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Favorite Anime
Clannad: After Story
Clannad: After Story add
Mushishi add
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex add
Shinsekai yori
Shinsekai yori add
Uchuu Kyoudai
Uchuu Kyoudai add

Favorite Manga
Oyasumi Punpun
Oyasumi Punpun add
Koe no Katachi
Koe no Katachi add
Akumetsu add
Usagi Drop
Usagi Drop add
Deadman Wonderland
Deadman Wonderland add

Favorite Characters
Okazaki, Tomoya
Aizawa, Yuuichi
Okabe, Rintarou
Yonsa, Balsa
Furukawa, Akio
Sakata, Gintoki

Favorite People
Ishihara, Tatsuya
Ishihara, Tatsuya
Nakamura, Yutaka
Nakamura, Yutaka
Takemoto, Yasuhiro
Takemoto, Yasuhiro
Kamiyama, Kenji
Kamiyama, Kenji
Yuasa, Masaaki
Yuasa, Masaaki
Anno, Hideaki
Anno, Hideaki

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About Tenshouzan
I'm your typical basement-dwelling mouth-breathing neckbeard who gets a laugh out of just about anything. You may have noticed that my anime rating scale is a little...generous. I could write for hours to justify why I rate the way I do. I could explain how I rate and weight certain categories, how even this simple rating scale I use has contradictions that stem from its dichotomies, as well as the semantics of the words associated with each numerical score (e.g. the definition of "masterpiece", etc.) and their variation from person to person. But to save your time (and mine) I'll explain it in the shortest way possible.

I simply prefer being an enthusiast to being a critic. I like to use the phrase "enthusiasts simply have more fun" to put things succinctly.

And while it's possible that I may be capable of a halfway decent critique, I'm not really interested in writing reviews. I actually have the tendency to be hypercritical when watching anime, ironically. (Just ask the people on my friends list.) My intentions are to bring to light a form of art that, through its increasing ubiquity, is often taken for granted despite the fact that it is just as labor intensive as it was during its genesis. Being an animator is not a high paying job, even Disney himself struggled with debt and bankruptcy all his life despite his popularity. It is something pursued out of a love for the art and born of creativity. In this sense, my rating scale gives credit to those works that show that creative ambition, while still acknowledging the hard work that goes into shows that may have lacked satisfactory execution.

My suggestion to those who would like to foster greater appreciation for animation is to go and watch some behind-the-scenes of your favorite shows. It's a good opportunity to learn how things work as well as get a feel for how labor-intensive the process actually is. I can guarantee that in doing this watching anime becomes even more enjoyable. There are quite a few on YouTube in addition to the ones often located in the special features section of DVD's and BD's.

I've also compiled a few writings from reliable sources for those interested in learning about what happens during the production process. If you write reviews or intend to write reviews in the future this knowledge is essential.

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syshim | 11-16-13, 6:52 AM
Thanks for the criticism. I guess I tried to keep 'detail' on a minimum because I don't want to spoil anything for any possible viewers. It might be a moot point, but I really don't want to spoil anyone haha. I thought I did give some good examples for why I think any given area was held down, I also don't think I restated things too much haha. Referring to its acclaim was a good way to start it off in my opinion. Yes, I do think Clannad is held down by its acclaim, just letting any readers know that. Thanks for actually telling me why you had problems with the review, but I think you were knit-picking a little because it seems After Story is one of your favorites. I wonder, why did you give Clannad and After Story a 10? Just want to know, I'm curious as to what makes them 'masterpieces'.

Lockensocke | 11-13-13, 11:42 AM
Thx for letting me know. Very much appreciated :)

spritefan2 | 10-23-13, 12:04 AM
Yep! You said it much better, that's exactly what I was trying to explain. Concept-wise, Chapman is so good. Building up technical skills, could be better. Ya know what I mean.

And CalArts is the main specialty school I know about. Didn't know they're closing down their 2D department, that's really sad :(. But uh, School of Visual Arts (in New York) also does some great stuff from what I've seen. Idk what their graduate program is like though.

spritefan2 | 10-20-13, 2:18 AM
Oh what?! It's against the guidelines? They should lock the option to even post a review while it's airing haha. Thanks for letting me know. If that's the case, I guess it'll be taken down. I have the file of it saved somewhere though, and hopefully I'll remember to review it. I spent a while typing it up, and was totally done with working on it once I got to the end. I don't know enough about this community I guess, I'll be sure to condense it in the future. Thanks again for the tip.

