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KurizenT | 04-17-15, 6:58 AM
Sorry for the late reply, I've been busy lately maybe I will comment back next month :)

LOL! No, I won't XD. Dunno in our place, it's rarely to have a doppelganger here XD!
Oh yeah, it was 150 cm above lol! But you've said that height and age doesn't matter XDD! I commonly use ft. for measuring my height. I can't believe that we're the 4th smallest average height in the world XD! I'm happy that my height was above average lol!
Just the middle of peace and chaos XDD! How about you? XD
It really looks like a rock and kinda creepy, I think I've saw that fish in the ocean park before lol

Maybe you can combine them lol! XDD!
I think all Apple Products have lesser risk in virus, since it looks like it has their own secret antivirus XD
Btw, computer programming was really a hard subject for me, I'm almost failed at practical exam, dunno why we're studying this one XDD!
Good luck for that XD, but I have an evil plan (that I will tell to KOTOKO that you pounded the pussy of the young girl XDD!) lol! just kidding XDD
Well yeah, I need to do that even it was a hard task maybe wait for the right time that who will love me not because I'm rich but as a person XDD!
LOL! I want to get my gold medal already XDD!
Yeah, I think the new Western songs this year was totally shit! (There's lots of urban crap songs stuff)
Well, I just saw it in news feed in FB (since I've liked lots of pages there) :P she has a disease.
DONE BURNING IT XDDD! Well, I can still forgive Anaconda for having a good upbeat or should I kill it with fire as well?? lol! XDD
Yeah, we want a true big fat ass XD!
Oh yeah, it's American Idol I forgot that show lol! I think the Kelly's songs that I got addicted are Breakaway and Stronger :) But I think nowadays in America, they attacking skinny people instead based on the song of Anaconda and Bass (forgot the whole title, since the singer of who sing it was fat). XDD!
But not in here yet :(
I think the new song called "See You Again" was a perfect song that song was came from Furious 7. I was planning to watching in theaters even I haven't watch the prequels XDDD It looks like the ending there was truly tear jerking

Damn, I hardly laugh on this OVA. It was really totally hilarious XDDD! Damn, boobies everywhere, and my dick was hardened all the time especially when Akeno and Rias were rubbing their boobs together XDDD! Issei was the best harem king ever and his speech lol! and I want to enjoy motorboating with those boobs in every angle XD Damn! Issei
Yes, and it was a good series sometimes there's something bothers me watching it maybe because of some of the dialogue that I really don't understand at all. :((
I agree with you. I think the most irritating so far was Kirino from Oreimo. She's really a silly bitch but too good that Kuroneko was saving that series. :)
I'm not ready to watch that series yet. XD! I'm watching some 2-cour Fall Anime and some Winter Anime. XD
Hmmm... post some blackmails on her and she will notice you XDDDD! Do you think that advice was effective? :D
LOL! You motorboating boobies because it was your job as a masseur lol! Yeah, I've seen it and mostly when I see Katy's picture instead looking first at her face I was staring at boobs in a long time XDDD!
Yeah she has a big titties but I don't like her XDDD! What you think of Maria Ozawa? :D
I think I'm finding hard to get faithful. XDD So that means I'm in other species of pervert? XDDD
Because both Erza and Akeno had cool personality that's why I thought them the same XD LOL! Eh just because they have a same red hair that's why they the same? XDDD
Yeah, YUI was really a cool girl. True, and I'm happy that she sing the one of the opening theme song of my all time favorite anime and glad that she was part of it XDD

Some of my friend watching it and they say that Cinderella was a good movie but still not my cup of tea and I think it was too late to watch it in theaters XD!
Yeah, Insurgent was the prequel of Divergent. It was a good movie though but it lacks impact for me.
LOL! Not sure for that but I'll try XD Have you seen Furious 7? :)
I will not get shocked or surprised if you fucked her XDD just kidding XD! I see that's nice. Feel sorry for you man :( XD Oh that thing reminds me of Tinder.
Yeah but it was optional, we did that in 2 hours but I just only took pictures and lifting some hollow block XD! Not sure what we did there it seems it doesn't have any progress lol!
LOL! Not sure why it was always happening to me all the time XDDDD! Only few strange girl's faces are remarkable XDDD!
Damn, I've checked that site and it was interesting site. thanks man! :))

LOL! I've always forgetting replying those people who replying me through PM. XDD! Well, yeah card collecting was really cool :3
LOL! How did com to com get lie? XDD!

