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January 8, 2009
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I'm a one shot fan or shoujo fan, both are true. I am not a fan of mindless girl gets raped and loves the rapist story. Or short stories where nothing happens and the ending is very opened. Don't be afraid to comment about anything in my profile, and I accept any and all friend request. I do not accept random friend requests. You had better either know me from another website or have talked to be a lot before sending a friend request.

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Raim | 11-16-14, 1:21 PM
By the way, I wanted to ask, the last time you told me you kept blocked? What did you mean by that? Also, how's it going for you these days?

Raim | 10-10-14, 12:32 PM
I've been really busy myself too. I don't really post on Anico anymore, since there's no discussion there. I still post at AFT though, but only during my vacations (every 10-11 weeks) after each uni term ends. I've been fairly absent too, but I remember you, as the old core group. I've been good, thank God. Classes have been busy, alongside work, but it's all stable for now, so I have no complaints. Still watching a couple of series every now and then, but the list's getting shorter as time goes on. You?

Raim | 10-02-14, 12:27 PM
Been a while, DB. Don't really post much on the forums myself. How's it going, fellow part-Hispanic blood friend?

nicaboy456 | 04-19-13, 5:03 AM
now watch Eva 2.0! you're already years behind....

nicaboy456 | 04-10-13, 9:46 PM
i forgot you were here....

Raim | 01-26-13, 8:02 AM
Can't blame you, I hadn't read much lately either. I had stopped at Part 5, but the anime motivated me to keep reading, so I started Part 6 a while ago.

Raim | 01-25-13, 6:51 PM
You know, I'm really surprised you've read Jojo. And 5 parts, where I had stopped too. Unless you've read more.

nicaboy456 | 11-27-12, 6:50 AM
never read the manga. i think the anime is good enough that it doesnt need to follow the manga....

nicaboy456 | 11-27-12, 1:45 AM
duh the anime. we did tell you to pursue the sequels....

nicaboy456 | 11-26-12, 9:02 PM
get back to Natsume!!!!

nicaboy456 | 11-17-12, 5:36 PM
it'd be cool. like a third arm or something....

nicaboy456 | 11-16-12, 6:22 AM that a problem?

and i'm copy/pasting the pic back up so i can see it some more lol...

nicaboy456 | 11-15-12, 6:41 AM
looks boring and kinda stupid imo lol. i'm sad....with the next comment poor Makoto is gonna disappear....

nicaboy456 | 11-13-12, 2:42 AM
and which title is that?

nicaboy456 | 11-08-12, 11:26 AM
That's rather unfortunate. You should....

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