi, Seijuurou
Uchiha, Itachi
Lamperouge, Lelouch
Kurosaki, Ichigo
Kanda, Yuu
Hibari, Kyouya
Zoldyck, Killua
Fuji, Shuusuke
Kuchiki, Rukia

Favorite People
Mignogna, Vic
Mignogna, Vic
Christian, Luci
Christian, Luci
Ayres, Greg
Ayres, Greg
Seitz, Patrick
Seitz, Patrick
Kishimoto, Masashi
Kishimoto, Masashi
Kubo, Tite
Kubo, Tite

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KakaKarrotCake | Jul 20, 8:10 PM

KakaKarrotCake | Jul 4, 3:59 PM
I like Konan. Don't care much for Temari tbh (esp cuz I love Shika lol)

Heretic94 | Jun 28, 9:51 PM
I see, that was me with anime up until 3 years ago when I started watching other series besides Naruto xD the horizon was so wide back then...it still is I guess :P I regret not getting into anime sooner though, like I've been having internet since 2007 and I had so many missed opportunities :P

I like your sasuke/sakura image btw, sums up their relationship pretty well :^)

KakaKarrotCake | Jun 28, 10:40 AM
Lol no. Tenten is a waste of screentime

Heretic94 | Jun 27, 1:44 AM
Damn, those are pretty nice prices, I guess that when you buy more books at once from the same seller you'll get a great discount since he/she wants to get rid of a certain collection and still make some decent cash.

So any anime you're looking forward to this season?

KakaKarrotCake | Jun 23, 2:12 PM
Lol I need to catch up and get the details
Idgaf what it is... If it's not SasuTenten, then it's >>>>> SS

Heretic94 | Jun 21, 3:09 AM
The fight against Frieza was a turn off for me because it was too god damn long haha but the arc with Cell and the Androids was highly enjoyable but the Buu saga was like most people say silly.

Nice manga collection btw! Aren't manga volumes expensive though? I know the price might vary depending on how new the volumes are but I've seen some volumes costing up to 20$ here, part of the high price must also be the shipping.

KakaKarrotCake | Jun 18, 11:23 AM
Nah I haven't even finished Naruto yet but I got the jist of the shit that is happening
Sarada Uchiha... The fact that Sasuke fucked Karin once disgusts me ._.

KakaKarrotCake | Jun 17, 5:05 PM
hinata with her awkward ass should stay a side hoe xD
asexual lol

KakaKarrotCake | Jun 16, 10:03 PM
But then I remember Shitimoto is a fucktard rn so whatevs

KakaKarrotCake | Jun 16, 9:55 PM
Exactly. There's the scene at the beginning of the Sasuke retrieval arc where Sakura realizes that Naruto was the one who always understood her and not Sasuke, and also that she was wrong for calling Naruto annoying/misunderstanding during the beginning of team 7.
Kishimoney lol
He built the shit outta NaruSaku - so sad. It's no longer that I even dislike Sakura. I actually appreciate her after re-watching Naruto... But god damn Hinata was a minor ass character never meant to be the otp w/ Naruto imo. Always was NaruSaku at the heart of the show/manga.

KakaKarrotCake | Jun 16, 8:26 PM
I know. The anime/manga literally built against that pairing for the first 600 fuckin chapters lol

KakaKarrotCake | Jun 14, 3:29 PM
I fuckin love that SasuSaku on your profile lol

NightSkyBlue | Jun 6, 9:19 PM
What a shame! Ohh yeah, it looks like that show is pretty popular. I will probably have to check it out...next year. I'm still working on finishing my backlog. It's taken over a year, but I am just about there. Interesting....college to me was when I got into anime. Well, hope you get to enjoy some good shows. Good luck on your studies!

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