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07-20-14, 10:08 AM
April 15, 1992
Russia, Nizhnyi Novgorod
March 16, 2012
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About Tevkr
My specialty is about IT and physics, but I have a lot of interests different from this field. History, philosophy, studying various cultures, arts and especially literature - I pay them attention almost equally. But to be honest, I don’t even read many books that many people think as must-to-read, so I ask of your indulgence and understatement. Learning is my passion so I will always be grateful if someone will try to explain or just point out my mistakes ^_^ For most cases I listen people and try to understand them, so there is no need for silence, if you want to say something.

I'm learning Japanese language and hoping to read ranobe and watch anime without "brilliant" translations. I'm quite interested in Japanese culture and history especially Sengoku period or Bosin war (right before Meiji Restoration). But I don't see Japan as ideal country as it has a lot of problems and social difficulties.

I find anime interesting because of influence of Japanese storytelling tradition where characters are main key of the story. It's approach to characters are less analytical and rational in comparison to modern Western culture. This is crucial for me as I prefer smart humane characters with wide range of emotions. I favor manipulative and strong willed characters over simpletons who wins only because of friends, moral superiority or some unique omnipotent power. I generally dislike shounen type of heroes and shounen genre itself.

Neither do I like piles of hidden meaning and symbols. For me unraveling them is just mind game which doesn't worth the time. And I also don't like modern detectives there you just can't figure out murderer from the beginning simply because of lack of information. And generally I just don't like then author hiding important information from audience only to heighten suspense or attract attention.

In short, my criteria for anime:
1) It should have naturalistic characters closer to real humans as possible. Huge plus if characters are changing as plot develops.
2) Focus on characters and their actions, not symbols. Huge plus if ideas are shown through characters actions. Huge minus if character are determined by this one idea (see 1).
3) Audience attention control techniques should be kept to minimum. I won't watch the show just to figure out who's the killer or villain or what would be next.
Just three criteria, lol. But they are quite difficult to match.

For now, these criteria matched by:
1) "Spice and Wolf". Absolute winner.
2) "Dantalion no Shoka". Well, almost ideal, but I likes its focus on literature =3

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Spacenoid | 01-18-14, 4:22 AM
Perhaps you’re not too familiar with the dystopian genre, because Psycho-Pass is textbook dystopia — and a rather interesting one at that. It just fails to make proper use of its setting… Just because Psycho Pass doesn't feature totalitarianism like others doesn't make it post cyberpunk, because thats a whole different genre. Totalitarianism is only one characteristic of a dystopian society, and PP is clearly totalitarian in its nature as well, it doesn't take it to the extreme as much as 1984, but both worlds have a system which rely on surveillance.

Raptor1221 | 11-25-13, 1:18 PM
It more alludes to it in its gags from time to time and the charcater names usually are based off historical figures and its meant to be that the "amanto" are westerners. Also SAO simply shows whats its talking about and states its Morales. It doesn't really develop or symbolize anything that much. Its fun at times, but "deep" no. For a modern literary example its similar to "the hunger games" not that good not that deep states its social commentary, but does little to actually back it up as the series goes on. Then we move over to say " The life of pie", It alludes to the deeper meaning early, then developed it with allusion symbolism and the meaning behind every action. Back to anime I could tell you the meaning behind nearly every action in madoka, all of it has a purpose, pane over to SAO, what is the reason for the random darting game episode? They started a very unrealistic romance that simply is too simple they "try" to be deep by presenting these, but its not only stating them I wish them to be shown in a way to make one think.

Raptor1221 | 11-23-13, 11:16 PM
It could have explored them in a better way, fro both psycho and SAO psycho just stated its Morales and Sao was not very mature and left all its good direction in the first episodes for mediocre cliche fantasy in a mmo.

Raptor1221 | 11-20-13, 7:30 PM
Thats the problem with SA tis nothing deeper than what they show or say. 2nd part was a joke. 1st was ok starts off interesting, but the characters simply repeat themselves Asuna turns common tsundere and kirito is in a online dating game for a good part wiht a girl of the week and too badass, + plot holes.... It has its moments of good but really mostly in the 1st 3 episodes.

