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Kaze Tachinu
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Dennou Coil
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Mimi wo Sumaseba
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Higashi no Eden
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Cross Game
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Favorite Manga
Hana-kun to Koisuru Watashi
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Uchuu Kyoudai
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Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.
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Dragon Eye
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Sakashita, Nanase
Fuyumine, Naoto
Lee, Ranka
Morimi, Saki
Takakura, Shouma
Takizawa, Akira
Rammsteiner, Haine

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Nakajima, Megumi
Nakajima, Megumi
Kumaoka, Fuyu
Kumaoka, Fuyu
Yusa, Kouji
Yusa, Kouji
Ono, Yuuki
Ono, Yuuki
Hanazawa, Kana
Hanazawa, Kana
Hayami, Saori
Hayami, Saori

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Dec 23, 2013
Noragami (Manga) add
67 of 90 people found this review helpful
I really, really do hope that the anime adaptation isn't messed up for this manga... so far, I have a bad feeling about it... anyway. A big and enthusiastic yes to Noragami. Believe me, I sure am glad that I stumbled across such a gem. It's not an overused or typical story, and it's very interesting. How so?

Story: 8
As said, this manga isn't a typical one. It's the type that keeps you wanting more and more. It presents some small feelings of mystery, and a bit of dread. Kind of like hidden dark parts to the plot. The first chapter was a disappointment to me. read more
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Dec 23, 2013
Arcana Famiglia (Anime) add
2 of 3 people found this review helpful
You have -got- to be kidding me. That's something that both you, the reader of this review, and myself would say. Why would someone give Arcana Famiglia an eight? Instead of clicking on not helpful JUST because I scored it as such, I ask that you try reading this review first. Anyway, let me tell you why I'd say that first line. I hateee most reverse harem anime; I usually dislike any anime too heavy on harem or reverse harem traits. I was curious about Arcana's score after finishing it. I was surprised at how low the score was. Do you know what's very interesting, read more
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Oct 15, 2013
Hana-kun to Koisuru Watashi (Manga) add
33 of 43 people found this review helpful
Before we begin, let me ask you this. How many shoujo manga have you read where the heroine is terribly clumsy, isn't smart, doesn't have friends, and the dark-haired boy is the one she falls for in the end, the boy is the most handsome and/or popular, a girl or girls plays dirty against the heroine, coincidental encounters, etcetera? Oh, don't forget the (ugh) "I'll protect you," saying. Those are only some of the overused and cringe worthy, shoujo manga cliches. Well, this manga is -none- of those things. In fact, it has a good story, the art's unique and above average, the characters are read more
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Feb 25, 2013
Dogs: Bullets & Carnage (Manga) add
5 of 21 people found this review helpful
A solid seinen with a well gripping story that's also different from others. What more could I ever ask for, right?

Spoilers ahead!
Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, a manga where the story seems so very simple. actuality, when you get far enough, it can confuse you. That's how complex it can get and it's not loopholes or anything of that sort. It's the kind of story that confuses you and makes sense when things are revealed later. At first it's pretty linear, and then what's this? Plot twists? A lot of them? Secrets being revealed? Oh what are its readers to do. DBC follows Haine, a read more
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Feb 25, 2013
Samurai Champloo (Anime) add
11 of 28 people found this review helpful
The anime I saw a couple scenes of on Adult Swim as a child. Of course that wasn't a good thing, but the good side of that is that I found it "boring." Fast-forward a lot to around 2012, I decided to pick up the sub. I ended up finishing Samurai Champloo, and I ended up feeling empty inside. Why? I felt like I lost three good friends, and jeez was that a melancholic feeling.

Story: The plot of this series is just amazing. It's not your typical samurai variety show- it just isn't. It's a mature rated anime, with an actual noticeable, yet small amount read more
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Feb 23, 2013
Sword Art Online (Anime) add
58 of 144 people found this review helpful
No, this isn't a complete "I hate this show," review. It is not. It is pros and cons, though.

The anime everyone's heard about. The one that was all over tumblr, mentioned on facebook- it was everywhere for the time it was being shown. So now, I will tell you what I thought about this show, both good and bad.

The story of SAO is actually adequate at first. It pulls you in, it's interesting! That is, until the INFAMOUS third episode. Yes, this is not a certain other VRMMO (virtual reality mmo) show, but. The person who wrote SAO's novel, who had no IDEA of that read more
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Feb 16, 2013
Tamako Market (Anime) add
22 of 71 people found this review helpful
Tamako Market, your seemingly storyless moe anime variety. I don't exactly remember what made me start this, but I loved it near instantly. I'm actually really disappointed that this wonderful anime is over, and I very much would love a second season. Yes, TM's cute. Does it have no story? Is it pointless? To answer those questions it'd be a heck no! It has it's both sad and heartwarming scenes, and more.

TM's story is simple; a girl, Tamako, works at a mochi shop with her father, sister, and grandfather. Across the street is a rival mochi shop and home of a boy, Mochizou, who's interested read more
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Nov 27, 2012
Hell's Kitchen (Manga) add
16 of 30 people found this review helpful
When looking at the cover art, you might think something like, "A manga about a some bishie underworld guy who cooks or whatever ('cause that's what I originally thought)," but what you get is something very, very different. Like I said, it's very different from my impression of it and I am so glad it is.

Story: (some spoilers will be coming ahead later) It's really something when a manga is able to knock out every other favorite I have and achieve top rank. This doesn't apply anymore as I'm re-editing this review a bit, but it definitely did achieve that for awhile in the past. read more
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