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Just a civil engineering student.

This is what I tell myself:
Try not to listen to other people comment/review on any anime. Its better to watch it yourself and if you enjoy it/love it/hooked to it , then its a masterpiece/awesome/good anime for you. You don't have to follow the majority.

Never let anyone's comment to influence your judgement on that particular anime or manga.

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Dashiawia | 05-26-14, 8:00 AM
Nice. Welcome back, dude. :)

I'm doing fine, thanks. Just finished school and I'm now in the middle of my summer break. Are you watching any airing anime this season? Also, have you heard the news about the new Fate/Stay Night anime coming up this fall season? It should be awesome, as it will be animated by Ufotable. Preferably, I'd hope that the anime will be an adaptation of the Heaven's Feel route, and not a remake of Fate or Unlimited Blade Works.

ssjokg | 05-24-14, 11:46 PM
Then you are at the position as Battler and maybe every other reader.Battler's words to her towards the end of EP5 pretty much mean "I dont fucking understand. Why do you go through all this trouble?"

The end isnt a "This is the culprit" kind of end. The story stops being about what happened on the island at EP7(or EP6 depending how you see it) and EP8 is just a conclusion to the story but not the mystery. Just like the people in Ange's world, you are left with your own theories.

I barely post anything outside Fate/ and Index forums. Where do you see me?

ssjokg | 05-20-14, 10:01 AM
Well the ps3 version has better art thats for sure, although I prefer the troll faces of the old version.
The VA is a problem sometimes. I mean ...there is a problem of OVERACTING there that just make you cringe during fights, cry time, and Beatrice(or anyone) making fun of Battler, etc but aside from that it is good.And a certain character's lines in Chiru are plain stupid with the voice acting.

There is no difference in the story telling.

NwAurion | 01-30-14, 1:59 PM
Hey, not sure if you remember me at all, but just take a look at the com in that case ;)

So i recently started reading some manga because of various reasons, and got around to Break Blade. Nearly up to speed now.

Overall i do not think the changes are that big i'd say. Girge was changed more, especially his death, which was weird in the anime, but with his personality, everythijng he does feels weird anyways..

I hope they will pick his story up again as they didn't answer why he shot the other soldiers during training, which looks pretty important to me, given that we basically only know two events in his past, and he probably spent most of the rest in prison anyways..

As for the rest, Zess being an asshat.. i don't know. His intentions so far are good, though the execution was flawed. I wonder what he will do now though, with his new position, and Hodr etc. no longer directly being threatened - unless Zess himself starts another invasion, which would be kinda contradictory to what he wanted to achieve.

Dashiawia | 01-28-14, 9:33 PM
Yeah. It's a typical harem from what little I have seen/read of it, though it does have its comedic moments. I have yet to meet this Marika girl, which I hear is quite likable.

Indeed. SSY is pretty much a darker version of Nagi no Asukara, in that it's also a coming-of-age story about a group of kids, living in a fantasy world. The main difference would be that SSY is a horror/thriller, while Asukara is a drama/romance. SSY has a unique story and some very interesting themes. I would've given it at least an 8 if I had liked the first half more. I think I told you this before, but I nearly dropped the show after episode 8 at some point [not a fan of dumb yaoi or yuri]; really glad I didn't though, or I would've missed out big time. Can't say I was especially attached to any of the characters, but the plot kept me interested in the second half.

Oh yeah. TTGL is kind of a strange show in that it wants you to think it's a typical shounen, with cliche characters and plot. And in some ways, it is generic. But, it's also very self-aware, and almost plays around with all the common tropes like a parody. In other words, it knows not to be super serious with its themes most of the time, which works well to make it stand out from the other typical shows. I didn't really find it to be that deep per se, but I liked the characters enough to care about what happens to them.

Have fun with Psycho-Pass. It's somewhat similar to SSY in its thriller tendencies. I enjoyed it.

