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tsudecimo | 04-23-14, 3:44 AM

IppoSRB | 03-01-12, 8:56 AM
Thanks for the comment, and yes, I'm well aware of HNI manga, and thus tried to read few chapters, but didn't quite get the hang on, because I really enjoyed animation and movements from the anime, that I just couldn't adapt.

Also, don't get me wrong, but I really love reading mangas(though you can't really see, cuz I've read only few), but I read comic books a lot, and because of that, I can't, or don't like reading anything in that form online.

I will just keep my hopes up for a sequel of Ippo in animated version.
Fingers crossed.

Teufel | 11-12-11, 8:13 AM
Good call! Just finished episode 105, it was indeed very epic. ;)

Teufel | 11-07-11, 7:36 PM
On paper it should be awesome, but something about this all feels lacking. Maybe it's the anime's fault and this was done better in the manga?

TechDragon | 10-08-11, 11:25 PM
oh and about the The anime based Animes from Zelda, i have not heard anything yet..

TechDragon | 10-08-11, 10:35 AM
their is a new Game of Zelda coming out soon for the Wii.
GameSpot Has more news about the game
coming out this November.

SD_CV | 09-19-11, 2:13 PM
'SleepnDreamn' also found another page as proof ^^

SD_CV | 09-19-11, 2:03 PM
No problem :p

Himeko143 | 07-04-11, 2:54 PM
Awesome profile pic ;D

darkquach | 06-04-11, 11:40 PM
Welcome to the club. Feel free to drop by and chat with other members, they are friendly :)

darkquach | 05-30-11, 9:19 PM
Sorry i can't let you join 18yr old+ anime lovers until i know your age because this clubs if for people who are at least 18 and that is why you have to ask to join, so without knowing you are i can't let you join. If you tell me your age and you are at least 18 i will approve your request to join. Please respond as soon as possible.

Gladius | 05-17-11, 11:38 AM
If you only mean anime you should begin with SIGN, then Liminality (takes place at the same time as the first four games), then Twilight, then Roots + OVA and the Trilogy movie (they are all alternatives or prequels for the 3 G.U. PS2 games) and finally Quantum which is the last story so far.
Between these are the books. There you should start with A.I. Buster (begins before SIGN and ends after Twilight), then Another Birth (they re-tell the first 4 games from the Blackrose's point of view) and then the G.U. novels which re-tell the last 3 games (but the a sttill a little different than the game plot) and CELL which tells an own story that takes place in the G.U. setting.
About the mangas: XXXX is an alternative story of the first games, GU+ an alternative of the 3 G.U. games. The other translated mangas are mostly only spin-offs.

So..the best thing is you just begin with SIGN, since it was the first one produced. There is also a more exact (canon) time-line here:

Nax | 05-06-11, 4:24 AM
Har funne en ny intresang anime :) vist du sjekke lista mi så ligg den under "Watching"
Så hete den "C" den ser lovanes ut :)

Nax | 04-24-10, 6:31 PM
Skjer? :D
Har enda sett flere seria enn dæ :D

Nax | 10-17-09, 2:12 AM
kl va jo 8 om mårran eller nåkka når vi gikk å la oss xD

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