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Apr 20, 2011
Witchblade (Anime) add
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There's a lot of 9's and 10's on the review page for Witchblade so, if your looking for a review with a more opposed opinion here you go.

I actually like the initial premise for the story. The single mother relationship between Masane Amaha and Rihoko makes for a good plot device. There's potential for heartfelt moments and potential for moments of desperation but really, when those moments come, the aren't delivered well. The manufactured drama here just doesn't catch me enough. After the first few eps, the plot from episode to episode begins to fall into a cookie-cutter pattern. 5/10

The face value of the animation read more
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Apr 19, 2011
Halo Legends (Anime) add
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Okay, Halo Legends hmm. Hard to rate being a collection or ONA. Seems the ratings and reviews are all over the place and if you don't like halo to begin with, you probably won't like Halo Legends.
I am a fan of the Halo series, I've read some of the books and I own or owned all of the games but one. But I'm not so much a super halo geek fan that I approached this with a biased opinion, ZOMG!! ItZ Haloz!! AHM CHARGIN get the picture.
I'm going to give each segment it's own overall rating:

Origins part one and two is first read more
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Apr 19, 2011
Samurai 7 (Anime) add
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An anime adaptation of Kurosawa's classic Samurai epic and this time around, most the samurai are giant robots, go figure. I knew this before even watching the show and I knew it was something I just had to get past though it still annoyed me a little, eh whatever.
As the first half of the show plays out, I'm really liking it. The villagers are in the city looking for their samurai and honestly, the city itself is a great character. It's a stark, somewhat stoic, contrast to 18th/19th century Japanese cities. Each initial meeting with each samurai is great and makes for good character development. read more
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One of the major prerequisites for me to liking an anime and to be able continuing watching more than just a few episodes is that I must like or at least be able to stand the main character.
It's been a long time since I liked an MC this much. Hei (aka the grim reaper) basically defines what it takes to have a secret identity; to be able to be one person - a well-to-do, somewhat clueless, quiet guy - and to turn around and be someone completely different - a ruthless agent of death tracking down rouge 'contractors'. When you merge these two persona's you read more
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