Well, I'm not a big fan of IS.Charlotte was the best girl there.
The video was not available. XD
For me, nothing can beat the first opening. Anyway, I've changed my mind for the new opening of Nisekoi: (the second season OP).
Yay! She's kawaii there <33
It's Spring Time:
I want to share the new opening of F/SN but I think it will get unavailable after all.
What you think of the new opening of Naruto Shipuuden? XD

KurizenT | 04-02-15, 4:41 AM
Same here! XD but most of them are look alike XD
I think the average Asian height was really lower lol! XD
Well yeah, it's dangerous and I think that place was boring though because it's really peaceful and quiet there XDD
Eh, what's that creature that looks like rock?? Kinda curious for it XD

I see. Well, yeah I don't have MacBook so I don't have any idea for that thing. As far as I know you can't just download anything in MacBook :(( XDDD
LOL! And after pounding the pussy what will you do next? Plan to marry her? XDD!
Yeah, you're right they only go for your money that was a bitch's mission XDDD!, but I'm planning to get rich to get a good young girl :D XDDD! I think money was a chick magnet XDD!
I see it's a good song! seems like underrated.
Yeah, people in radio are really moron -.- XD
It was revealed that Avril Lavigne that has sick and I think she release a new single and I can't find it right now XD
No, not just me XD! Many people complaining that too as well. XD Btw, do you know her song called "Booty" with Jennifer Lopez? It was terrible as Anaconda -.- XDDD
It's big but fake and I don't think there are some people who have that kind of butt's size XDD! What you think of it? :P
Yeah, I know that song and it's really great song but too bad it's underrated -.- XD I've been a fan of Kelly Clarkson since she was contestant in "I forgot the title of that singing show". XDD

Done watching it XD! As long as it was DxD I will instantly watching it XDDD
Madoka Magica was one of my Top 20 Favorite of All time :) , I haven't watch Monogatari S2 yet :(
Yeah, Raku was a nice character though. For Chitoge, I think she's one of the best tsundere character I've ever seen :) XDD! Btw, check out this PV can't wait ( kinda happy that LiSA will sing the OP :)
Thanks :) But I'm watching shows that was better than K-On! XDD
You're welcome, I'm pretty sure you can win the heart of KOTOKO XDD! Maybe I'm talking for both :)
Yeah, she has a good face :)
Rofl! I think that was a dirty work (masseur and boob adjuster) XDD! And how can adjust her boobs XDDD Probably I have more time touching it than adjusting it XDDDDD! If that's the case if you want to be a boob adjuster you must apply to Katy Perry :D XDDD! Btw, have you saw Faylan's face clearly?
Btw, try to look for Mai Kuraki! she has a nice face and body :) XDD
Okay, how about one lover with f*ck buddies?? XDDD! Yeah, Akeno is more look like Erza Scarlet on me :) LOL! still forgot her name XDDD
Oh I see it seems like you're not into clumsy girl XD
I see XD I think the one with SID too and Yui was my favorite Bleach Openings. XDDD!

Contract for how many years? I think that's lifetime XDD! LOL!
Ugh, too bad there's no interesting movies for now. It just Cinderella (like hell I'm watching it it's repeatable -.- XDDDD) and Insurgent (hmmm...gonna download it in torrent in the future since I don't have extra money XDDD).
LOL! It seems like she's more insane than Taylor Swift XDD! Okay, I'll do what you say XP XDD! And how did you handle her?
LOL! Yeah I think she doesn't give you a damn because I think you deserved better than that XDD! Well, I hope good luck for the other one XP XDD!
LOL! So have you imagine KOTOKO doing dirty things with you? XDDD!
I got home last Sunday Night! Kinda tired because we do construction stuff for the community service that was required in our university. XD
Yeah, since I easily memorizing faces especially in women and then I forgot them after I fapped them in my mind XDDDD!!!
LOL! But damn, I forgot to compile those files maybe I'll do it later though it's really lazy to compile it XDDD!

