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My name's Ryan, I'm a 25 year old guy, and my favorite anime genres are shounen and shoujo.

As for how I listen to/watch anime, I prefer English Dubs, but I will watch an anime with Japanese voices and English subtitles, if there's no English Dub.

I'm also a gamer, but I only play Action/Adventure, RPG, and Shooter games (all 3 genres must have third-person view).

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FacelessVixen | 07-25-14, 5:05 PM
That won't happen for a few more years; well before I'll get my new PC in January. And even if the previous generation of consoles start fazing out sooner than expected, I've had a PS3 and 360 long enough to say that I've played most of the games that I wanted to on those systems.

Besides, I'm not building a PC just for gaming. I need the extra power for video editing and 3D animation as well, so I won't be investing thousands of dollars in both hardware and software just to have the prestige of playing games on their highest settings.

FacelessVixen | 07-24-14, 10:12 PM
I just said that I'll eventually get a PS4, thus will be able to get the PlayStation and some console exclusives. Besides, it's not like those games are going anywhere. Consoles and console games have a pretty long shelf life.

And also, I'm not a pirate. No need too because of Steam sales.

FacelessVixen | 07-24-14, 8:26 PM
Slim chance of me having a console as a primary gaming platform. Sure, the price of entry is pretty steep. But once you're in, you're in. Buying a new console is replaced by buying a new GPU, and there are little to no concerns about backwards compatibility and the other limitations to consoles.

Still, I gotta get Metal Gear 5. So I'll eventually have a PS4 as an alternate in a year or two.

FacelessVixen | 07-24-14, 10:28 AM
Sorry. I'm getting into PC gaming so I woun't be adding anyone to PSN, or XBL for that matter since I soled my 360 a week ago. So, Steam is preferred.

NomenHicInserto | 07-15-14, 11:33 PM
Ohh... I see. Not completely sure of your gaming tastes, but I think you'll like the games. Then again, the ones you have on your wish list may be entirely different from what I'm played.

When do you think you'll get all these games? (Xbox 360 and Wii U) I mean you still have PS3 games on your wish list that you haven't gotten yet. (If I recall correctly)

Okay, then.

Ah, that's too bad. Well, in any case, whenever you get to the movie, do tell me if you like it. You'll probably get to it long before I do, judging from how I'm usually with these things.

Oh, that's good. Sounds like you had fun. ^^ I went to visit my grandma last year (she lives in another country), but I ended up spending very little time with her, and that was at the hospital. It was a fun trip nonetheless.

Speaking of trips, giving you a heads-up: you won't be hearing from me for quite a while. My internet's gone down and I'm going on vacation in two weeks. Don't know when I'll be back, but I'm assuming around the end of August. I'll try my best to respond via mobile, though, so I may still be able to reply to you. We'll see.

NekoLucy | 07-13-14, 7:24 AM
I`m 26 years old but i`m kind of old fashioned when it comes to games i just cant grasp these new games unless theres some like the old rpg type games then i might have a chance lol

FacelessVixen | 07-12-14, 9:34 PM
Unless you plan on editing it afterwards, it isn't really worth it, especially after three or four fuck-ups.

FacelessVixen | 07-10-14, 7:54 PM
Sorry. You kinda got lost in a comment flood. Ripping eight DVDs literally takes a week, longer if you screw up on the settings. And I'm now I'm back to video editing.

Warwolf | 07-10-14, 3:02 PM
Sorry but I don't own Wii U (I the future I might). Mario kart 8 looks promising.

NomenHicInserto | 07-08-14, 4:46 PM
Ohh... I see you have Shin Megami Tensei games on the list. I didn't realized you played them. The only games I played from that series are Persona 3 and Persona 4.

Oh, I see. I'm pretty unfamiliar about what the Wii U has to offer, or even how it differs from its predecessor. And, oh, really? Why buy an Xbox 360, though? Doesn't it cover most games the PS3 does?

Haha, probably. That's pretty much the case for all series, unlike movies and anime. But remember, there's a reason there's so much hype surrounding the show.

I get that. I'm especially this way about games.
Since it's already past the weekend, I'm assuming you've watched the new X-Men movie by now?

I hope you enjoyed your trip to your grandpa's, by the way. :)

Warwolf | 07-05-14, 11:52 AM
Origins is more like mmo with ability to freeze time and select skills and commands for your 1 to 4 controlled characters, and it's not easy when you need fight different variation of enemies, know they agro zones and how much if possible to lure them to you.

Similar thing goes for II, except it is much easier (as mage :D).

NekoLucy | 07-04-14, 6:04 AM
No it`s just because it`s just jump spin and collecting rings lol
which all the newer ones are like the camera spins round and having to try and aim at something i just can`t grasp it.

Warwolf | 06-30-14, 2:56 AM
Origins for me was much better game than II since it has more balanced battle system, better endings with it's variations (big freedom of choice), and doesn't feel much scripted like second did.

Story wise you don't need origins to play II, but I think you will be disappointed since it's extremely easy compared to origins.

Well that's only my option and I don't say you won't like it, I suggest try origins before taking II.

Warwolf | 06-26-14, 1:30 AM
Sorry, but no, if you want good rpg type of game then try Last Remnant, Dark Souls, Dragon age series :D

NekoLucy | 06-25-14, 5:07 AM
Nah it`s just i`m seriously bad at them theres too much going on for me to concentrate lol

I have a couple of emulators on my computer a SNES one and Sega Genesis one too so i`m fine playing those ^^

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