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12-08-10, 10:00 PM
October 8, 1992
September 19, 2009
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I am not going to list my hobbies, as I'm sure nobody cares. I signed up for this site partly to keep track of what I am watching and plan to watch, but mainly because I really enjoy having intelligent conversations about anime.

Time is like toilet paper
The more you have, the more you waste
The less you have, the more precious it becomes
And when you don't know how much you have left, you don't care


My Hero

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Beezheen | 12-30-14, 6:39 PM
Hey why did you stop being active here on MAL? Hope someone like you would go back :D

Oskarvt | 11-06-14, 10:36 AM
90.3% !

kamiroho | 05-30-14, 7:02 AM
You sir, have good taste.

ladytea | 10-06-13, 3:59 PM
I do care what hobbies you have so feel free to share them with me or.. :)

We would like you to invite such an amazing person like you to our new otaku forum. Your contribution would be highly appreciated. Are you a cosplayer? Share your pictures with us. Do you like writing reviews? Maybe you are a poet? We will love you for sure. Yuuhou wants you.

vasplar | 09-02-13, 12:01 PM
you should ah go back on more

Harutora | 03-14-13, 11:50 PM
I love your review for Onani Master Kurosawa.

calculusman | 11-04-12, 11:54 AM
i like your taste, sir

riots | 10-12-12, 10:36 PM
Awesome review for Onani. However, I've still been looking for something equally as good as it - a mature coming of age story with (perhaps) psychological aspects, dealings with morality, and other dark themes.

Onani Master Kurosawa was profound. It really made me feel for Kurosawa when he was pouring his heart out, and it's rare for me to empathize with a fictional character so much. Can you recommend something similar to it?

-Envy- | 10-03-12, 10:49 AM
nice Onani Master Kurosawa review.

XiaoLaine | 06-04-12, 12:59 PM
Is it possible to fall in love with a manga review? Because I think I may have on your Onani Master Kurosawa review~ (O.O)

Iliien | 05-20-12, 6:21 PM
Mh. I liked your reviews on Onani master kurosawa and Dengeki Daisy.

Akuto | 05-11-12, 5:32 AM

Akuto | 04-21-12, 7:45 PM

Dart- | 01-12-12, 8:20 AM
Hey dude, nice Onani Master Kurosawa review. By the way are you Velkan from animeleague? If not, no worries, there's this other guy I know on another website with the same name.

HRdevil | 08-22-11, 12:54 AM
Very nice Onani master kurosawa review.

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