Yeah, me too.
I think I'm busy with my cards club since I've used to handle cards club but you must be more responsible handling it (more time) that's why I give up handling it XD
Yeah, because I haven't met someone who are an avid fan of Japanese Music ;) XDD! *views com-to-com to confirm* I didn't say BEST there lol! XDDD!

Yeah, that was my favorite song for AKINO :)
Yeah, I've seen it and not sure what should I say XDD! (Suzuki Konomi <3 ) (YEAH! this reminds of Reclimb XD)

KurizenT | 03-25-15, 10:59 PM
Yeah, I think all of us (in MAL) wants to live in Japan XDDD LOL, Are you a 6 footer or? XD
Yeah, Canadian was so friendly! XD Well, I think Australia and New Zealand was good place too! Although Australia was not safe since there's so many wild and unique creatures there XDDD

Well, the best way to get tail is to be like a mysterious XDD!
Yeah, it's still expensive for 1 month, I think it's more expensive since my service was on postpaid XD I like Apple Products but it's really too selfish :(( XDD For Mac, I still prefer Windows than Mac. XD
Yeah, but I must ignored those kind of discrimination for the sake of lol! XDD
LOL! I remember, there is a 64 yr old guy had a relationship with 16 yr old girl! here So gross! XDD LOL Yeah, US was liberated though they can do whatever they want. Not sure how do old men get hot chick maybe because of money XDD
Don't know that song XD
Yeah, agree! Don't know why Americans didn't get tired listening to that mainstream song XDD
Well yeah, not fond in Iggy too since she's acting like black (lol! seems like I'm racist XDDD) but at least her song was better than Nicki XDD
Yeah, Ariana is good singer but I'm not a big fan of her lol! At least her voice was something special :) XD

Same here, I'm getting tired watching too much but if I haven't watch anime in one week I felt that I want to watch anime again XDD
Nope, I haven't maybe I'll check it out later :D Is it more ecchi scene? :D XDDDD
Yeah, because it was Shaft. I actually find the art unique too. XDD
I like Tsugumi too XD Maybe you'll realize that you will prefer Chitoge over Onodera XD I think there will be a new character for the second season :D Me too I can't wait :D
Maybe I try to watch it whenever I have time lol!
Oh she's a nice girl but I'm not into her lol! So you can keep it to yourself XDD
Btw, check Hirano Aya new picture in MAL: (she's hot there XDD) Btw, I think Faylan was hot too XDDD But I haven't seen her singing live so not sure if she accepting applicants for a guitarist XDDD
Would that be really effective if I keeping send message to Haruna-chan? :3 XDDD
I agree in most of what you said, I don't find the style weird XDDD!
Oh you meant this one? (Yeah, super agree!) XDD
Yeah, I would prefer Akeno over Rias. But why not both! XDDD! Since all of the girls there makes me horny and I get fap sometimes (except for the white-girl for some reason XDDD! and her name was not remarkable XDDD)
I don't know who is Younha but I've searched and yeah, damn she's hot chick but she looks boyish though XDD!
Eh, the opening you share was not from SID it's from Aqua Timez anyway thanks for the share XDDDD I think this one was from SID
Yeah, fripSide <3 XDD Yeah, that spinoff show was good especially in second season.

