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05-21-15, 7:47 PM
April 28, 2012
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About Tiamat26
So like most people here I love Anime. I have managed to watch different genre of anime but thus far I like the fluff high school genre the best.

About me now; I live in North America and I enjoy some outdoor activites but during those cold months its just nice to sit down and enjoy an anime series and devour it up in 2 nights. I am taking Japanese classes as well to get more of an appreciation of the spoken language.

I love to draw, build things reno my home to make it even more livable. I have 2 cats Ti-Loup and Kali. Built them a cat tree that goes from floor to ceiling... They love it.

My ranking system on here is a little different then what it is intended to be. I score on the value of 100 and not 10. I usually explain my score as well. So if you click on a more section in my Anime list you will see a description of what I watched and some not all have the score there as well with an explanation. I do try and warn as well when I put things that could be considered a spoiler.

Here are a few of my favorite Anime's thus far

[img] [/img][img] [/img][img] [/img]

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Shirt | 05-20-15, 11:04 PM
No, I'm in just fine. Noticed the new FB option alternative. That's cool. By the way it's 2AM Eastern Time

goldenhawk114 | 05-14-15, 5:03 PM
Ya, I see that, our ratings and what we watch are really close. I hope Shinmai Maou No Testament Burst Second Season is really good. The first season was pretty good. I also hope Sword Art Online Season 3 is really good.. DxD was really good, hope the third season is too..

Same, if you feel like talking let me know. You should let me know if there are any good animes. Kinda crunched(watched a ton).


TailBlack | 04-29-15, 8:48 PM

Shirt | 04-29-13, 2:54 PM
Not a problem! Just go with the flow~ My name on MFC it the same, yes. iTheShirt. I'm trying to stay consistent with my gamertag across networks now. ^^; Makes things easier.

Oh and just to slip one in, Hataraku Maou-sama is incredibly funny. The first episode will have you in tears. ESPECIALLY if you are a fan of JRPGs.

Shirt | 04-15-13, 11:14 PM
-Sees Attia's post about Tsukune in the manga. Has the same reaction as a Maury Show-

Lol oh my god what a mess they did to him! Oh boy.. Well anyway, hey this is Shirt from MFC! So cool to meet people across social networks. Haha you also do a lot of the same things I do. I love to draw too! I'm actually taking lessons from a professional artist that works for Top ow Entertainment. He works on the WitchBlade series! There's an Easter egg in one of the recent issues too. It's hilarious. He pointed it out to me when he was drawing the inked layer in Photoshop and I cringed. Funny story! XD

I'm also trying to learn Japanese. It's funny, I think these hobbies go hand in hand when you watch anime. Lmao

Oh I do. Think I mentioned it in my MFC comment on your blog but I've also been watch anime for a very long time. Oldest series I know and the firsts for me were Rurouni Kenshin, Big O, Trigun, and I got some Yugi In there too. Haha Now I've got a lot of shows under my belt and a better understanding of what's cliche and what I will enjoy. Ill definitely come back and recommend something good to you if you have space for a new show to marathon in your day. 8D

By the way do you keep up with new shows airing this season or last?or rather do you even know about season lineups?

Tenrag | 02-13-13, 6:12 AM
It's just Miku and Luka kissing (motive from the song: "Magnet").
And yeah, I get questioned about my avatar a lot.
If you like my favourites, feel free to recommend me something.

Terminatez | 02-08-13, 12:37 AM
You need to watch Planetes.

Terminatez | 01-18-13, 5:39 PM
I watched toradora.. it was good ty

Attia | 12-29-12, 5:28 AM
Thanks. ^_^

I hope there will be a Sekirei 3 as well. I don't keep up with the manga, but it's serialized monthly, so I'm not sure if there is enough source material for a sequel yet.

As for R+V, I'd rather have a re-boot, like FMA: Brotherhood, than a Capu3 (handled by the same studio) or something of the sort. The anime adaptation wasn't really faithful to the manga at all and too many things were left out. Not to mention that the anime made Tsukune lame as hell when he's a fuckin' BO$$ in the manga.

For example...

Anime version of Tsukune:

Manga version of Tsukune:

They dun goofed.

EtherealWhisper | 12-24-12, 11:05 PM
Oh no I don't have a portfolio. I draw here and there.
But I am thinking of making one in the future.
You have me curious now. Haha. May I have a link to your PB?

And oh sure thing, I'll send you a message.

Sarahtoga104 | 12-24-12, 11:06 AM
I have been meaning to put comments on my animes but there are so many that I have seen over the years that it is going to take forever and has been deterring me from the task. Though I will do it eventually.

Also as I said before ecchi are my guilty pleasures and I actually really enjoyed High School D x D despite it being pretty damn close to hentai but then again I have also seen hentai though I do not put those on my list cause I watch hentai more of the hilarity value than anything else hentai is best when it's poorly dubbed. But yeah I like High School D x D and gladly await the second season.

Also yeah Usagi Drop I have been meaning to watch it just kept forgetting to add it to my plan to watch I like a lot of genres so I really don't mind watching anything but I'll add it now ^^U

Also a Merry Christmas to you too :)

fanatrick | 12-15-12, 7:26 PM

Funny because both my forum and my profile avatar IS Aisaka Taiga haha! It's a fanart, and maybe the chest size is confusing you hahaha xD

Yep, she's one of those special characters whose character development in the series appealed to me really much, which doesn't happen much. Last 3 or 4 months I've been into slice of life, school life, romance anime, so I've pretty much watched all the series that had a tsundere heroine like Shakugan no Shana, Toradora and Zero no Tsukaima like you mentioned. I've personally liked Toradora the most out of the three.

I'd really appreciate if you could recommend any other anime of the same type, I'll do the same as soon as I find something as well :D

Btw, maybe you'd enjoy "Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun". It's currently running and I like it very much ;)

DeuxNyx | 11-29-12, 12:52 PM
^-^ Hurry another friend with the love of ecchi. Sorry, I don't think the neko is from a manga.

I also have a love for neko girls! I think they are adorable and I want to just cuddle with them.

I don't really collect figurines right now, cause I don't have much money on me. So I stick with buying animes and mangas. Though thanks for the info, I love Rias!

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