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10-07-14, 2:53 AM
March 25, 1990
February 3, 2011
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About TypeOfCicada
Hello! I'm TypeOfCicada. It's a pleasure to meet you.

First, a little about myself:

Favorite anime (so far)

  • Bokurano
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (plus Kai)
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
  • The World God Only Knows
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Hellsing Ultimate

If you're also a writer or have anime in common with me, I'd love to hear from you.

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PeachySmoothie | 03-25-14, 9:01 AM
Your Black Butler review was awesome :)

Noruas | 03-13-14, 9:41 AM
why would you write a review about an ecchi OVA and then whine in said review about it being ecchi?

are you that guy who pays to watch a bruce willis film and then complains that it was nothing like schindler's list?

Count-Montivan | 12-19-13, 5:06 PM
Did you died?

Count-Montivan | 10-23-13, 1:53 PM
You're the second person to agree with me yet not have it on your list. Although, your list seems outdated.

BTW, on a scale of 1-10, how exited are you for the 3rd Madoka Magica movie. I plan on finding a way to go to the screening. I'm "Gonna Explode/10" excited.

Knight_Artorias | 10-23-13, 1:12 PM
The ratings of your anime. In your reviews you gave Madoka for example a 9, Angel Beats! an 8, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni a 9 but in your list Madoka has an 8, Angel Beats! a 6 and Higurashi a 7. Why is that so?

Count-Montivan | 10-13-13, 1:08 AM
Inferno Cop is the best anime ever.

Knight_Artorias | 10-09-13, 4:03 PM
Why did you change the ratings of your anime so drasticly?

dustcity | 09-30-13, 3:48 PM
LOL your Mahou Shoujo Sonico★Magica review.

"And with a runtime of only 1:30, you can present it to your whole family. And their lives can be changed forever as well."

Best review ever.

Count-Montivan | 09-07-13, 11:45 PM
>Accel World in Plan to Watch

Allow me to save you the trouble: Nothing actually happens. A lot of things seem to happen, and characters seem to grow and change, and a conclusion seems to get closer... but this is all a facade. It's got great animation, action, music and design, but everything story and character related is generic and boring.

Count-Montivan | 08-21-13, 3:04 PM
Really? Sounds about right.

I'm talking about OreImo. I should have known that they'd have the male lead want to bone his sister, There was no way a guy could possibly have a platonic relationship with his sister in a show like this.


Count-Montivan | 08-20-13, 3:21 PM
That feel when a show betrays you and you want to throw your TV out a window. And that feel when it's your fault because you should have seen it coming.

Do you, know that feel?

Chokko | 07-24-13, 6:21 AM
Two years ago I think, a friend of mine told me about it, but I was kinda frightened, so I didn't watch after the 9th episode of the anime. But another friend of mine wanted to watch it as well some time after so I had to watch with him and wow, I regret nothing. (My life's great isn't it :') )
What about you?

Chokko | 07-23-13, 6:06 AM
Higurashi fan, here I am.

Count-Montivan | 07-20-13, 9:28 PM
Ah, I see, I find it's impossible to judge something completely objectively. I judge based on how much I enjoyed it, which is tied to how well I think it was done. To be fair, I feel bad giving S1 such a high score(though dat finale!) since S2 is so much better.

You're right, Mikoto definitely has more depth in it, as it is the "main" arc. While I find all the characters to be fleshed out(more than Index at least), there was less in S1 because of it's filler arc. Mikoto's character development was THERE but it was subtle and didn't change much.

Oh yeah, Saten is great. Such fun! I actually don't find Kuroko annoying, as her badass side trumps all. I felt like Uiharu needed more of a role. She's an expert hacker and her role as mission control is just taken for granted. Still, she's cute as a button, and has a strong spirit in crisis situations(why I feel her actions in the second arc OOC). Also, I thought the fanservice was funny and tame. You may want to try the manga as well as the art is god-tier IMO.

Count-Montivan | 07-18-13, 5:04 PM
Hey, I was meaning to ask: Why didn't you like Railgun? I have some guesses, and if I'm right it means I can recommend the 2nd season. Because it's better in many ways.

EDIT: Oh shiznit. I didn't notice biribiri was one of your favourites. Now I HAVE to know why you only gave the show a 5... wait, don't tell me; you hated the others?! My little Kuro-chan, Ui-tan and Saten-chin?!

Oh, and I didn't notice index on your list, making that tirade before sound silly.

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