Well yeah, it was really weird plot. I think the male character (I think his last name was Grey(lol! it was on the title on the movie)) was abused in his childhood and the outcome is hurting people was normal for him. Hehe! really weird plot XDD!
The Anastasia was just she get to like him because he was millionaire lol! XDDD
Well, you must watch it it was a good movie adaptation. XD
LOL! Why she was an idiot? XDDDD
LOL! Can't wait what will happen when she sees it! XDD!
Yeah, you're right! There's some barrier that you can't allowed your crush to put in your imagination, they're supposed to be respected lol! XDD!
Okay, thanks man! Gonna open it next week (whenever I get back home XD) Damn, I want to go home right now XDD!
Sometimes, girls that I know and sometimes random girls that I saw walking on the streets XDDD!
LOL! Whenever I go home I will compile the links that I listed then I'll put it in my secret documents in my laptop XDDDD!
Hmmm.. playing online games or sports but not at all times are like that XDD!

Yeah, and dunno why they're attacking MAL since MAL didn't do anything bad? XD
You're welcome XD! Yeah, same here, I was like 14 years old that I started on MAL but now I'm 18 XDD!

3miL | 03-24-15, 12:58 AM
and comments right?

come on, let's have that old pep when we chat back then ^^

KurizenT | 03-23-15, 4:24 AM
Happy Birthday! ;)

KurizenT | 03-21-15, 10:54 AM
Lucky you! :) I think all of the countries in Europe are awesome except in France (for some reason XD) and Ukraine (because there's war there dunno why Russia want to expand their territories just like China they trying to invading our islands XD)

Damn I was imagining that my hairstyle was like that and I was look like wtf XDDD
IOS was an application in Iphone or any apple products. Yeah it's expensive, my parents buy me an iphone and we're going to pay every month. XD lol I can't save money when i started to go college :(
Age doesn't matter but the problem is I'm going to be like a pedophile XDDDD
I think there's no interesting song for this year right now in Western songs xD :((
Well, i'm really getting addicted in uptown funk before but now it's really getting annoying and overplayed. xD
Anyway, what do you think for Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea? xD
Ah I see. well yeah we have MTV channel before but it was defunct. xD

I see I understand but the more the merrier right? XDD i'm still doubt if im going to watch that series.
Well yeah, I like fanservice but too much of it it was really bad that's why most of the ecchi anime was not successful because of using too much fanservice. XDD
Ofc, I watched that series. I watch mostly popular anime xD I see. I like the development of characters but the kind of that series sometimes I find it cliche. I like Onodera but she's boring though XD Sorry man XDD
I really prefer Chitoge she's more adorable, her character was more developed the most and I like her cute side :) and I think Marika was my least favorite character.
Oh I didn't know that the second season was a 2-cour lol XDDD!
Maybe I'm missed those mystery parts since I get asleep watching it XDDD
LOL! Yeah, especially you may find hard to resist to Hirano Aya she's really adorable and irresistible XDDD LMAO! And what will you do if KOTOKO accepts you as a guitarist? XDDDD! I wonder if Haruna Luna needs a guitarist as well XDDDD
This is Haruna-chan latest song! Yeah she's really a kawaii! I thought my life was end when stereopony was disbanded but when Haruna-chan appear :))) my life became shine again XDDD (sorry, if I can't share the TV version for that because of the copyrights) XDD
I see. Well, yeah both of them are incredible songs but the second OP was better for me especially the chorus part. XD
LOL! I didn't noticed that and I don't see anything except that it was really cartoonish XD and the opening really looks like rushed or lack of budget lol
Yeah, agree and kinda getting new to her since she didn't do recent anime theme songs right now :((
Nah, that's not what I meant XDDDDDDDDDDD!! The song and the boobies animation of opening was good though XDDD
Pandora Hearts OP was nice and I felt nostalgic in that Bleach ED. :) XD (the Pandora ED was better though)
Well yeah since the movie was in critics but at least it grossed very high (positive point in the movie XDD) lol!
Most of the movie adaptation are quite risky but thank God that Harry Potter and Hunger Games was still a good movie though. XDDD
I think I have a chance with your maniac sister :D XDDD Since I'm 18 now, maybe around 18 and above. Most girls who are 20 yrs old and above are hot chick XDD
Oh that's nice! I wonder if you really know her in real life or just online friend? XDD
YEAH! Yes, I want to know the site! XDDD!
Sadly, but don't worry imagination was bigger and enough XDDDD I haven't imagine Haruna Luna XDD I mostly imagined random girls XDDD
LOL! But the problem sometimes I'm forgetting where did I put the file XDDDD
Yeah, right! but not just porn, mostly yeah XDD
Dunno why time getting faster unlike in my childhood days :( XD

