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May 18, 2011
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Hey there! I'm known as Amy. I love Anime with an absolute passion! Inuyasha is the best!! :) I have such an obsession with Japan & everything about it :). I love video games as well, I see myself as a pretty hardcore gamer hehe. Mass Effect is probably my fav video game series!! Also, I enjoy writing, I like writing poems and fan fictions as well as original fictions. I love Lord of the Rings, Hobbits are cute, so small ^_^ I'm a pretty nice person so come chat if you want! I don't bite! :)

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Otaku-Ninja8 | 05-11-12, 5:52 PM
So every time I see news about new events for ME3 multiplayer, I think, "wtf quit wasting time on that and fix the ending!"

Its funny, after beating the game once, I imported my second shep, but dont really feel like playing lol. I mean, I have like 11 sheps but wont finish their story since the end makes everything pointless....

Kinda have nothing to look forward too in video games now.....except RE6...still havent bought KoAR or SXT yet so thats something.

Otaku-Ninja8 | 05-05-12, 7:08 PM

Kinda funny and sad at the same time <_<

Otaku-Ninja8 | 05-05-12, 5:36 PM
Ya I never actually thought about how anderson and the illusive man got up there lol. True, the endings all being the same was a HUGE downer...I mean Bioware did Dragon Age Origins while being owned by EA, and that game had many different ending which was awesome. Ya the ending your talking about is where it shows shepard take a breath after you make your choice. But even if he did live it wouldnt make a damn difference because no matter what choice you make the MASS RELAYS ALL BLOW UP!!!! lol wtf bioware?

I mean that just basically kills off all the alien fleet that came to earth to help (which would be the entire quarian and turian races!!) And(I had garrus and tali as my main squadmates) I thought they died at the end when harbinger blasts shepard and the soldiers right b4 u get to that beam, but later they somehow end up in the normandy with joker and r running away or some crap?

Sorry for the rant, but yes I totally agree there are a ton of plot holes and the ending sucked big time....oh, and if the stupid kid controlled the reapers, why chouldnt shep have just made him stop or shut them down? Like I said, it would have been way better if shepard just died along side anderson as the cruciable blew all the reapers up like we all thought it was going to b4 that stupid starchild crap..........

On the other hand I loved a lot of other things in this game! Mordin fixing the genophage, so sad. And thinking that Grunt was going to die to save shepard while we escape from the rachni husk things! I also loved the ardat yakshi(or whatever they're called) sanctuary that the asari leader asks you to go take care of. Having to go down all those stairs in the dark was too freaky for me so I always made Garrus go first lol :D

hellhound113 | 05-03-12, 5:52 AM
Yeah Adult Swim only plays anime on Saturday nights now but its good anime I think >.< aside from that I don't really watch it anymore :P

YES I love Avatar that show RAWKS >.<
Did you know they made another series extending the story?

Otaku-Ninja8 | 05-02-12, 4:53 PM
Wow just beat ME3 last night and it WAS AMAZING, up until the stupid star child bullshit! I mean, I would have been fine with shepard dying beside anderson while the cruciable blew the reapers up, but then that stupid crap happens that makes no sense!!!!!!

hellhound113 | 04-30-12, 5:12 AM
Yeah adult swim on cartoonnetwork at like six in the morning on sudays it comes on

Yeah for the most part they are better the stories are more enticing and the characters are usually wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cooler >.<

hellhound113 | 04-25-12, 5:19 AM
Because it still comes on TV but its very early :P
Well at the time of my DBZ obsession started I was like four so I ddint really know what Anime was or anything like that

hellhound113 | 04-23-12, 11:05 AM
Im slowly working on Inuyasha veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy slowly
DBZ is my all time favorite it was my first anime and I just love it >.<

hellhound113 | 04-18-12, 5:28 AM
That is the same thing everyone has told me I will watch ASAP >.< so what else do you like?

hellhound113 | 04-17-12, 5:08 AM
No but I REEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYY want to I've heard its amazing but I want to find out for myself >.<

hellhound113 | 04-13-12, 8:45 AM
I watch just about anything and everything mainly action/comedy

hellhound113 | 04-12-12, 11:35 AM
Yeah I have actually been thinking about getting into video games somehow but how Im not yet sure :P I dont know what to expect if I went to NYC I mean I've been to big places but thats a BIG place I would get lost as soon as I got ther >.< and I agree going to big cities is nice because big cities=Game Stop,Hasting, and Vintage Stock=more video games, Anime and Manga=a happy me >.<

hellhound113 | 04-09-12, 8:36 AM
Yes this country is widely different I think thats what makes it great >.<
I can promise you the weater there is better than here its only April and we have already had hundred degree weather :P I hate the hot too that doesnt help :P
The farthest I have ever been from here is Dallas and thats also the biggest city I've ever been to I have never really considered going to NYC because its really big and it kinda makes me nervous and dont even get me started on college because I dont know what Im going to do with my life granted college wont be that hard to get into because I only have six people in my class and I have had all A's for the past 5 years and I'm at the top of my class but that doesnt help me figuring out what I want to do once I get there :P
Big cities dont really bother me but Im not sure about living in one because I've lived in this small town all my life and there is a HUGE difference between the two >.<

hellhound113 | 04-05-12, 9:49 AM
Yeah I think its crazy to have 150 people in one class. Thats wierd Huh?
Your lucky you live up North that is where I wanna live Up north Like Pennsylvania someplace like that somewhere cooler than 100 degress everyday :P

hellhound113 | 04-05-12, 8:48 AM
Well I can promise you that New York and Oklahoma are VERY different especially were I live its tiny tiny tiny adn by that I mean only about 200 people in the entire town
And my Highschool is even worse in All there is about 20 people in the ENTIRE highschool I am in the biggest class with six people :P

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