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04-25-12, 9:08 PM
July 29, 1989
February 28, 2009
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About Warhero89
A non-conformist that loves FPS's and a great mental struggle in his shows.

Current college student enrolled in Johnson & Whales university as a Software Engineer, and working on trying to transfter to WPI to become a Interactive Media and Game Design Major.

Also known as Shadowjudge.

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Llama765 | 10-14-09, 4:45 PM
Ah so you have! Liking the new FMA better now that you've moved into the new stuff?

Llama765 | 09-28-09, 4:54 PM
Man you haven't updated for awhile.

Here's a good amv of a decent serious arc in Gintama!

Llama765 | 05-05-09, 4:43 AM
Way to milk the franchise huh. Seems like they went overboard with this one.

Anime is good shit but the way the companies are trying to milk successful series is pissing me off lately.

Llama765 | 03-22-09, 11:09 PM

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX
Dropped at 40 of 180

You actually watched 40 episodes.. How was it?

Llama765 | 03-11-09, 11:36 AM
Sup! So you wrote a review huh. I do agree that way too much shit happened to the main character, but in the end its still my favorite. Keep watching Gintama it gets better once the major arcs start rollin in around ep 40 ...That 7 better disappear or I may have to go all rabid llama on your ass.

Oakenthrone | 03-05-09, 1:05 PM
Hey, I just wondered if you knew why Bleach keeps moving away from the main story just as its about to get good, it's done it twice now and it is kinda annoying, it's like their are 2 storys rolled into one.

Oakenthrone | 03-03-09, 10:20 AM
Thanks, That's a good idea really so you can keep the anime fresh in your mind and what not. If you haven't seen it I really do recommend Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. With Anime I don't think I've barely scratched the surface as their is always a need to find more to watch.

Oakenthrone | 03-02-09, 12:58 AM
Just read your review of Death Note and I have to say it was really good dude, well done. Good list of Anime too :D

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