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Rurouni Kenshin too good


This might have been one of the greatest things I've seen. No troll.

One Piece in a nutshell

Anime has truly produced some really amazing scenes over the years. This one might top them all.

I would like to take the time to thank Oda for this color page.

Morginana <3


omg woo :D...OH FFS

and this is why I love Sanji

Just creepin'

To sum up the romance genre in a gif

Perfectly logical


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Wind_Jr | 09-08-14, 3:30 PM
it changes noob

Megabuster27 | 08-25-14, 9:51 PM
Happy Birthday

Achmedinian | 08-25-14, 12:25 PM

cyruz | 08-25-14, 9:27 AM
I wish you a very happy birthday, Wind!

Mind-freak | 08-25-14, 9:20 AM

Bilgamesh | 08-24-14, 10:10 PM
A birthday is just another day of 365-day journey. Be a true Spartan, have no regrets, attack that fortress called real-life! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN!

Bilgamesh | 08-18-14, 5:37 AM

I have just finished Appleseed Alpha. This movie has amazing visuals ( It looks so damn realistic, sometimes you just think that characters are 100% real), post-apocalyptic setting, amazing OST and there is huge possibility to see the continuation. The movie isn’t that long even if you don’t like it you won’t lose your precious time. I am not insisting on it, if you wish you can ignore this movie. But, if you find it interesting do share your thought on this one. Hope you will like it.

acushy | 08-12-14, 9:03 AM
Nana was A+

SnazzGary | 07-27-14, 9:30 AM
Hey! I didn't know if I should come to you for this or if it's important or not, but at the end of Konya mo Nemurenai, it said that Yamamoto Kotetsuko was going to do a spin-off, (not named yet) of the series.

Wasn't sure whether to warn you or not, but I think it is coming out November 22nd.

Bilgamesh | 07-22-14, 5:11 AM
Haven’t started Ao Haru Ride yet. The new Sailor Moon is enjoyable? Rly? I thought it is a bit childish thing to watch. Well, perhaps I am wrong. Thanks for telling! I need mre Mahou-Shoujo stuff.

My favorites, so far, Akame ga Kill, Zankyou Terror and Tokyo Ghoul. I have really high expectation on these trio. SAO II, alack, is somewhat weak for me. Though, it is pretty early to judge it. Asada Shino 3>

Thanks for sharing! Now I will finally form my watching list :P

Bilgamesh | 07-20-14, 11:18 AM
Hey, long time no talk. What are your thoughts on the current season?

Wind_Jr | 07-09-14, 4:36 PM
good songs stay longer duh

IntroverTurtle | 07-08-14, 10:34 AM
Don't remember but I think yes in the end(especially in the OVAs).

rothrock | 07-07-14, 11:56 AM
Hey! Just dropping by to tell ask you if you've heard of this:

One Piece News

I don't see it on mal yet, I suppose it's gonna take a while to be added

wuxiaspear | 07-01-14, 2:36 AM
Yo..If you want a premade layout on your anime list check this club>> Shishio's Custom Lists & Profiles .

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