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The story of Yusei starts 24 years ago, in an unknown village, on an unexplored island in the Pacific. Ancient Folklore called this island "Angels Island" because of it's shape. Little did they know, the ones who named this island were not far off; for the inhabitants of this island were in fact Angels. One day the pride of the village, Ioushua Twili took a trip to the mainland; North America. He found many great things in the cities he visitied; stocking up on several things he had never seen before. One thing he found however, was something he never expected to find; love. It was a short romance however, as Ioushua had little time left, before having to start home. In a foolish act, he decided to bring this woman with him when he returned home. The woman's name was Edea Kristian. She highly shocked to discover that Ioushua was an Angel, and even more astounded when he revealed to her his wings, which nearly caused her to faint. When they arrived in Ioushua's village, Edea was kindly welcomed. Over the years, Ioushua grew closer to Edea, as their bond grew stronger. Everyone in the village had become quite attached to Edea, as each day she taught them something new. She was kind to everyone in the village, and in return the village was kind to her. One day while she was passing a story on to the Angels, something happened which they had never seen before; one of the male Angels began to cough. Edea had told him it was likely a cold, and that he would get over in a few days. Several months passed, and Ioushua had proposed to Edea. They married the following day. Everyone attended the cermony including the village Elder, who rarely leaves his home. During Ioushua's speech, the same Angel who had been seen coughing before, began cough furiously, blood exiting from his mouth onto the ground; he then fell to the ground fainting in his puddle of blood. Edea having medical experience, rushed over to him. After further inspection, and much to her dismay, Edea had to announce his death. No one knew quite what had caused this, but the Elder had his suspicions. About a year later, Edea was 6 months pregnant, though the village had lost 3 more of it's villagers, one of which was a close friend to Ioushua. He went through a tragic breakdown, which Edea somehow managed to pull him from his depressing state of mind. As we fast forward three months, Edea has become more popular, and her baby was due any day. Though the sad fact of this story being, she would only see her son once. Now, as we move forward a day, the Elder of the village had called Edea and Ioushua to his house, bareing tragic news. Edea had brought along with her a curse; one which threatened the existance of their race. Though they believed this was a "curse" it was actually an illness, which Edea had brought along with her. The virus itself could not affect her cells, nor could it affect Ioushua and many of the other Angels. The Elder not knowing this had decided to have Edea put to death, along with her son. Ioushua would not have this. He sacrificed his own life, in order to save the life of his wife and child. His proposal, in his exact words: "Please, I beg of you father! Let Edea return to the mainland, and allow my son, Yusei Twili to live! Instead of their life, take mine! 'Twas I who invited her here, so this curse was no fault of hers!" Agreeing to this, the Elder took the life of his only son, the shock causing Edea to go into labor. She was blindfolded as she gave birth to a young child. A child born with black wings. The Elder saw this as an omen, and had the wings clipped from the childs back. For only a few minutes, he allowed Edea to hold her son, though not letting her take the blindfold off. Her son was stripped from her; she was banished from the village, never to returned. An Angel returned her to her home, where for all we know, she now resides. Now, onto the child. The Elder, this child's grandfather had went along with his son's final wish, naming the baby "Yusei Twili." Still fearing Yusei's black wings, the Elder decided to have them clipped. This was a painful experiance for Yusei, though since he was very young he doesn't really remember it. At the age of four, Yusei was put to work in the village, given jobs that were usually only issued to the adults of village. While growing up, Yusei always questioned why he had no wings, unlike the rest the village. At night, he was forced to sleep in a barn, on a pile of hay. When it came time to eat, he was always given less food than everyone else. He wondered why they chose to abuse, and treat him unfairly. When Yusei turned six, instead of being wished a happy birthday, he was brutally beaten for stating to an adult it was his birthday. Later that night, two rude kids pointed out to Yusei that he had two scars on his back. He was then made fun of for his wings being clipped. It was at that moment when Yusei realized he'd never have a proper childhood. He just did as the adults told him, working hard, getting stronger. As he grew stronger, he also grew smarter; smarter than the village Elder himself. He hated when everyone called him "The Ultimate Embodiment of Sin" and said that many great men had died because of him. Yusei felt all alone, and thought he'd never be happy; until the day of his 8th birthday that is, when his grandfather; the village Elder, decided to banish him from the village. Yusei was thrilled to know that there was more out there. He was knocked unconscious, only to awaken in an alleyway, with a kid who looked around his age. He explained to Yusei how he found him out in the streets, out cold in the pouring rain. He also asked Yusei about the scars on his back. Yusei explained the village to him, which he found hard to believe at first. The kid then explained to Yusei how his parents were murdered, and he was left to fend for himself on the streets. It was at that moment when he and Yusei decided to form a pact; a pact which would soon become known as the Bloodstar Org. While explaining their childhood to one another, the kids soon realized they had forgotten to introduce themselves. The kid introduced himself as just Jack, stating that he had no last name. Yusei introduced himself as Yusei Twili. A name he was proud to have, as he knew it came from his father. The kids did what they could to survive, training each other to fight, making weapons from the sticks they found laying about. They stole food when hungry, and grew up watching each others back. Around the time when they were ten, Yusei and Jack witnessed a gang of men, chasing down a woman in attempt to kill her. Remembering the pact they made, Jack and Yusei put their lives at risk, to fight the gang. They emerged victorious, saving the life of the woman. The two had vanished before she had a chance to thank them. Though the woman had never seen her son, she knew at first sight this was her son. Yusei Twili. Edea was happy to see him just once. Though she could had chased after him, Edea decided to let her son go, to follow his own path in life. He and Jack continued to train, soon learning many new abilities. They helped as many people they could in order to stay true to their pact. Soon, the two got jobs, starting to earn money. Once they had saved up enough money, they bought a large scale of land, along with a house, which would soon become Bloodstar Manor. The two now shared a brotherly bond. What was their pact? To protect those who needed, so they didn't have to feel the pain which Yusei and Jack did. At the age of 14, the two decided to travel the world, in order to help everyone they could. The two found many materials, making weapons for themselves which served them well, as they were able to save many on their journey. They soon returned home the their manor, now at the age of twenty. This is when the Bloodstar Organization was created. What is the aim of Bloodstar Organization? The aim of Bloodstar is to find the people who feel worthless, and mistreated. To train them, and teach them to fend for themselves, while also teaching them that life isn't hopeless; that anyone can be happy if they try hard enough. Bloodstar wishes to serve as protection for people who went through the same thing as Yusei and Jack; people who do not have a family, nor a place to call home. Now at the age of 24, Yusei works to protect those he cares for, along with those who need the protection. He will do anything for his friends and loved ones. He plans to one day find his way back home, to prove to his village he wasn't a waste; and isn't "The Ultimate Embodiment of Sin."

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