Dashiawia | 01-27-14, 7:35 PM
I see. As a fan of Shaft's unique visuals, I'm actually content with the anime adaptation so far. The directing has been fairly good and the pacing isn't too shabby, either. But to be honest, neither the manga nor the anime are exactly cutting it for me. The whole pretend-to-be-lovers theme has been done before in Oreshura, and I'm not seeing anything creative in Nisekoi at all. It's still enjoyable to some degree though. And yeah, I consider Shinsekai yori to be brilliant in the second half with its dark plot; the thriller aspect was good, too. TTGL was also quite fun in that it was always over-the-top and epic in a good way. Got to love its bittersweet ending as well.

Dashiawia | 01-27-14, 5:55 PM
That's nice, and it's okay. I hate typing long messages with my phone, too; those small keys are a hassle no matter how hard I try to get used to them. >.<
Glad you liked those two shows. I enjoyed them, too, though apparently not to the same extent you did. lol

Also, that's a cute Chitoge picture you got there~ Are you currently following the anime or reading the manga [for Nisekoi]?

Dashiawia | 01-15-14, 2:07 PM
The only anime I watched as a kid were Pokemon, Digimon, Beyblade, DBZ/DB/DBGT, and Yugioh. So yeah, not a lot of variety in those.

He'd do well not to show his ugly side in front of the kids, lol.

Mhm. Can't say I liked Aku no Hana much, either. Admittedly, the manga is visually more appealing than the cringe-worthy anime. But still, I've seen far better coming-of-age stories out there [e.g. Onanie Master Kurosawa, Oyasumi Punpun].

Nice, that actually sounds like something I'd enjoy. Madoka was a pretty fantastic show all around, imo, and I'm looking forward to the third movie to be released and subbed in HD. Anyway, have fun with Mai Hime. :)

Dashiawia | 01-14-14, 11:42 AM
No no, that's not what I meant. Meant to say that Clannad was the anime that got me out of watching mainstream shounen shows, such as Bleach and Naruto. Ever since After Story, I began to look at anime very differently than I used to, and came to actually appreciate non long-running battle shows. In that sense, Clannad would be that one show that permanently changed my perspective on what an excellent anime should be like.

I'd think it's pretty exhausting to pose as a try-hard elitist 24/7, to be honest. Unless, of course, he isn't really acting and that's just how he is in real life. I'm dubious on that idea, personally, as I find it incredulous how anyone can have such an unfounded, inflated ego. But hey, maybe he's really 'sugoi' and 'kakkoii'~

Ahh, that's nice. I should like that kind of realistic drama, then. Will be giving it a try once I get ahead on some my current priority items first.

I dropped Mai-Hime because I did not find the characters very endearing on first impression, and my attention span isn't the greatest when it comes to watching characters I don't really care about. But that sounds kind of interesting. Maybe I'll pick it up again in the future if I'm in the mood. Tell me how it goes when you do decide to pick it up. I have a proclivity to drop shows that don't leave a good first impression, so I may be missing out on some hidden gems every once in a while. Therefore, if you believe I may be mistaken on dropping something prematurely, feel free to let me know. It's appreciated. :)

No worries. It wasn't difficult to make out the meaning of your message.

Dashiawia | 01-13-14, 10:28 AM
I see. It must have been a special series for you then. To me, Clannad After Story would be that one special anime that made me love non mainstream shounen stuff. Man, if I ever become one of them, I'd hang myself. No questions asked. :p

I did complete the One Shot chapter some time ago. Was quite nicely written, though I did not like the bullying themes. I'll get around to the manga eventually.

No worries, I never get upset about late replies, as I'm often a procrastinator on those myself, especially when it comes to longer messages. Yuki Kajiura is <3, 'nuff said. :3

Dashiawia | 01-06-14, 1:58 PM
Yeah, Kurisu was really cute in the movie, and she developed quite nicely as a character, too. I also liked how the movie had a close connection with the original series in that it actually explained the pseudo-science behind Reading Steiner. The plot, while far from amazing, was consistently engaging and immersing. But I can see how you would like the Gintama movie more [it's also ranked higher on MAL]. Everything depends on taste, after all. I'm a firm believer of that. Elitist assholes who claim that anime should be watched for pure objective reasons, and expect everyone else to think the same way as them can rot in hell. :p

