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04-02-13, 1:42 AM
July 3, 1993
San Antonio, Tx
February 17, 2010
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~☆ My Name is Krista ☆~
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My Sexuality is:
I'm Lesbian.

My Favorite Color's: Purple, Pink and Black.
My Likes: I like meeting nice people, and learning the world. I like to draw Anime and make up Characters. I love Music and anything that sounds good.
~I Love The Winter~
I Except Random Friend Requests.
~If You wanna know more feel free to ask~

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Shattered_Angel | 05-23-13, 6:57 PM
Hey!! I know its been forever, but I saw you favorited Kannazuki no Miko. I loved that show too! Did you see Shattered Angels? Actually, Shattered Angels is what led me to Destiny of the Shrine Maidens because those two main characters are from Shattered Angels. Basically those two anime are set in alternate worlds and Shattered Angels has to be one of my favorite anime. I totally recommend it if you loved Kannazuki no Miko so much!!! :D

xochandaox | 03-25-13, 4:43 AM

danmess | 03-16-13, 3:44 AM
No worries. My reply is late as well anyway. What's keeping you up? School?
Btw, I'm pretty sure I added you. Thanks for accepting. :D

laketica | 01-22-13, 9:48 PM

laketica | 01-20-13, 4:49 PM

Your membership cards are under the spoiler~ Thank you for waiting!

Please save and rehost the cards, and let me know if there are any problems… =)

danmess | 07-03-12, 5:07 PM
Happy birthday! Hope you have a good one! :)

EmmyDilemmy | 09-21-11, 1:46 AM
nono, I remeber you :D
my first MAL friend! teehee
(cheesy as it sounds)
so how have you been?
I have been good, still attempting to draw manga (and slightly failing)
BUT I'VE GOTTEN BETTER!, all thoughs hours of practising :')
so how have you been?

toebiter48 | 08-12-11, 8:13 AM
okay :)

Sammii-Chan | 08-11-11, 2:58 PM
Hellow There~

You havent been on for some time...
How are you~ ?


Sammii-Chan | 08-06-11, 5:31 AM

I`m fine thank you~ ;)
How about you~?


Ryuuki6 | 07-17-11, 7:26 PM
sorry my delay ^^'
i'm doing good, Krista ^^ and u?

ah, it's good :3

a month out? D: why? u can't talk w/ her in this all month? >< it's really bad

hehe finally 18 hun? nice ;D

deathwing025 | 07-16-11, 4:48 PM

im enjoying them so currently reading octave and chatting at the teahouse stuff(the titles long lol)..but for some reason i cant download butterfly 69 and bluefreind online... they dont have copies i guess..oh well(i find them soon enough)..

yeah ur me..every now and then i have problems...everyone have problems...its part of life...

Sammii-Chan | 07-15-11, 7:54 AM
Hi There~ ;)

I`ve been quite busy the past weeks but i`ll manage~ ^^ Being busy is good i suppose~ ^^"

Anyway.... Demonoid is a website where you can find torrents for movies, Anime, Games etc... It`s a really convenient site~ ^^ So like i said... if you use torrents to download and you are interested in getting an account on Demonoid then i`ll send you a special link so you can~ ;)

The picture is my Dogs nose~ xD He`s such a cutie~!
I just had to post it~! ^^

Thank you for your reply~ ^^


Sammii-Chan | 07-10-11, 1:52 PM
Take some rest and dont overwork yourself kay~!
I`ll look forward to when you`re able to write me back again~ ;) but like i said~ take your time~! ^^


AmuletFortune | 07-10-11, 1:00 PM

Anime/Manga Lover Club (A.M.L.C.) News Letter

Hi there everyone and sorry that the club wasn't active. Also, welcome to the new members that had joined. The club have a new layout and new member cards and later on there will be new things added. Also the club will have a poll weekly (depend if I'm not busy) to decide on the next limited edition. Lastly, there are some people that I already did their claim so please see if your claim is there.

Open Thread:
Member Card
Poll: Summer Or Romance Limited Edition

Closed Thread:
The thread that are closed are only the Claims. The claims thread will reopen after are the claim is all done and been sent out to the person who had requested them.

Claim Pick Up
IMPORTANT: Please save your claim before July 22nd

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