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April 19, 1994
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My name is Molly and I Love death Note and ouran high school host club, and Absolute Boyfriend! Haha i love light and Tamkai, Hunny, Hikaoru, Karou, Kyouya, and Mori!! ; D lol! also just starting Code Geass!I love japanese music! Especially Maximum the hormone!! <3!
Oh oh, WARNING i am obssesd with the Twilight books right now!!!!!



Ok guyz im really sorry but if you don't believe me then you can go searching the forum posts if you want! XD but my forum posts counter will not go any higher then 35.. i swear it is messed up! If someone knows what this is about please leave a coment on my profile telling me how to fix it!!!

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Lookie! A little version of me! well as close as i can get!

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Lookie lookie! all me friends(some) and me all dressed up!(in order) Me,Chushii,Smitty,Jess,Sarah,Britt,Jaime,Marlee,Melissa

A bride!

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Spudninja | 06-29-09, 2:37 PM
hahaha xD

and yeah =D

Spudninja | 06-26-09, 12:15 PM
Awesome =D

I good thanks, bored, but good.

Spudninja | 06-24-09, 11:40 AM
haha xD

Hii, you ok? <3 =]

XxVampiregurlxX | 09-07-08, 11:12 AM
*poke* hey, well the storm turned out to be a dud didn't it? (well it is when im sending this)

Kimmel | 09-01-08, 7:35 AM
I didn't see your request

I've accepted your friend request


din | 08-27-08, 5:31 PM
aw.. i'm so sorry if i gave you false hope! but that's how i mark the next chapter i'm about to read. so i've only read up until ch.22, and ch.23's next on my list, that's why it's like that. weird as it may seem, that's how it works out for me. truly sorry about that.

otakumuch | 08-26-08, 5:06 PM
oh!! hehe i put the chapter im reading on my manga list one ahead cuz its easier for me for some sorry >.<. i havent read the 23 chapter yet >.<

otakumuch | 08-26-08, 9:56 AM
sure but wut did i read xD. tell me the series.

marshy_meadows | 07-27-08, 11:08 AM
molly!!!!i miss u guys sooooo much!!!

ChinaGirl | 07-27-08, 5:04 AM
no problemo xP

Kimmel | 07-24-08, 11:46 AM
Sure ^^

ChinaGirl | 07-24-08, 11:03 AM
Im good tank yoo! and yoo?

Cherry_Blossoms | 06-23-08, 12:19 PM
Hi! ^^

WooD | 06-23-08, 9:35 AM

beta30 | 06-23-08, 6:10 AM

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