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June 23, 2011
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G0rg1ls | 04-17-12, 12:52 PM
Roriconfan told me to ask you what's your opinion about his Mirai Nikki review:

I'm merely transmitting this message, I'm not interested in the reply itself by any way.
So please reply to his profile.

Nesferatu | 01-08-12, 12:37 PM
hi there back there I saw your review and thought that you might know about,so I am asking,do you rly think if Berserk is gonna have an end since its mangaka is an old man,and what kind of outcome do you expect if there is an end,thx for all,good day:)

Nasty001 | 01-07-12, 6:23 AM
Nice one on "Highschool DxD" , though it's quite too early to make one.

ThatAnimeSnob | 12-02-11, 12:56 AM
Are you watching Fate Zero? It has far less mistakes than Mirai Nikki.

RedHentai | 11-27-11, 3:45 PM
D: !! Ill take your advice on that!! I dont like eye-pain and i Especially hate the rape element in anime :/. Add suspense and makes things alittle too intense i mus say :/. Haha, yeahh ;D. I think the definition "silly romance" Fits perfectly with harem ;D

ThatAnimeSnob | 11-23-11, 4:39 AM
Notice how #9 has absolutely nothing to do with the other 8. The show's plot is BS.

Nasty001 | 11-10-11, 8:19 AM
Nice "Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon" review, judge!

RedHentai | 11-10-11, 12:24 AM
Hmm... Yeahh! Thats true! Coz it was back in 2004 and all... Haha, i think mirai nikki had more gory parts than elfen (even thought it has only released like 5 episodes xD). Infact, that part Where that chick (sorry forgot her name) had that dart in her eye. Thought that was more gorier than the whole elfen series. Or i think its just me having a phobia of like eye injuries... And i can see how alot of people might hate that ending for elfen. Haha.. And especially that last few seconds of it. Ya know. When that mysterious person is thar. Haha... I remember watching Inception. That last few seconds. Where ya know, that spinning thing spins... and it dosent show you what happens, if it stops or not. LOL, everyone in the cinema was like yelling "FUCK!"...

Ohh... I see i see. Well... I may check out the first few episodes, But my preferences in anime are abit more... Idk more on the romance side xD.

RedHentai | 11-09-11, 1:45 PM
O: O:!! I see! What is that anime about?? I may check it out :3. But yeahh, i must agree, Elfen lied was quite enjoyable to watch :D!! And it didnt seem too gory xD.. Loved the ending too :D!

RedHentai | 11-09-11, 3:13 AM
LUCY'S EYES!!! ohh gahhd. I misclicked and ended up on your profile. But omg. I am somehow scared of that picture D:... Elfen lied had the most... unique opening sequence... xD.

ThatAnimeSnob | 11-09-11, 12:12 AM
Just making sure you do have a different taste and you are not just saying nonsense. Although I still find it weird how you rate an ecchi so high.

ThatAnimeSnob | 11-08-11, 3:23 PM
So your favorites for the season is Maji which will be forgotten in about a month for being yet another ecchi, Fate/Zero which is based on the most famous visual novel and Mirai Nikki for its idiotic excitement. Sounds like Fate/Zero already wins.

ThatAnimeSnob | 11-08-11, 1:17 PM
Persona is otherwise the best jrpg adaptation ever made.
Which show is Maji?
Last Exile is not for kids. It is for 2D pedos.
You didn't mention Penguindrum.

ThatAnimeSnob | 11-07-11, 3:56 AM
Oh come on, you must agree that Mirai Nikki has a ton of mistakes and bad directing. It is not the best of the season at all and it will be forgotten fast.

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