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04-18-11, 4:38 PM
October 30, 2009
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About Tibbers
My name is Adam, I am 18 years old, I used to watch Anime when I was younger. I read some Manga but didn't watch a lot of anime as I didnt have many sources for anime. Last year, some students in my school decided to create the A.C.S.O.S. Brigade where we get together and watch anime, since then I have began watching more Anime than I have in the past 5 years

I am also an avid Yu-Gi-Oh player and captain of our team of friends, Team SWL!

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Suzune-chan | 08-05-10, 3:03 PM

DarkerThanDante | 03-23-10, 5:49 PM
Thank you kind sir :D

DarkerThanDante | 03-11-10, 7:30 PM
Nice, hopefully I will see you there, I am hoping to get into iSci, but don't find out till May >.<

DarkerThanDante | 03-02-10, 8:01 PM
I haven't been on in so long! and you disappeared! Whats up?

DarkerThanDante | 03-02-10, 7:58 PM

HunterXDante | 01-02-10, 7:05 PM
If you think Rider is hot now just wait till you see her without her eye guards.

DarkerThanDante | 12-25-09, 11:09 AM
Understandable XD
Still, shounen are all just a little to repetitive for me, I like them, but I need to be in the mood

DarkerThanDante | 12-22-09, 2:56 PM
That is also pitiful!!!! :P

DarkerThanDante | 12-17-09, 7:55 PM
Your name is pitiful mortal :P

Tibbers | 12-17-09, 7:21 PM
has found the hotness that is Rider lol

jennidot | 11-08-09, 5:37 PM
FIRST TO POST!!! lol its jenna by the way ;p

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