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01-08-15, 2:07 PM
December 30, 1982
Swansea, Wales
April 20, 2008
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I love Anime & Manga, ive been watching stuff since the age of 5. Also a bit of a gamer, i play a bit of everything from rpgs people wouldn't know about aka Shadowhearts & The Shin Megami Tensei series. To classic arcadey sports games like Virtua Tennis and Everybody's Golf. Ive also worked on a few as a job in the past. :)

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Kitix | 06-29-13, 6:49 AM

Hi! Would you like to join One Piece CardShop (O.P.C.S) ☆ ★or just look around and see if the club interests you. Thank you! (✿◕ ‿ ◕✿)

Sho-kun | 03-07-12, 6:02 AM
Sup. I like your list. You've got some great titles there. I've been kinda lurking MAL for some cool people and I believe you are someone who can wield Destiny.

If you are interested you should join this new forum a couple of my friends got going Shameless advertising but hey, theres nothing I can do when I see great tastes such as yours.

I hope you decide to join but if not its cool. We are pretty small right now since we launched about 4 days ago. If you do decide to join you can leave me a Visitor message on my profile and I'll get back to you. My username there is Sho.

Hope to see you there ^_^

nikko-kun | 01-04-12, 11:08 PM
just a random guy adding random people :) hiya! hows it going?

Smaster | 12-29-11, 9:39 PM
Happy Birthday ^ ^

suzaku123 | 10-14-11, 8:55 AM
Hello again ^____^
thanks for replying
by the way nice meeting u
I'm Suzaku at your service
*bows head*

suzaku123 | 10-14-11, 8:15 AM
Hello ^____^

Maxlee1255 | 10-04-11, 6:15 AM
I'm guessing we know each other since you added both me and Trig?

xKurisu | 10-02-11, 7:04 AM
umm.. hi. do i know you?

mangafreakZX | 06-07-10, 7:48 PM
Funny Death the Kid and Black Star avatar.

Ushio_Chan | 05-20-10, 11:01 AM
:O Your avvie is Epic xD I love death the kid ^^

Vensito | 05-06-10, 1:22 AM
Yoooooooooooooooo~!! How are you!?

KazeFalcon | 02-05-10, 8:01 PM
Hello ^-^
If you love Gintoki,please join my Lord Gintoki FC:
See you there ;)

motoko123 | 11-01-09, 1:46 AM
hi what u doing?

sakura_r0se | 10-18-09, 9:49 AM
Um, hi there.

Thanks for the friend request <3

animemydrug | 09-14-09, 4:15 PM
that great what other dvd do you have

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