Raptor1221 | 11-19-13, 5:10 PM
What your stating is you prefer a human story, there are plenty better at than SAO I can assure you. There is Gintama (long as all hell but worth first 30 episodes meh), Mushishi which you are watching. monster, cowboy Beebop, the list goes on. But stated as conceptual Madoka is superior to SAO, not intended to be human. but without its MMO aspects it simply is meh, (whats with all the tech story love? Lian, SAO, Log?)

Raptor1221 | 11-17-13, 6:40 AM
Ik im not saying your taste, just stating my own. I seriously do not see how SAO pertains to classic methods.

Raptor1221 | 11-13-13, 6:12 AM
and no not all drama requires Human characters, something such as the crucible which uses drama as a way to use 1 to 2 dimensional characters to tell a social commentary. And madoka can be interpenetrated in so many ways... I srsly don't think you payed attention... all the art the facial expressions and music is geared to fill in the pieces of the motivations of each character, its more beautiful than anything else.

Raptor1221 | 11-13-13, 6:06 AM
Wait...... what? Madoka is the one with the abstract version of story telling. Its the one that uses 1 to 2 dimensional characters who represent concepts to tell a deconstruction.... SAO is just a simple story told with no symbolism or foreshadowing to back up such a story. Please read my short analysis of madoka above my comments if you need any clarification do not hesitate to ask. (srlsy your comparing the Hunger Games(meh, mediocre) to the Life of Pi here son(symbolic and meaning full)....
But for an example Homura is the concepts of determination and hopelessness in the end shes facing a witch of total despair, it rotates itself and objects around it on and on. Its in the guise of a harlequin at the head of a phantasmal circus it taunts her very efforts as she goes on and on.... OR In a labyrinth come to save a friend, a the Little Mermiad knight sits in its hall listening to songs of sorrows and hears no one but her own despair.

Raptor1221 | 11-06-13, 10:38 PM
By literary, I meant my general tops have a flair for the literary, IE: all in top 5 but Gintama. The stuff after is my general philosophy for rating media of all types. But SAO tries to be drama and is reflected in the source material at which the anime is generally considered is an inferior presentation. I do not consider SAO to be drama, but it does try to be dramatic and also romantic, for the latter, it even tries to by as such even by the site tag, at which SAO was completely a failure as a romance IMHO.

Raptor1221 | 11-05-13, 3:20 PM
True i feel the opposite too many shows still state too much. I'm more of a literary person and my tastes reflect that. I try to look for what a show is trying to do and then judge it on that. I enjoy picking apart shows for a deeper meanning ,but i do also want it to be entertaining. Yet, my greatest pet peeve is when a show does something such as try to be sad and fails in all categories just to "try it" such as SAO the early episodes feints some drama but then just goes to MMORPG death game shenanigans. I truly try to enjoy the best of every genre and thus generally enjoy as such, though my favorites lean to literary in the tops i do enjoy randomness and fun with it. On the subject with characters i never get attached i personally believe that characters are simply for use to tell the plot by the author , if its a human plot use human style character, but for deconstructions and commentaries use conceptual characters.

Raptor1221 | 11-04-13, 10:37 PM
But you rejected so many shows with meaning for cliche shows with easy meaning that is simply stated (though lain is nice and spice is pretty good) albeit Baccano is not by any means deep but more complex and enjoyable colorful cast and truly lived up to its title of "noise". I did like the central message and concept of ah no, but its a rather stereotypical main with fairly predicable direction , i did like Mephisto. But as you want more shows you'll find (i hope) true depth is never simply stated something truly deep is something that makes you think as to what it means, every story has its own truths you just need to find them, but the most shallow are whom show there truth with words and not actions. (great example is madoka more than a more dark magical girl show(have something to explain on my profile above comments.) But srsly im approachable, just have and objects or questions please do not hesitate to reply :D.

Raptor1221 | 11-04-13, 3:39 PM
not trying to be an ass ,but im just kinda...

Raptor1221 | 11-04-13, 3:17 PM
I dont even... Ao no exorcist... 9 baccano 6 GG

roriconfan | 05-22-13, 7:34 AM
Guess what, I grew up in the 80s and the 90s so to me SIGN makes far more sense

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