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08-10-14, 11:30 AM
December 29,
June 20, 2009
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Oosran | 01-24-10, 10:32 AM
No I'm not, really ^^; If you'd known me in person, you probably wouldn't think so : )

Mission accomplished then : 3
Oh the reason's simple, I'm trying to get some schoolwork done and I can't get anything done while knowing there's a depressed girl over there I really don't want to work xD..

Oosran | 01-24-10, 9:42 AM
It ain't that bad : p You're most times making yourself well understood, and I don't think there's any problem if people can at least understand you : p

..Let's try again.. Cheer up! (‐^▽^‐)
Did it work?

Oosran | 01-24-10, 9:00 AM
Oh so that's how it was? ^^;
Guess I assumed that you were really awesome in English since you said you were the best in your class then? : D

Huh.. Well then, cheer up! (‐^▽^‐)

And no, I'm not having very fun, too damn much schoolwork to do xD...

Oosran | 01-24-10, 4:50 AM
Naww xD
But I could've sworn that you'd said that... Oh well, I'm probably deluding myself as usual ^^;

And naww xD
So, why's it "Ihatemyself"-day today then?
*pat* ( ´Д`)ノ(´・ω・`)

Oosran | 01-24-10, 4:10 AM
Yeah I know, it's an English name ^^ (Mostly Americans who're named with it, yes)
Abbreviated from Steward, probably. Though nowadays I'm sure people can actually be named 'Stew' without it being short for Steward : p

Eh? Well you said your English was really good, and so far it is, but this.. I failed to see any sense in this xD...
What I picked up was pretty much just that God killed the boy, but you don't really believe in God, aand that he's dead anyway ^^;
Oh well, guess I missed the part saying "try" xD

Vudis | 01-23-10, 11:33 PM
yea thats because....blame the students^^
i get about 5000 book orders a day so freetime pretty much goes to zero :D
thats why i quit manga and anime for the time because i simply dont want to ignore my other hobbies^^

ohhh let me guess whos that...probably...your sister i dont know of? :D
nice glasses btw do you usually wear them or just for the photo?^^

Oosran | 01-23-10, 11:56 AM
But Stew is Stew, right? xD

I thought you were going find something good in everything? ^^;

Oosran | 01-23-10, 11:33 AM
Stew xD If not for the fact that I've just eaten dinner, I'd get hungry just from hearing that name xD

Oh I see... So then try to find something good in the fact that a 14-year old boy went and got driven over by the train near my school last monday ^^;

Uhuh.. 'Kay cool xD

Oosran | 01-23-10, 2:58 AM
Huh? Their names? O.o I suppose every me goes by the same name, wouldn't they?

Well.. I can sometimes put on a slight smirk, but continuously smiling is straining and it bothers me. My face isn't made to smile ^^; (And yeah, even my dad says I look angry or sad all the time xD...)

And how does it work with 2 being boys? o.O

Oosran | 01-21-10, 10:57 AM
What have I been going around saying, really? O.o Gotta make sure to keep all of them me's in check so I don't write something I shouldn't xD
Then don't believe me, it'll still be true xD
And yeah ..Or maybe not angry, but my face more or less gives of the impression that I'm not amused, and that I could bite back with some acidic comment or something whenever someone says something xD I look rather daunting and intimidating, though that effect is reduced by the fact that I'm rather short ^^;
And it's not that I look angry that's the problem, it's more my inability to smile, it's hard : < Besides, I never use those muscles, so I can't maintain a so-called "smile" for longer than like 10 seconds or so ^^;

Oh so who's that particular Me then? ; D Though that's a pretty suggestive thing to say, isn't it?
And yes, I slightly recall mentioning that sometime... So yeah, we probably talked about it : p Though no, I don't think all of them are great, just tellin'.

Oosran | 01-21-10, 8:59 AM
Well yeah, I know 'aw' is 'aw', but why so much "aww"-ing? xD
And you certainly fit better in front of the camera than I do : p I just end up looking angry or something ┐(-。ー')┌

CrazyDD | 01-21-10, 8:42 AM
ахах) неужели так быстро? :D
ну так можно заранее, 434578266

Oosran | 01-21-10, 8:38 AM
Hurr hurr xD
Well it's probably bearable as long as you've got clothes that aren't too cold ^^;

Hey what's all the "aww"-ing for? : o
And truth be told, I'm not so nimble behind a camera, and I'm even worse in front of the camera x)...

Oosran | 01-21-10, 8:27 AM
So, that's pretty cold, eh? x)

Huh..... Wai- I said that? O.O
And since I'm a man of my word, I can't go back on my word either ^^;
So I guess I'll just have to submit and share some picture sometime then x)...
But you'll probably have to wait for a while, though maybe not endlessly : D

CrazyDD | 01-21-10, 8:24 AM
Меньше? Господи, ну мне то точно еще не 45! :DD
Есть конечно еще и аська и что-то там еще, ну это уже наверн для крайней необходимости)

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