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June 13,
"The World May Never Know"
March 5, 2012
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MetalxSoldier | 06-25-14, 12:24 AM
Don't think so 1 more episode then new arc which is pretty short maybe about 10-13 episodes. After that show would have caught up to the manga which is on a new arc.

MetalxSoldier | 06-24-14, 12:19 PM
Ha ha same here. I don't hate the opening but nor do I like it. If their goal was to brainwash people into getting used to that opening then mission accomplished. Would it not be real weird to not have that opening play since one is so used to it lmao. If they did change it which I don't think will happen I hope it's a badass opening.

MetalxSoldier | 04-13-14, 4:10 PM
Shin sekai yori in favorites?? Nice...

MetalxSoldier | 01-14-14, 1:09 PM
yeah just saw it as well. Shit's hitting the fan!! XD

MetalxSoldier | 01-10-14, 12:26 AM
yeah bout to complete that brotherhood. Pretty good show slightly better then fma. Probaly gonna start fairy tail soon. I must complete all shonen XD

MetalxSoldier | 12-09-13, 8:26 AM
Wassup breh!
Haven't spoken to you in ages how have you been? Hopefully your enjoying the holidays as much as I am. Hopefully you haven't lost interest in animus ;)

MetalxSoldier | 08-23-13, 7:30 PM
Ill hit you up some time this week or next so we can hit that watamote!
Also thoughts on chimera ant arc for hunter hunter? :P

MetalxSoldier | 08-04-13, 6:15 PM
no prob also watch the first episode. :P I was tempted so I watched!

MetalxSoldier | 08-04-13, 9:48 AM
sorry I did not get on :( If you had waited just five minutes longer poncho!!!! We could try again at night if you have time :)

MetalxSoldier | 08-03-13, 3:47 PM

MetalxSoldier | 08-03-13, 3:40 PM
Yeah you are right people are failures!!!! I thought I knew failure!

MetalxSoldier | 08-03-13, 3:37 PM
Cartoon or with people in it?

MetalxSoldier | 08-03-13, 3:22 PM
One day I shall acquire this power!
May the moe be with you...

MetalxSoldier | 08-03-13, 11:09 AM
Poncho you are the shounen master!! XD How the hell do you do it :0

Akuto | 07-20-13, 8:39 PM

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