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04-21-14, 8:57 PM
April 16, 1992
United States
July 17, 2008
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I've written a Guide to Adding/Editing Manga Entries. Feel free to ask for any further clarification on adding or editing manga entries at any time, but please stop asking me to add manga for you.


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Guide to Adding/Editing Manga Entries
12-27-12, 6:29 PM Edited 12-27-12, 7:32 PM

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RikanyonRicchan | 04-16-14, 3:48 AM
Huwogh, are you Free! fan? Are you fujo?

Btw, happy birthday!

AquarionLife | 03-26-14, 5:45 PM
I think It did Work :). Thank you, I love Free! to and Who's your favorite ship?

MFM | 03-11-14, 6:10 PM
Hey, just wanted to thank you for your review on Saiunkoku Monogatari.
A hidden treasure I was so lucky to find and that you so nicely described.

Metal-Grip | 03-06-14, 7:02 PM
Good review of Saiunkoku Monogatari! Thanks :D

AquarionLife | 03-04-14, 5:11 PM
So were allowed to edit The Manga Information On there page? I wanted to ask because I felt worried that it was copyright or something. By the way Its because I found a couple manga that kind of need editing, cause 1 finished In November 2009, and nobody edited the manga yet. I was kindly asking for your permission...sorry for asking In your comments.

Azetaminofen | 02-20-14, 1:56 PM
If I understand correctly, then: only doujins that are created starting from an original story in the manga are allowed or that a mangaka publish it, right?

However, work done by amateurs from scratch, do not count.

Azetaminofen | 02-20-14, 11:56 AM
Hello. I have a question: are considered the doujins manga? Or to be works created by fans do not come into the manga industry?

I make you the question because you are moderator Database (Manga). Thanks.

mjisoton | 02-07-14, 7:46 AM
Hello adamantine,
Congratulations for your hard work here on MAL.

I would request to change the status of the manga 'Nana' of Ai Yazawa. The author has published a note saying she no longer wishes to launch this manga. Currently, the satus is 'Publishing'.

Thank you.

tamahomeanime | 01-19-14, 8:59 PM
hey thanks for being coming my friend

HoshiKirby | 01-18-14, 4:06 PM
Hello Manga Database mod.

Could you add the manga "Roji!" on the database? Author is Kotobuki Keisuke:

He never published his "Roji" manga in Japan but in France instead. There are three volumes released so far in France and he is currently working on a 4th volumes. I can translate the summary of the first volume for you.

Roji! Vol.1 summary:
Yuzu and Karin are two sisters of opposite personalites, one over excited and the other very serious. Between two fights to laugh with the boys, they enjoy their daily live with plenty of non realistic idea to have fun. Find a new home for the abandonned cats, uncover a mysterious librairy that opens only at midnight or create a pool on the rooftop of a building...They accept evey challenge!

Always with Zanzibar, the grumpiest cat of the neighborhood, Yuzu and Karin are looking for local legends and find out that little by little, happiness is never too far away..."

Some more infos about him:
Given name: 圭祐
Family name: 寿


hireshi | 01-14-14, 1:01 AM
Hello, can you please add me as the author on this?

As it is my own personal manga, that will have a live store release in 2015.

Adair | 11-27-13, 9:36 PM
RinHaru is perfect.
You're perfect.
That is all.

manatee | 11-07-13, 10:36 AM

ihateeveryone | 11-01-13, 5:41 PM
Yoo, thanks for removing the pictures for me. I come to your profile and see a Free! profile image. I approve, 100%. Fabulous max, dear.

Anmoly97 | 10-08-13, 10:10 PM
Would you like to join my club?
ƸӜƷ ~*Cho Cho Empire*~ ƸӜƷ

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