You're welcome!
Yeah, agree but the only problem in MAL was the bug issues :O

KurizenT | 03-20-15, 2:00 AM
But you're not the one who will decide that where will you born. XDDD
I see. In here, our big enemy in our country was criminal (include government) XDD

Rofl XDD Like I could have that kind of hair XD My hair was almost messy I guess.
Yeah, but I can't play it anymore since IOS become more strict in pirated downloading :(
What? She's married? I didn't know that :(( Maybe I'll wait for their future daughter lol XDD!
You didn't know Taylor Swift's Blank Space? Agree original was better!, many people singing that song all the time and make some cover versions to it.
but damn Uptown funk was more popular here.
Yeah, I think that song not just rock but emotional song and lol what's ZTV? XDD I think Jet Lag and Summer Paradise was a good song as well :)

Can't wait for most of them as well. Btw, you can try Shokugeki no Souma if you're interested in culinary stuff. XDD and Owari no Seraph (the studio who made this is the one who make Shingeki no Kyojin)
Yeah, High school dxd was almost a perfect show for us since both good plot and boobs was there :)) Yeah, completely agree I think there is no weakness for that show XDD! Can't wait for Nisekoi 2!! Btw, do you prefer Kirisaki or Onodera?
Well, i haven't watch the second season yet but when you say that most of the episodes was just a slice of life-moe thing maybe I'm going to give up for that by now XDD LOL! But at least the ending of Hyouka was good. Also it's more on fantasy than mystery lol XDDDD
LOL! So you're going to take it slowly? XDD! Yeah, having scandal will make you find hard getting a good career XDDD
I also forgot Luna Haruna (the one who sing SAO ED2) she's also my japanese crush XD she and her song was cute but too bad I can't share some of her songs since her song wasn't in youtube due to copyrights XD! Oh I see XD Kotoko is nice too but not my crush lol!
Yeah, there's some parts in Brotherhood that they made rushed.
I've watched the first season of A/Z it's a good mecha anime but too generic. Yeah, the Kalafina song was great but the second season opening was way better! since Sawano Hiroyuki was a great composer)
LOL! I didn't really mind the video just the music XDD! Yeah, the video was epic but the song is nah XDD
Yeah, it's one of my favorite song too the one with Soul eater ed and also the tokyo magnitude ED :3
That's my least favorite song of Faylan but still nice though. Yeah, DXD was <333 XDDDDD (My newest favorite ED song for this show) (the song was relaxing lol)
Yeah, i agree lol! but I think they really get disappointed in censorship. This country was still conservative though XDD!
My eldest sister watch anime but she's into into movies and k-drama same with my second sister lol! Yeah, they both taken too, sorry man! LOL! How about you stepsisters are they watching anime as well? Oh man, too bad I'm into older woman (not exceeding 40 yrs old though XDDD) :((
LOL! Yeah, maybe I'll give you link whenever i get back home lol! sorry man, I forgot to bring my laptop XDD that's why I felt bored at dormitory XDDDDD (I only go home every month XD)
I'm surfing net at internet cafe but doesn't allowed us to go mature site :((( XDDD
LOL! Maybe I'm going to keep it in my documents and put lots of folders so that my risk will get lesser than usual XDDD
Rofl, yeah we need to help other people for this so that everyone will be safe XDDD!
LOL! But for me it's just a short time XD

thanks ;)
Yeah, the HB design was better but the when it comes to database I'll go for MAL.

3miL | 03-16-15, 10:11 PM
damn u no longer active on mAL T_T

KurizenT | 03-13-15, 10:06 AM
Oh I see lol! I want to live in your country now lol! In our place is full of chaos XDD!

