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Vancratt | 01-19-14, 3:04 AM
Eep............ I'm not sure... Because I used to use Tetra Vancratt but now I'm using vancratt.

My city should be Wonderland? And the description should be some Japanese stuff....

Vancratt | 12-20-13, 3:52 AM
Oh and yeah I have an LoL Garena account. I don't think we're on the same server though. If you're still playing that is. I hardly touch it these days. >_>

Vancratt | 12-20-13, 3:47 AM
Lonnnnnggggg hiatus here. I don't even know where I'm active anymore.
Add me on Skype maybe? Same name vancratt.

Other than that........ meh. How have you been. Need a new profile picture? I haven't touched photoshop for nearly a year. :/

Vancratt | 12-20-12, 3:21 AM
Well, I just liked names starting with V and somehow or another this just popped into my head lol.

Wish I could have followed you there.
I just came back from South Africa. :D

Vancratt | 11-14-12, 1:48 AM
'm fine, it's holidays for me right now. (In the midst of escaping from the reality called homework.)
And you?
Idk LOL. It just sounds cool to me. XDDD

Vancratt | 11-06-12, 6:37 AM
Just dropping by to say, heyas, I changed my username. owo;

Vancratt | 05-08-12, 8:21 AM
Lololol I completely didn't recognize the first line, since I almost immediately jumped to read the second line. Haha.
Ouch, 40 degrees...... that's pretty bad? Wait what?! FORTY DEGREES?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

Being in a tropical climate, I got used to the heat, but...... 40 degrees... that's pretty bad.
Oh wells. I hope it gets better for you. >A< Is it summer now over there?

Ooooh. I guess so, I doubt there are much guys in my school who don't know about it. Well. I might play if I ever get free time. (Which is never, in my dictionary. Procrastination robs me of my life.) .........Interesting.............. Though I'm still not gonna play it. =w=;

(I have no idea what the hell was wrong with me when I typed " Especially when you tagged me" but ugh, my brain is getting skewered after the tests.) I dunno, I feel vulnerable when I see my photos or my information online.
Well I dunno. I'm not a sentimental person, so I don't really miss a lot of people. So Facebook = useless to me.

Vancratt | 04-20-12, 8:16 AM
Erk. Well, I realised you replied long ago, but either I didn't have time to reply, or that when I tried to reply, my computer lagged so badly that I gave up. Hrm.

Ikr. It's a miracle. Well..... for starters, the teachers would remember my name right from the start of the year for being the only one with outstanding homework. XD

Oooohhhhhhh good for you. Ah yes, LoL. I know quite a number of guys who play it, though I've never tried it out. How is it? Lol I remember watching one of my seniors play, and even though I didn't notice anything freezing or slowing down at all, he kept cursing about how the internet sucks and that the game was lagging.

Well.......... I figured that I'm just.. paranoid? Like I get extremely freaked out when I see my friends posting group photos, which I reluctantly let them take, onto Facebook. And I'm just like, thanks, really, thanks, I look so........ easily identifiable. Especially when you tagged me. .________.
Nuh. Never. Considering my friends on facebook can post my pictures online, neverrrrrrrrrrr.
I dunno. It's so..... boring. I don't see the point. "XX has just eaten lunch!" "XX is now married to YY" "KK says omg did you know, I saw GG going on a date with LL yesterday at the mall?!?!" Or some crap.

Vancratt | 04-03-12, 6:38 AM
Darnnnnnnnn I realise that the conversation died with me again. Sigh.

Yep school's started and I'm dying like any other student would. And YES, I THINK FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I FINISHED ALL MY HOLIDAY HOMEWORK ON TIME. AIN'T THAT A MIRACLE.

Ahhh a new laptop seems pretty nice. Mine's lagging like crap.
Considering this was more than 2 months ago, has your laptop started lagging with all the games you installed? XD

Gotcha internet back?
...........I was about to go, OMG YOU KNOW WHAT'RE LUNAR NEW YEARS?! Until I remembered you're Vietnamese. Or something.
The craziest I've done was 3GB by using 3G connection. Gratz on breaking my record.

Oh and do you think I'm paranoid? I've never, not once, in my life used my real name online. Not a single time. Not even on Facebook. But then again I hate Facebook. I always use aliases. Or something.

Diassia | 01-15-12, 12:02 PM
Haha yes, it was definitely a long time ago :)

I actually quite liked the ending. I think it left just enough to the imagination, in true Umineko style. Yeah I noticed that it wasn't a very popular ending for it being quite bitter sweet. I thought it rounded up fairly nicely.

Diassia | 01-14-12, 5:56 PM
Hey! Random, I know, but I was just read an Umineko episode discussion from YEARS ago and noticed your very amazing Umineko explanations against all the ranting of everyone else.
I finished reading the rest of the Visual novel today and was wondering if you have read it or finished it for that matter?

Vancratt | 01-02-12, 3:39 AM
Yep yep. But school's starting tomorrow, so. Meh.
.............100+ questions of algebra, 5 essays, 1 informal letter writing, 1 book review, 1 reading comprehension, 1 science worksheet. Beat that. :C

Yep yep. Playing games, reading manga, watching anime, wasting my life away etc. etc.

Ah yes. The pathetic USB connections. I remember that once upon a time when I used them too. =w=; Sucks for you, I guess.
.........That's...... very...... pathetic. Pathetic connections will be pathetic. Lol.
Better get a modem set up ASAP? XD

Vancratt | 12-23-11, 11:11 PM
Oohh. Long time no see.

I'm fine. Procrastinating about doing homework even though school's starting in one week.

999....... well. It's still in my DS. Though I believe I've mostly given up on it. Yes, it's been pretty much sent to oblivion. XD

I'm trying to complete The World Ends With You. Like, max out all my stats and stuff.

Aww. So you're going to a cyber cafe? Or using your phone?

Vancratt | 11-14-11, 4:41 AM
I was almost devoured by the terrible thing you humans call exams. D;

I did, on the emulator. The axe ending. Soon afterwards my DS was in working condition again, but I couldn't transfer the save file over to my memory card for some reason. More like, I did, but it didn't work on the DS. And now I found out how to transfer it, but I think I've deleted it.

And so I have to restart the game all over again. Sigh.

Vancratt | 11-11-11, 8:02 AM
I'm back. Sorta. HIIIIIIIII.


And I still haven't finished 999. I was getting annoyed with constantly spamming the buttons because the text came out too slowly. Pathetic eh?

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