That's perfectly fine, just stick to your own rating scale. I don't rate things low for the purpose of looking like a hipster, you know? I simply try to delineate the truly great shows from the average ones. Do note that my average score is a 5, so chances are that if I scored something above that, I enjoyed it. Even an average show can be kind of enjoyable for me, although there's nothing in it that truly made me go "oh wow, I'm so glad I chose to watch it!". I don't rate anime (or any other fiction, for that matter) objectively, either, as I don't believe there's such a thing as universal objectivity. Objectivity is overrated, methinks. People use that term way too carelessly. We can evaluate a work by looking at its individual categories [plot, characters, animation, sound, and enjoyment], but opinions will indefinitely vary from person to person. If a show is widely regarded as bad, it just means that most people share the same belief. Is it true, though? Not necessarily so. People can still enjoy "bad" shows and defend them with their own biased views. That's why I never judge people for liking/disliking a work, because it's their own right in the end.

I see. Plot twists are generally fun.

Btw, check out The Best Eroge Ever if you have 5 minutes to kill. It was utterly nonsensical and random, not to mention prone to bugs. The game literally crashed 12 times for me, all in the span of 5 minutes. I lol'd. :3

Dashiawia | 01-02-14, 9:48 AM
Indeed, MLA is by far the highest rated VN on vndb, and it fully deserves that spot imo. I can safely say it's the best fictional work I've seen in any medium. *cough, cough, entering fanboy mode, cough, cough*. :p

I kinda enjoyed the first movie, but I couldn't connect with the main characters as much as I could with the original series' casts. Perhaps I'm slightly biased because Lelouch isn't there. Though, a 5.5 score isn't considered bad for my scale -- it's actually slightly above average. And I'll watch the second movie, since I wouldn't want to drop the series prematurely; if I don't like the second, I'll then refrain from watching the third. Hmm, I'm a bit scared to rewatch the original Code Geass, because I feel like my score will drop significantly after a second viewing. You see, I wasn't so critical about anime in my younger days, which is why most of my higher scores (8-10) on my list stem from older titles.

Nice. I'm sure the movie was godly if it's already ranked #2 on this site.

Enjoy~ It was a great movie, methinks.

Dashiawia | 01-01-14, 1:56 PM

The art of ML is a bit old and may take some time to get used to, but you'll be pleasantly surprised by how good the production quality is in general. The background CGs are drawn in great detail, and the background sounds are realistic as well. And in MLA, all the characters are lip-synched and voice acted, even the most minor casts [there are probably around 100 characters in the game]; not to mention that there is a vast number of CGs to be found. So, other than the average art style, the ML series actually has quite a high budget.

No, I have not. Planning to watch it in a few days. I've already watched the Steins;Gate movie and really liked it. Still waiting for that new Madoka movie to be subbed. Also, have you seen the new Gintama movie? I hear it's ridiculously good. Too bad I can't watch it yet without seeing the prequels first. >.>

Dashiawia | 12-31-13, 11:46 PM
Oh, that is understandable. But the thing is, you won't be picking any girl in MLA -- the story will decide on that. And even if you don't like her, from a plot perspective she is undoubtedly the canon heroine, so no matter who you choose in the prequel, it will still make sense in the end (cannot say why because it's spoiler content).

Happy New Year's, btw.

Dashiawia | 12-19-13, 9:47 PM
Indeed. CG's strength lies in its awesome protagonist and the battle tactics, not so much in the mecha aspect. Though, I did kinda enjoy the Nightmare battles to a certain extent personally.

I'll probably get to it after I'm done with MLA.

MLA shares the same characters from ML, which is why I believe reading the prequel first is a good idea, as it will allow you to become familiar with the cast and hopefully become attached to them. Then again, I know some guys out there went straight for the sequel and still loved it, so it's really up to you. I'm under the impression that it's always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the prequel before moving on to the sequel, if you want to get the best experience out of the entire franchise. Now, why would you want the characters to be different in MLA? Is it so that you wouldn't have to read ML first? >.<

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