LOL! My brain was now was look like Jimmy Neutron XDDD!
I think my niece was just playing Minecraft for now XD!
Yeah, she didn't release a new song :( I think Avril has a sick :((
I think it looks like everybody wasn't release a song much right now. I just only see Taylor Swift's new songs right now XD!
Oh Perfect was a good song :D
LOL! I think it was a hot site XDD But YT wasn't clean anymore and too late to make it clean XD! Yeah, you're right and I think little kids nowadays was more hyper and stubborn XD

LOL! I don't know for it since there's so many interesting anime in Spring Season and High School DxD is one of them :3 XDD! Have you seen that anime? XDD! Maybe I'll give it a try how about you? :3
K-On is good too. I just disliked Hyouka because I don't think it was a mystery anime, it's more on slice of life stuff and maybe I get sleepy watching it :( XDD!
Yeah, and lol! Lucky band members but then they got banned afterwards XD! Yeah, I know that XDDDD! Hirano Aya was really beautiful :)
My Japanese Crush was the one with the vocalist of Stereopony (which is now disbanded) :( XD
Oh you meant the Top 50 OP? Oh that was the compilation of anime openings that was released in Winter 2015. He only ranks openings by season and by year. XD
Yeah, same here that really makes me feel nostalgic too but dunno what should I feel right now about the original series and Brotherhood series. XD
Yeah the one with Aldnoah Zero, she is really good singer :)
I'm not into Jojo's opening XD! While the other one was really good! :)
What you think of these two songs? XDDD!
I think the valentine's day was more erotic than before lol! XD Meanwhile, in our place many couple gets excite to watch that movie and when they watch they end up in disappointment because of those censored lol! XDDD! LOL! I think they will feel the greatness of rough sex XDD! On the otherhand, I think there's someone died because of that thing if you heard that news (I think it was a high school student) XD
My eldest sister is 26 while my second sister is 21. How about you do you have a sister? XDD!
I rarely let someone borrow my laptop because I copy the links and paste it in notepad if I find the video interesting XDDDDD! Most of them are save in my desktop XDDD!
HAHA! Yeah, it was really great! and thanks man! my risk was getting decrease XDDDD!
LOL! Why it makes you discourage? (Well, one year was just fast)

I see. Well, I follow you there!
I find it hard to use that site that's why I used MAL once again XDD!

KurizenT | 03-08-15, 7:09 AM
Yeah, exactly 9.7M was a little bit differ in 100M XDDD! Is your place using decimal comma instead of decimal point? XD

LOL! Should I work out my brain and my mind for the sake of heavy subject? XDD!
I'm pretty sure she can't do that thing since her mother (my cousin) was strict XD!
Yeah, and until now she doesn't get old but I wonder where she is right now :( XD!
I also like Westlife and Backstreet Boys too! How did I forgot them XD! Maybe for Simple Plan.
LOL! Sadly, but Youtube can be a porn site now :(( XDDD! Mine, my laptop got collapsed when I open that thing XD
I didn't know that site but thanks for that XD LOL! XD!

Yeah! I know I was just riding your joke XDD! I see, what was that PS3 game? :D
I've used to like KyoAni because of Clannad, FMP and Haruhi Series but their current anime was full of moe things :(
Yeah, same here I think the possible reason was because you know she sucks her bandmates and maybe her throat got affected LOL! XDDDDDD! That's why her voice got changed XDDDD!
LOL! Maybe I won't watch that series since I'm not a fan of baseball :D
All OP and ED of FMA and FMA Brotherhood was amazing!! :) But my favorite is what I share to you before. XD!
Btw, let's get back to Eir Aoi here is her latest single
Yeah, Madhouse was awesome studio :))
I see. Too good you enjoy that game XD! Anyway, I'm going to look up in that game.
I think it gross almost 500M US dollars XD! It would be obvious that I do something if I go lock the door because my parents was almost like a detective and also my two sisters XDD!
I haven't use incognito at all. LOL! (Maybe I follow this one whenever I'm alone XDD!)
I'm at Episode 525 and I stopped because the pace was getting slower :( I'll read the manga instead. XD Maybe I'll continue watching HxH instead than watching One Piece.
That's great!! good luck for that! XD! (Btw, if you watch 2 episodes a day maybe you'll get at latest episode almost around one year, 4 episodes a day almost half year)

Btw, you have HB Account?

