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12-31-14, 9:47 AM
December 21, 1985
December 13, 2007
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Time (Days) 49.8
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Completed 131
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Dropped 61
Plan to Watch 137
Total Entries 419

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Unknown :(

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Time (Days) 21.6
Reading 22
Completed 76
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Plan to Read 130
Total Entries 364

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Unknown :(

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I'm not really on here that much, but I do check this occasionally. :3 So feel free to message/comment, etc... me. :D


I'm a half-Korean, full-time film student living in Sacramento. I enjoy story in all its many genres, shapes, and forms, both fiction and nonfiction. I like to read, write, listen to & create music and art, etc.

I used to watch a whole bunch of anime in the past, but no so much anymore. But occasionally I will get interested in a series, and I'm trying to find more things to watch. :P I also read manga and watch asian dramas.

For more about me, feel free to ask~ and you can also visit my blog at

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prez-anna | 12-11-14, 5:05 PM

Saraii | 04-23-10, 7:13 PM
No worries and you're welcome! Glad you liked it. :D You started Drrr!! too, it's been great so far.

Saraii | 12-25-09, 3:30 PM
I don't want to spam your comments lol. Have an enjoyable New Year.

Saraii | 12-21-09, 2:18 PM

..and many more. :)

twisteda | 10-20-09, 1:54 AM
Hi....thanks for consideration and sorry for the late reply but I haven't spent taht much time on the site as I used too.
I am keeping myself busy with uni unexpectedly but this time it's fun, we've got an interesting project going on.

How about you?

kriselle | 09-29-09, 5:47 AM
Me neither. No worries.

WinterNightsFall | 09-28-09, 8:59 PM

Ah, I see. Thanks I guess. ^_~

TheFramedAngel | 09-28-09, 2:54 PM
Hello = ) thank's for the add. where'd u find me then???

amiyusoku | 09-27-09, 11:09 PM
My pleasure ;3
Thank you ~~ They're hot xD *drools along*

WinterNightsFall | 09-27-09, 10:44 PM
Ah, hi. Thanks for the friend request.

What brought you to request me anyways? Just wondering.

LaBestiole | 09-26-09, 5:33 PM
Well, THANK YOU ! ^^

I'm so glad to notice my reviews are actually read and, even better, appreciated =3.

kriselle | 09-25-09, 4:28 AM
LOL SO HIGH. Thanks for the add! :D

amiyusoku | 09-24-09, 8:08 PM
Thankz for the invite =3 *add*

nomadica | 09-09-09, 4:27 PM
truth be told... I only saw once a person that had somewhat high compatibility... but I didn't know whether to do the adding or not... truth be told, I;ve found a bunch of really hard core people in one of my clubs that are pretty stringent about friend request... and anime tastes, and genre definitions... so I've avoided it for the most part...What do you study? i go to school to in TX... in theory, I am a scientist (and a writer wanna be)

nomadica | 09-08-09, 10:21 PM
What is your criteria for adding?

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