And for the school I'm going to, I go to Chapman University (in southern California). I'm not too sure whether or not I'd recommend it, because it really depends what you're looking to get out of it.
If you're looking for teachers to really build up and improve your art/animation skills... Chapman isn't the place for you. The teachers that teach you how to do the actual production of an animation are really average. You do learn a lot though and you become really well-rounded here. But when it comes to the pre-production (the planning of an animation), there is 1 OUTSTANDING professor who teaches here, and that's Bill Kroyer. He has so much knowledge and experience with the industry, he even has directed a film before (Fern Gully). Also he has tons of connections to people and big studios around here, he's friends with everyone.
With Chapman getting to know Bill is definitely the best thing that comes from it. All that story-telling knowledge I went on about in the review is directly from one of his classes. That class taught me so much more than what I was previously aware of. It was completely enlightening to me. Unfortunately, he only teaches a history of animation class, a story-telling class, and three semesters of Senior Thesis. (I'm excited to start doing those Senior Thesis classes next semester so much more to learn!)
So yeah, Chapman isn't too good, when it comes to learning a single skill that will land you a job. But, you do become very well-rounded and really understand every bit of how things work.

Amberleh | 01-03-13, 6:44 PM
For the Otaku Art Club?

I'd love to, but if you look on the club officer roster I was demoted because Sadame didn't like how much people liked my contest compared to hers. She told me I wasn't allowed to start anything without her permission (despite the fact that blue-star asked me to start the contest) and made it so I have access to pretty much nothing in the club. I wish I could say she had a better reason, but that really is it. Despite how many people I brought in and how much enthusiasm I got going for the contests, she couldn't handle the fact that she didn't have 100% control or 100% of the attention. So I'm just not going to do anything there anymore because it isn't worth arguing with a 14 year old girl with confidence issues. =/

I suggest coming over to 'Drawing Contests".
Many of the same people from the other club are there and they hold contests as well, as the name would suggest. I'm an admin over there too. =)

austin_4e | 12-09-12, 9:23 PM
Thanks once again and I will definitely be trying to deliver more in the future and refine my reviewing technique as much as I can.

My plan is to try and review every anime I finish watching from now on (and shortly after so I keep it fresh in my head). Of course being a busy college student this might not always be the case, but I can at least try. However, with how much I rely on this site now to manage my ever-expanding backlog it shouldn't be too hard to keep up on this trend.

Just keep on the look out for any new reviews, and I appreciate feedback of any kind! Especially correcting factual errors like that slip-up in my Clannad review.

austin_4e | 12-09-12, 9:48 AM
Thanks a lot for this and I'll be sure to edit that bit about Key and add KyoAni.

I try my best, but I'm not by any means an expert on animation, I just try my best to be as thorough as possible when I'm reviewing it. Basically it's easy for me to overlook a lot of details because I'm not always 100% sure what I'm going to write about until I'm actually writing the review. I'll try to keep motion in mind for future reviews.

It's great to hear some real constructive feedback, so thanks again!

budaki | 09-10-12, 9:48 PM
Well looks like your right, sorry about that. Thanks for correcting me I still have a lot to learn about the manga/anime world. I change them to say the stories were created by the same writer. I hope im correct in saying that

budaki | 09-10-12, 9:34 PM
Im not saying your wrong because your probably right but im pretty sure the when i watch both of them the first thing on screen Key/arts or studios. Ill look into it though. Im not very knowledgeable about the companies and such. I should probably learn though.

boating92 | 08-24-12, 12:34 PM
Oh god the baseball episode. All the things they could've explored within that anime and they decided to do a baseball episode.

boating92 | 08-23-12, 10:10 PM
Okay, accepted, but it does seem like the show was pumped full of characters and cliches to make it sell to the 'high school anime' demographic.

The fight scenes seemed like their attempt to make the audience think ''Oh yeah awesome fight scene'' when in reality they were just poor and could've been drastically improved to make them worthwhile or just cut.

Sadame-tan | 08-15-12, 2:55 PM
Congratulations! you won 1st place in the 3rd contest in otaku art club!
here is your winners banner

ianknight180 | 08-14-12, 10:04 AM
WOW i love the picture that you drew for the competition
Here -
It's Really amazing!!!! I'm sure your going to win FOR SURE XD
CAN you tell me your secret to drawing such an amazing Picture???
Please ^_^ :)

This picture really reminds me that they did something similar in one of the episodes from "Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni!"!

Quote -
medium: Mechanical pencil with mystery graphite (probably 2b), embellished in photoshop
time taken: 33 hours (give or take a few)
Fanart but used a few reference pics"

I've also just read your "About" thing and also checked out your anime list Which Oddly enough
Only Has 10's if my eyes aren't deceiving me. :O

Wow your anime "Time (Days) - 58.5" is nearly 5 times mine
Unfortunately i haven't watched a Massive amount of anime as of this year.
I just can't seem to find the right balance with Life, Hobbies, and Anime yet.
Soo i just chose to take it REALLY slow for the time being until i find a way to make things work out Hopefully soon.

OH WOW you just joined "DeviantArt" TODAY :P
Just wanted to Say " Your an amazing artist" and that you sound like someone that
Acknowledges A LOT of the HARD work and Effort it takes to entertain us viewers. :)

purasle | 07-21-12, 6:53 AM
Ah thanks for that. I guess I shouldn't just write off everything as generic. And I'll go ahead and add stuff about the art and sound.

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