KurizenT | 03-04-15, 4:10 AM
I wonder how's your population in Sweden? XD In here, it's more than 100M :(

Yeah, but now school kill me because of those heavy subjects :( XD
LOL! Yeah, I hope so but I'm pretty sure she doesn't get naked while dancing that XD!
When I was younger, I only know "This Love" and I think I'm a big fan of Avril Lavigne and Linkin Park during that time. XD
Yeah, it's really a nice vibe although that wedding scene was fake but it's still cool though.
I know what you meant there"if others find it good" XDD!
HAHA! I see I see. XDD!

LOL! That's great XD! So how was sending an application to be one of her bandmates? XDDD! I don't know if that series would get continued before that scandal happen. If that's the case, Fairy Tail should be discontinued because of her LOL XDD!
But I think she's voicing the weird-creature in Parasyte lol!
Yeah, agree I hope you enjoy watching it. Maybe you can start at Top 20 until it gets to top. XD!
Yeah, I've heard of it. It's really amazing song.
LOL! Yeah, that's make me mad with lots of seasons. Like Major (had 6 seasons) :( but I think that anime was lacks popularity.
Yeah, Hajime no Ippo was really good and intense since it's made by Madhouse. XD
LOL! I see I understand. XD
I think it's better if some porn studios will handle that movie XD! Maybe I will wait for it in Torrent XDD! Lots of censored here so I decided to not to watch in theater. LOL! Yeah, true since it was free! but not safe (if your parents was watching you what you do in laptop) XDDDD!
Yeah, that's the reason why GT was lame and also his granddaughter makes it more horrible. :(
LOL! What did you mean for this one "How far ahead is it from where you are?" XDD!
Yeah, One Piece was an masterpiece anime. Together with HxH and Fairy Tail XDD

Lyfa | 03-01-15, 6:40 AM
They got their act together, and I reply a month late... bad me :>>>

That was history, but I finished the first half of history alrdy a few days after I wrote that comment, now doing social studies which is LAAAAAAAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.... ;___;.
Dahm them, their life will be so easy!!>:) Getting sidetracked is way to easy, I expiere it to, especially as I study in front of my comp screen (what can I do, the compscreen is on my desk X'DDD).... last time I went like "picks studymaterial" "annoyed by it" "looks at comp screen" "picks up the studymaterial, throws it on bed and starts anime" X'DDD
That I can't deny, overwhelming as in all the codes and stuff to learn?
Oh I haven't played GWII for 3 months or so now, I got a little bit bored x.x

KurizenT | 02-21-15, 9:31 AM
I was planned to get there but I'm not really good at crowds :(( XD

LOL! Yeah, I want to go back at those times (grade school days :(( )
Don't worry she's 12 years old (That's my oldest niece so far XD). I think Moves Like Jagger makes Maroon 5 comeback in being popular in industry.
Well, One More Night was my favorite song for that band XD (Here's they're new single)
But I think Anaconda faded faster in charts. XD
I see I see. I haven't being updated in some Japanese music that was outside anime industry. XD

