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I honestly found myself pleased with the first movie in the Tri series, and I did not find anything I was personally disappointed in, but I could see places which would bother other people. I've decided to structure my review around this particular theme.

First, the manner in which second season canon was handled. Second, the movie has quite a bit of ship tease which occurs in the movie which many fans wished would not occur. Third, a new character was added to the team. Forth, there are a ton of unanswered questions. Fifth, the art style is something which has bothered since the posters were read more
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May 28, 2015
Akuma no Riddle (Anime) add
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I found myself drawn to “Akuma no Riddle” because of the summary and the character design, but I ended up finding myself sadly disappointed by this particular Anime. This isn't to say “Akuma no Riddle” isn't an Anime people should forgo watching. The series simply fell flat because of all the cliches shoved into the series.

I think my disappointment started in the first episode when I found myself reminded of “Noir” in a manner which made me feel “Akuma no Riddle” was unoriginal. After that I found myself reminded of to many other series. “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni”, “Dangonropa” and quite a few read more
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May 20, 2015
Past Heaven (Manga) add
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“Past Heaven” is better then the prequel “.traeH”, but not much better.

The place with the most improvement is the art work. The art work is much crisper then the prequel one-shot, and the characters facial features are more defined. In some ways though one might not recognize the characters as Ayumu's hair style's changes since the first one-shot. I'd normally wonder why the style change occurred, but I also recollect how Ayumu looked to much like a character I saw another writer design and thus Ayumu's style is actually now the writer's own.

Characterization wise there are still problems. In this one-shot Ayumu and Yuu read more
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May 20, 2015
.traeH (Manga) add
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The one-shot “.traeH” is a messy cliche. There is no conclusive ending for this particular one-shot, and instead the reader is expected to drag up the sequel one-shot called “Past Heaven” to hopefully have some resolution. Is digging up the one-shot even worth picking up with how messy the first ended up such a mess? Even the art work really doesn't make up for the poorly constructed plot and two dimensional characterization which ends up grating on ones nerves.

Ayumu's behavior is honestly creepy. I'm not talking about how she's interested in girls, but how she comes across as a creepy stalker. On the positive side read more
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May 20, 2015
Deep Love: Ayu no Monogatari (Manga) add
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One can define “Deep Love” as an eternal love running so deep one will do anything for the person they love. This eternal love doesn't just involve an intimate love between two people romantically, but the love of family and friendship. Such a love is beautiful and the work “Deep Love: Ayu no Monogatari” portrays the beauty of such love through all three aspects. Under the beauty of this particular piece is a very dark side as the work also manages to portray the life of a teenage prostitute as she tries to find some kind of beauty in her day to day life except read more
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Feb 18, 2015
Shuumatsu no Laughter (Manga) add
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The first thing a person is going to see when they pick up “Shuumatsu no Laughter” is the cover. On the cover we see a character who strongly resembles Naruto from the series with the same name. A thought will then cross said persons mind. “This is just a knock off of 'Naruto'.” This will make the series hard to pick up for people despite the fact it is only five chapters long, but in reality the phrase “don't judge a book by it's cover” is apt. The story is nothing like “Naruto” despite the fact the creator of “Shuumatsu no Laughter” does in fact read more
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Jan 31, 2015
12-sai. (Anime) add
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The first few minutes of this short may give the impression that this is another cheesy romance story aimed at the tween-age audience. The main character is excited about being “grown-up”, and yet we adults know those in the tween-age years really aren't as grown-up as they think. Something to keep in mind is that in the mind of many kids in their tween-years they are “grown-up” – meaning they're no longer little kids, but not yet adults either. This time period is a complicated time period of discovery for this age group.

That is one of the charms of this particular short – it manages read more
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May 18, 2014
Pupa (Anime) add
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The charm of short episode series is that they are quick to watch and take up little time and they thus end up not being a waste of time no matter how bad they are.

Normally that is...

Pupa's the first I've personally watched that I felt was a waste of time. I watched the entire thing hoping that there was some point to the entire series, but there was none. Well... the creator may have meant the work to be satirical in nature about how depraved incest between siblings happens to be, but if it was meant to be satirical it crossed the line of no read more
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Jan 29, 2014
Wasureyuki (Manga) add
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A lot of people have probably heard the phrase, “clumsiness is not a flaw”. It came about because people were tired of clumsy characters who were only clumsy when it allowed them to fall into the arms of their supposed true love, or their clumsiness only showed up once or twice. When it comes to “Wasureyuki” though the character Miyako is always clumsy and her clumsiness is ultra important to the plot. It's not your typical clumsy story.

On the down side the art isn't that great. You could say that it is dry. It's dry not because the character designs aren't interesting. There are times read more
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Jan 27, 2014
Vahlia no Hanamuko (Manga) add
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“Vahilia no Hanamuko” is a collection of four one-shots by Aikizuki Sorata. Sometimes the one-shots in a collection are mixed quality wise, but in the case of this particular one-shot collection you have a series of one-shots that are equal quality wise through the entire thing, not just with character development, but with the art as well as plot development. Each has a unique story that can also stand on its own and it provides a quick read.

For the most part all four stories are of the historical, romance and fantasy genre, but one of them has no supernatural elements at all. The settings are read more
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