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July 18, 1998
February 24, 2013
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Only really got into anime and manga a couple of years ago, but I love it and it is amazing how quickly a love for something can escalate :-)

My watch list is growing now at an alarming rate so you can check them out on my watch list. It's somewhere around here :-) Good day fellow populace otherwise known as the human race. Aidosbutler here. Firstly, I guess my name is a cross between Hanabusa Aido from Vampire Knight and Sebastian (a.k.a Black Butler), secondly, I may or may not be obsessed with Aido as a character. You can ask my friend, we have had arguments that are literally pages about who is better 'Zero or Aido'. Or course Aido slam dunks his ass every time :-)

My Favourite Characters-
.L Lawliet (Death Note)
.Hanabusa Aido (Vampire Knight- Who would have guessed?)
.Houshou Takigawa (aka. Monk) (Ghost Hunt)
.Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin (Ouran High School Host Club)
.Kyoya Otari (Ouran High School Host Club)
.Sebastian Michaellis (Black Butler)
.Alois Trancy (Black Butler)
.Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)
. Loke (Fairy Tail)
. Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)


.I'm sixteen years of age and my birthday is in July. It's cool because it is in the summer and you know, I can have Free! Iwatatobi swim club parties :-D

.I love reading, lots of graphic novels and just books in general. I like comic books and manga (naturally). I also read lots of fiction novels, but I am not a John Green obsessor either which is most of today's populace. So if I ever get a message saying 'OMFG likez he's the best writer ever i cried lolz for the lulz OMFHGIRH'. Then I will tell you that he sucks to be honest, that's all I must say.

.I adore swimming, and compete often (that's all I do in terms of sport!)Me and all the Free! guys, especially Haruka :-)

.I love CreepyPasta stories and write them myself. I love Ben, he is personally, the very best creepypasta story character, only a tiny little bit below Jeff :-)

.I draw alot, and get told off for doodling all over my maths book. I draw quite alot of anime characters and I have recently began drawing homestuck :-) I do have a deviantart, except most of my work is on A3 and my scanner is too small and my camera makes my work look really bad. My best work, Mizore from Rosario+Vampire <3

.I love rock music. Classic rock, screamo and metal. But I am no emo or scary, or dark. I'm fruit salad, everybody knows that (Quoting Mighty Boosh here guys) :-)

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mdsamad | 03-26-13, 1:47 PM
yeah i really liked rosario+vampire

CarinaVella | 02-25-13, 3:26 PM
welcome to the best friends forever club i hope u enjoy ur stay with us and i hope u meet lots of new friends :3
Link to The Best Friends Forever Club
ps. plz feel free to reply to this massage if u have any questions or if there is anything u would like to know :3

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