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06-17-10, 2:20 PM
May 10, 2010
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Time (Days) 27.3
Watching 6
Completed 19
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Dropped 1
Plan to Watch 3
Total Entries 32

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Unknown :(

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Time (Days) 5.1
Reading 6
Completed 4
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Plan to Read 2
Total Entries 12

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Unknown :(

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About Ushio_Chan
You can just call me Ushio, everyone else does xD I spend most of my online time on TheOtaku where I submit art and various other things, I am 17 and my interests include manga, anime, pocky, Japan *U*, making wallpapers, being awesome xD (Just kidding) I can be a very friendly person online, and I sometimes have my blonde moments...Well, I am kind of out of things to say now.....BYE!!


Extra info:
Likes: manga, anime, animals, camping, dance, softball,singing, cosplaying, belly dancing, learning Japanese, Nekos, my hosts, J-pop,RP..Etc..

Dislikes: Jerks >:p, Twilight, Miley C****, peoples opinion (negative), Hot Pink, Yaoi, Yuuri, Shounen Ai, Fangirl competition, Preps, Jocks, REALLY pervy guys..Etc.

Personality: Shy (Uberly), Quiet, Educated ^^, conservative :D, I can be your best friend or your worst enemy ^^, I like making friends, has persistant nosebleeds when exposed to anime guys ;o

My main site:

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Kannei | 01-28-14, 11:43 AM
vomic- seiyuu fanclub!

would you like to join us ?

crossingfate | 08-08-10, 5:20 AM
hello, bb.
what do you think about new Kanon's album? ♫

scoodi | 07-06-10, 1:57 PM
Yus. :D

unconcerntaste | 06-17-10, 11:10 PM
I am well too, but I am ill X_x

Hands_of_Stone | 06-17-10, 2:22 PM
Welcome back! :)

1dev13 | 05-31-10, 3:50 PM
XD Me too, me too...

unconcerntaste | 05-26-10, 11:54 AM
yes X_x xD
how are you? :3

Hands_of_Stone | 05-25-10, 11:38 AM
Welcome back!

1dev13 | 05-23-10, 5:26 PM
XD I wonder how that will turn out...I can't wait! ^^

Hands_of_Stone | 05-22-10, 10:17 PM
Goodnight and sweet dreams. I'll talk to you later. :)

Hands_of_Stone | 05-22-10, 10:13 PM
I'm pretty tired as well. I don't even know how I'm holding on right now.
I don't mind. I would love having you as one of my friends.

Hands_of_Stone | 05-22-10, 10:10 PM
You're very welcome. :)

Hands_of_Stone | 05-22-10, 10:07 PM
I like it. Your profile is really cool. :)

Hands_of_Stone | 05-22-10, 10:02 PM
That is pretty good. Being in the top 10 sounds really great. :)

Hands_of_Stone | 05-22-10, 9:59 PM
Sounds like my kind of online place. :)
Have you been there long?

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