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-Akie | 02-24-15, 6:38 PM
Hello Hinano-saaan~
久しぶりですね。How are you?
Woah, my comments from two years ago are still here O_o
Umm lol I'm sorry for randomly dropping in like this >w<
Are you regularly active here on MAL or would you prefer if I posted on your blog?

Sellene | 02-08-15, 7:28 AM
Hii!! Sorry to bother, but I found out your blog (thanks to wonderful Google) and see that you played the Brothers Conflict game for PSP... Well, I would LOVE to play, but I am very SUCK in japanese (and I didn't find it in English... y.y) So, I may I ask you to play it again and upload the videos in youtube's channel translated for more people fall in love with it (and I be able to taste a little bit of it...)?? Please??

wolfyna | 01-16-15, 1:51 PM
hi do you know similar anime with trouble chocolate

MysticStrider | 10-10-13, 11:55 PM
hello, just wondering but why did you remove your anime recommendations for both Tokyo Underground and Tokyo Ravens?

-Akie | 07-12-13, 9:29 PM
Wow 10 years, that's amazing. I have a long way to go... T_T
I've done self-study too, but it's only been like 2 years. I know the hiragana and katakana, and some grammar but only a couple of kanji D: Every now and then I practice listening by watching unsubbed anime, and usually I can get the gist of what's going on.
But I'm getting to the point where I'm dying to play an otome lol (well, Brothers Conflict PP in particular). I don't see it getting translated into English anytime soon, officially or by a fan group. So I need to learn kanji quickly! Storm Lover and Vitamin R look really interesting too :) If you were to estimate, how many kanji would you have to memorize in order be able to understand an otome like BC? I would imagine that the difficulty of grammar is different for each game, is that true? Unfortunately, I don't have a PSP, but getting one isn't the main problem.

I'm also thinking about playing the VNs for mobile while I wait. If you don't mind me asking, what kind of phone do you use to play VNs? Would an Apple device work?

Thanks a lot for the recommendation, I'll definitely look into it. (And I'm sorry I'm asking so many questions. I don't mean to be a bother. I hope you don't mind >_< )

-Akie | 07-11-13, 7:51 PM

Hi there, Hinano-san ^^
I've recently discovered your blog (otome heaven *w* ) and I enjoy reading your reviews :)
Just curious, but are you fluent in Japanese? I've been studying it for a while, and I'm hoping to be able to play some of the untranslated otome games once I learn enough kanji (There are SO many otomes and most of them will probably never get translated >_< )
I was wondering if you had any suggestions for learning enough Japanese to be able to read an otome visual novel? (unless you learned at like college? )

Thank you ^^

~ Akie

yandereYasu | 01-10-13, 5:01 PM
I see you like otome games? and shin megami tensei imagine online? i reccomend you play persona 3 portable, and persona 2 eternal punishment. also, try fate / extra. you should oughta review em too on your otome game blogsite ;)

Yorozuya-no-Yume | 08-03-12, 9:46 AM

Rima-chi | 02-18-12, 7:20 AM
Uguu nee-san. Too bad mal only allows 7 favorites people ;-; (Otome games are seriously doing something to me. A seiyuu recognition radar is developping inside of me. '-')

Uuurgh school is killing me =w= I'll start from this monday and I'm already tired lol
And since I'm not on holidays anymore I won't be able to be at your broadcast during the school days so... *crosses her fingers and hopes DnM will be played on random holidays

Still holding for dating dat hot Kouki Miyata-sensei in B6.
Hope twitch won't erase that record till next weekend :F

Rima-chi | 02-04-12, 1:21 AM
Hello, ENJERU~
Wait did I just write Enjeru? =w=
*tableflips all flipp-able(does this word even exists..) things*
┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

Ahem, anyway. Llooking forward to your next broadcast! o/

Just saw Danzai no Maria ~La Campanella~'s OP on your tumblr, thanks for the linking !
Hiyori, Joker~ NGHHH *w*
I saw in the end of the video that the Director's Cut coming out this year, too I'm relieved... and I can't wait! ひゃあああああ!!!

Pufufu I'm gonna invite you, then.

KyonSmith | 09-19-11, 2:42 AM
I Freakin love your ID

VioLink | 08-10-11, 3:27 PM
what anime is your avatar?

queenofautumn | 10-13-10, 8:01 AM
Oh! I guess I've missed that part xD But that's so cool, that you share this hobby. ^^ Do watch together with your husband or do you guys watch anime separately?

I kind of know what you mean. Sometimes I have this itch to watch a lot of anime and then I end up not watching anything because of a lack of time. And then I feel horrible >.<

queenofautumn | 09-26-10, 4:45 PM
I absolutely love your blog and especially the WIWFTWTW's ^^ You're probably one of the few people who can be critical about any show, and I love that because I also like to know what's not so good in a show I'm about to watch. So for that, thank you and keep up the good work ^_~

Ameshi | 05-09-10, 5:08 PM
Me too! I'm not very good at visual novels but Da Capo was the first one I played all the way through. :D

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