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01-10-12, 1:09 PM
September 29, 1990
uk, kent
February 24, 2008
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Hi evrey one nice to meat you pleas feal free to coment and we can get talking about aneything you like.

pleas read my blog i will post as much as i can.

love u my sexey babs miss u.....x.horo.

Haw i see myself.

My dream life and the man i wish i was

My Cute and dapy cat

My sexey motorbike

so i have just started gowing to west kent collige yay :'( lol its all good for a laugh lol iam on a Vehicle Technology BTEC National cource.

so this litle bit is about me and who i am...well iall i can say is that i love to sit in my pc cheair with my feat on my sub whaching anime on my 32" wide scren in HD and thats....ow and my bike lol i love my SV650 super sports bike i spend my free time (time when iam not at collige / work / party's / whaching anime) working on it and just to be me i named it "HORO".

so yep thats me for naw will see what elce i can think of lol :D

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My frends bike
11-26-08, 10:50 AM Edited 11-26-08, 10:51 AM
The bandit pics i promised you
11-26-08, 10:45 AM
more work
11-26-08, 4:48 AM Edited 11-26-08, 10:21 AM

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neenee | 12-17-08, 4:02 PM
you dont like to talk much do you?

18thAngel_GS | 12-10-08, 6:06 PM
This world is favored by the darkness and evil....its has become unbalanced and must be fixed...

Dramaqueenyay | 12-10-08, 8:48 AM
great encouragement dude thanks


hanyou-chan | 12-10-08, 8:06 AM
can i have more?

hanyou-chan | 12-10-08, 8:05 AM
no it's embarassing! my friends laugh at me!!!!!

18thAngel_GS | 12-08-08, 2:32 PM
In a balanced world, all can exist. Gray is naturally balanced, so only in a world of light and dark can gray exist, along with all shades of color and energy.

Dramaqueenyay | 12-08-08, 8:24 AM
well i got two more weeks of mocks


hanyou-chan | 12-06-08, 3:03 AM
can you post me another pic of the cat? he's so cute!

i get told i argue with anime characters in my sleep....

Dramaqueenyay | 12-04-08, 8:10 AM
doing my mocks!


hanyou-chan | 12-02-08, 10:29 AM
awwwwwww! what's his name?

yep it was fun. my friend was sleeptalking!

hanyou-chan | 11-29-08, 5:05 PM
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! is it yours?
night night! sweet dreams!

hanyou-chan | 11-29-08, 4:51 PM
go to bed now wolf-kun!
iy won't be good to turn up knackered. we can drink tomorrow then

hanyou-chan | 11-29-08, 4:35 PM
don't be like that!
um..... let's party!
*breaks out booze*

hanyou-chan | 11-29-08, 4:18 PM
wow, well i'm at a sleepover

hanyou-chan | 11-29-08, 3:55 PM
well one day, god knows when, i'll be a famous writer and everyone can read them

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