I see. Well, that's the same thing with Aya Hirano (voice actress of Lucy Heartifilia) but in worse way because she had sex with her bandmates so that's why she get banned of being voice actress but still she still seiyuu if Lucy. XD
Well, I've used in that thing but I stopped when I found this user who we're almost have same thoughts in anime music lol XD (This is his latest work so far)
I like it it was relaxing song. Try this one:
I think the new sport anime was best and finest like KnB and Haikyuu!. I watched Hajime no Ippo in our local channel as well but I haven't been catch up in second and third season of that series.
Eh why is that? Maybe you prefer Dota 2. I could say Dota 2 was better than LoL but I really find hard to play Dota 2. XD
LOL! Yeah, Agree sex everywhere in drama, music, games and even in anime, movies. Hmm.. movies like 50 shades of grey. Have you seen that movie? XDD (Damn.. it was censored here T.T)
Yeah, he will be like that forever XD! Forever loser HAHA! XDD!
Yeah, the first series and Z was good but GT was really lame. So if you plan watching Dragon Ball maybe you can skipped the GT part. XDD!
I also get more lost hope in Detective Conan as well. XD Yeah, One Piece was the best longest airing anime ever! XD! :)

KurizenT | 02-07-15, 1:12 AM
LOL! Don't blame Pope Francis just blame the crowds. I think the total crowds was about 7 million. XD

Yeah, I have it before I think it was almost 8 years ago. I think that year "2007" was my relaxing year XD because I rarely go to school during those times XDD! Dunno how did I passed maybe it was just a miracle lol!
Same here and I was totally surprised. My niece was trying to imitating the dance steps :(( You're right! Even here, many people wanted to know what happening in video than in music. Well, I think the new single by Maroon 5 (forgot the title) the one with wedding scenes was one of the best music video that I've seen so far.
LOL! If Wrecking Ball was soft how about Anaconda? XDD! Didn't know why Anaconda was not explicit video XDD
Me too, since there's no FM Radio in my phone and it's too hard to put songs as well :((

Yeah, I know that news I think she break some rules in AKB48 that's why she shaved her hair and I think she leave and she returned afterwards. XD
Not sure if I like Sirius and Sanbika but it's fine. XD
Not yet but I will watch it. I don't watch ongoing anime anymore. I'm just only updated in anime songs. XD Yeah, I've heard a lot of good things of it too :)
Yeah, I've finished the first two seasons. Agree! All of the Kuroko no Basket Openings are good! :D Anyway, this one was the latest opening. (But this one would be my most favorite KnB OP) You must watch it it's great show. XD
Any plans of playing LoL? XD
LOL! Don't worry, I have dirty mind too. I think having a dirty mind was normal nowadays. XD
Yeah, I think that would be impossible to achieve that goal if he didn't catch any legendary Pokemon XD and not only that he was immortal since he was still 10 years old :O Yeah, it just happen that it was airing in our local channel until now. But I'm hopeless at Bleach and Naruto. Maybe I'll keep trying to catch up in One Piece. Don't give up man you need some motivation for that. XDD

KurizenT | 01-31-15, 2:18 AM
Well, I'm almost stocked in the city because of that crowds XD

Yeah, that's really weird band name
Unless if those people had use to have chicken pox. I think you can only have that disease once? XD! Have you ever experience to have that disease?
Yeah, I laughed hard when I first time watched the video. It was really worse than Wrecking Ball XD But too good there are some better Western Songs who beats Anaconda XDD!

Yeah, I haven't heard about it but there are good. I think the most popular idol was AKB48. That's the only J-Idol I know much XD
I know that song I like her latest song which is Genesis (A/Z 2 ED) but Ignite and Innocence was really one of her best songs.
Btw, although this song was not fit in the show. The song was really good (kinda like electropop)
Yeah, that includes me :)
I started playing League of Legends (still newbie :(( ). Also Clash of Clans (most popular games) and Minecraft (kinda hard to DL this in Iphone) XD! I only play games when I have vacant time. I don't play any RPG Game right now.
LOL! I didn't know where did we start talking about shaft as penis! XDD!
Well, that's also the same thing I guess for Pokemon but more in childish ways. XD Going to gym and what I hate the most in Pokemon anime that Ash Ketchum didn't catch any legendary Pokemon :(( I've watched Dragon Ball almost 10 times in television since it's airing in our local channel even Slam Dunk and Yuyu Hakusho. Right now I'm just only choose anime with 10-26 episodes only XDD

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