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June 13, 2012
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AnbuBilly | 09-03-14, 12:59 AM
Can you please explain to me how my days dropped from 81 to 37 o.o

AnbuBilly | 03-23-14, 4:19 AM
I have high expectations for it. If it is good, i will give it a good rating, however if it doesn't fulfill my expectations, then sadly it may be rated lowly. But heyho, i liked half naked men swimming (Free!) So i should like boys with more clothes on playing basketball.

AnbuBilly | 03-23-14, 2:36 AM
I added Kuroko no Basket to my plan to watch, be happy -__-

AnbuBilly | 03-21-14, 2:47 AM
We'll have to meet up soon again. Get the Jazz going!

AnbuBilly | 03-19-14, 12:51 AM
OKAY.... but I thought Winter was gonna be crap and it wasn't. So hopefully, i mean fat sweaty men.... c'mon... Who doesn't want to see that?!

AnbuBilly | 03-18-14, 11:13 AM
Yes! A bit of gay highschool fun. After that i dno :S But I shall see what this season is bringing, I haven't even looked up to see. Anything looking good?

AnbuBilly | 03-18-14, 12:10 AM
Yes the rush has begun for me too. Want to finally finish bakemonogatari too

AnbuBilly | 03-16-14, 2:20 PM
Ohhh you're catching up with the anime I see.

Mahoskii | 02-09-14, 1:57 PM
fine. ill watch em sparkly "ball handlers"
and you watch the"i killed my bio teacher cus shes a virgin eater".
nubbie my dear!
you just got yourself a deal!

Mahoskii | 02-09-14, 1:48 PM
you sure you dont wanna watch the ep where she kills her teacher cus shes a giant mantis who takes human virgins to mate with them??D:
you reallllly surreeeee??
watchhhh ittttttt
pwetty pleaseeeee >:?

AnbuBilly | 01-12-14, 3:59 AM
Look what i started watching!

AnbuBilly | 11-08-13, 6:47 AM
Really don't want to watch Afterstory now cause i prefer the Tomoyo storyline so much more...

AnbuBilly | 11-08-13, 6:41 AM
Clannad is soo overrated! However, the OVA of Tomoyo and Tomoya as a couple was sooo much better!

AnbuBilly | 09-22-13, 10:28 AM
I finished Usagi Drop, i gave it an 8. I only wish there was a second season to cover her life in high school; i'm reading the manga now haha

AnbuBilly | 07-14-13, 6:33 AM
And Air sucked :l

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