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07-18-14, 12:12 PM
July 22, 1997
New Jersey
December 13, 2011
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Hi! well there's not very much to say other than the fact that i love anime and playing video games! XD Don't be afraid to chat me or friend me! ^^

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ChiiSuu | 09-18-13, 5:26 AM
Any new anime you gonna watch this season?

ChiiSuu | 08-06-13, 9:15 AM
Well depends on how you feel about it. Fanasista dolls feel so rushed and so cliche. Also the fact that it made the main a girl who in turn gets girl cards and become her family. It seems like it will be more popular with girls if they made the cards boys instead of girls. The battle system seems weird as well. There is no rules really, and there isn't any real reason to fight atm. So it has really gotten me down. I pray that it picks up soon

Kyo- | 07-28-13, 7:11 AM
Glad to hear ^^

Kyo- | 07-26-13, 5:23 AM
Hope you had a nice one ^^

Kyo- | 07-22-13, 2:36 AM
Happy Birthday ^^

ChiiSuu | 07-17-13, 1:51 AM
I'm fine, I've been having trouble with work, since it's getting harder with all the new things to learn. Anime is going well, lots of new ones this season I'm watching. The one I was looking forward to the most was the monogatari series. One of the new ones I picked up was fanasista dolls. But it's not as good as I hope. Hopefully it picks up

ChiiSuu | 06-29-13, 6:24 AM
so how goes it, been a long time since I've last came onto MAL and talked to my friends, anything new with you?

ChiiSuu | 04-03-13, 12:13 AM
everything is ok atm, you going to watch any new anime this summer?

ChiiSuu | 03-15-13, 9:56 PM
lol no problem, hope things are going smoothly over there

JoseTheCreator | 03-07-13, 9:23 PM
Yay! Yuhll love it. Any animes you recommend me

JoseTheCreator | 03-07-13, 1:33 PM
Yuh should totally read the manga

JoseTheCreator | 02-18-13, 3:05 AM
Whaaaaaaaaaat?!!!! Congrats girl! That must of been difficult. Beelzebub is awesome! Ive been reading the manga since before i knew there was ganna be an anime. But the anime is good. Love the characters.

JoseTheCreator | 02-16-13, 2:27 PM
I just hope they don't mess up the characters when they do. Hopefully there's more romance. I'm a sucker for romance xD. Oh yeah. You think you did well?

ChiiSuu | 02-16-13, 5:32 AM
Some of your plan to watch animes i would suggest is ano hana and bakemonogatari, very good series

ChiiSuu | 02-16-13, 5:23 AM
Hmm, too many animes to name really, a few of them is: Tamako Market (creator of K-ON, awesome imo), 2nd season of boku wa tomadatchi, trouble children are coming to our world, Vindred operation (lot like a magic girl transformation, but from the creators of Strike witches, an esper show based on the antagonist from zettai karen children. magi is still ongoing and still good btw. Hope you can watch some of these so we can talk about them

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