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June 30, 2008
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kyled00m | 04-03-12, 8:38 AM
@Happy Project Ch10 comment. You sound like a devil in sheeps clothing. :P

Zhou | 03-21-12, 6:04 PM
Sure, her name is CAT and she is the main character from Confidential Assassination Troop, C.A.T.
MAL does list it as completed, but it's on hiatus/dropped(?) if you should consider reading it, the art is unbelievable.

Perfect | 03-08-11, 4:00 AM
To love-Ru Darkness is too intense in many ways.
I really enjoy Momo's character. The mastermind of everything.

Perfect | 03-05-11, 4:25 AM
hi there

dancu | 02-26-11, 11:44 AM
yeah thanks for the friend request

and the characters are from the 4koma manga A Channel
well it is going to be an anime soon

Drewge | 12-05-10, 9:01 PM
... you've watched alot of anime!! thats awesome!

HawthorneKitty | 10-11-10, 9:22 PM
They are from the Visual Novel "ef - a fairy tale of the two".
There is an anime adaptation starting with "ef - a tale of memories".
I won't tell you anything about them because it's too good of a watch to spoil.

frozen_soul | 10-05-10, 11:28 PM
thanks for the friend request i hope we could be good friends

Suzuku | 09-18-10, 4:23 AM
Thanks for the request, I'll do my best for you and the other readers on RC.

Bajtas | 08-31-10, 12:31 AM

Bajtas | 08-18-10, 11:41 AM

asukai_kun | 07-25-10, 8:01 PM
~Akuma to Love Song FC~

hiii~ sorry for spamming your profile but messaging has been disabled so there is no other way to invite you guys
this is simple copy-paste

it seems you like Devil and Her Love Song/Akuma to Love Song
so i thought you would like to join our FanCLub

have already invited you xDD
hope you will accept the invitation

TehJawknee | 06-18-10, 2:46 PM

Care to join a support group that understands your addiction? Don't worry, we're Anonymous.

TarnishedDream | 05-30-10, 11:30 PM
Thanks for friending me!
How are you? :D

AlanViBritannia | 01-10-10, 11:22 AM
Hello there, Chrome lover. :D

Would you like to join New KHR! Club on MyAnimeList? If yes, please do so here:

-Click on the picture to go to the club-

Hope to see ya there. :D

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