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12-04-14, 12:13 PM
November 11, 1995
Philadelphia, Pennslyvania
Matt Mann
October 11, 2010
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About XxAnimeMasterxX
I am a huge anime and manga fan, I like sports and play instuments, Hanging out wit friends and making new ones, and all kinds of thinks.

I first started watchin anime when I was little, it was pokemon. Then around 2nd grade, i started watching One Piece, DBZ, and Naruto.

Then I never Watched anime ever again, until 5th grade my neighbor (5 Yrs old) Brought over his DBZ game. I played with him and relized how great DBZ was back then. I watched it online all the way to the end! Then I watched all different kinds of Anime! Thats how I became a Huge anime Fan!!! Thanks Neighbor!!!!!!

I challenge you to a drinking contest

Hah you think you can beat me? LETS GO!



Had enough?

Im just getting started!


now that was uncalled for!

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Dead-not_really | 11-11-10, 2:40 PM
Happy Birthday!! Have some truthful cake!

RyokoAyekaLover | 10-24-10, 5:13 PM
welcome to MAL ^^
how are you?
how are you enjoying the site so far?

Syndrome-X | 10-19-10, 10:26 AM
Your Welcome :3

Yonatay | 10-18-10, 3:09 PM
No probs
Hope you like it here

Syndrome-X | 10-18-10, 2:38 PM
Welcome to MAL ^^

ThatAnimeSnob | 10-18-10, 9:49 AM
Reviews are more than just a few vague lines of text plus 10's all over the place.

Yonatay | 10-18-10, 4:28 AM
Welcome to Mal!

Willowhitsuji | 10-18-10, 4:28 AM
I'm good. How're you doing? ^^

Willowhitsuji | 10-17-10, 8:12 PM
You're welcome ^^

Willowhitsuji | 10-17-10, 8:05 PM
Welcome to MAL ^^

Xoraan14 | 10-17-10, 7:54 PM
Gintama is also quite good if you're looking for randomness and comedy

Xoraan14 | 10-17-10, 7:50 PM
Well based on your plan to watch list I'd say watch Fullmetal Alchemist then watch Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood. The start of Brotherhood may be slow~ish but by the end it's so amazing

Xoraan14 | 10-17-10, 7:44 PM
Firstly do you mind if it's a long series or if it's subs only?

Xoraan14 | 10-17-10, 7:38 PM
well... If you ever want some sort of recommendation don't hesitate to ask

Xoraan14 | 10-17-10, 7:26 PM
So uhh by the looks of it you prefer the shounen genre(Things like DBZ, Bleach, OP)

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