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12-22-09, 9:15 AM
September 18, 1988
San Diego, California
December 5, 2009
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Time (Days) 19.8
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Plan to Watch 5
Total Entries 22

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About Xxain
- I am a Gamer love SONY and Nintendo my fav genre is JRPG - tri-Ace > all, do not argue with me
- I am a aspiring artist i love to draw, current working toward a professional level
- I looove food, Seafood is the best but ill go fore anything spicy or hot
- Like Anime

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Unsight | 04-01-10, 6:32 AM
Dead profile is dead.

Unsight | 01-04-10, 8:41 AM
You haven't watched enough!

You need to update your profile more!

Your name has too many X's!

Unsight | 12-22-09, 7:01 AM
Look through peoples' anime list (like mine or MM's) and look for things that seem interesting to you. When you see something you like, you add it to "Plan To Watch." When you start watching something, you press the + next to it to increment the episodes you've seen by 1. When you finish and press + the last time, it will ask to move it to completed.

makingmusic476 | 12-22-09, 2:28 AM
How does this work? You click stuff, and stuff happens.

That's about the gist of it. :P

Unsight | 12-21-09, 8:10 AM
Xxain, you've been gone a whole week. :/

Unsight | 12-14-09, 12:46 PM
I think as you watch more anime, you'll reconsider a few of those scores maybe a little. Otherwise no, there's nothing wrong with having your own opinions.

Unsight | 12-14-09, 11:20 AM
Louisiana, Japan, and pretty much every coastal city ever...

Also, lol @ the 10s. xD

outlawauron | 12-07-09, 12:20 AM
Woah, you realize your food tastes sync exactly with the specialty of Louisiana?

Unsight | 12-05-09, 10:27 PM
Aha! Found you!

makingmusic476 | 12-05-09, 9:02 PM
7-10 is considered "good" on here lol. 10 is "Masterpiece." Those are all Masterpieces?

makingmusic476 | 12-05-09, 8:46 PM
And will you rate Sailor Moon? Admitting that you like it is no worse than admitting that you watched all 46 episodes.

outlawauron | 12-05-09, 8:46 PM
Hey there.

makingmusic476 | 12-05-09, 8:39 PM
You give out a lotta easy 10s. >=|

makingmusic476 | 12-05-09, 8:39 PM
Also, join this.

makingmusic476 | 12-05-09, 8:38 PM
Replace "artist" with "musician" and "JRPG" with "action/adventure" and you'd describe me perfectly. xD

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