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November 12, 2007
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Zero | 08-28-10, 12:30 AM
Yep, I noticed someone released The Ice Wanderer, still thanks for letting me know. I have not been reading any manga lately except for Bleach and OP so I have yet to read The Ice Wanderer, definitely one of my priorities but I am just not in the mood for anime or manga atm. I have been watching some live-action tv series in my free time and I even tried some comics :D

Farichi | 08-21-10, 9:25 AM
you have an interesting taste .. HolyLand is really good? I read a volume of it, and it was very tantalizing, is the worst manga of this genre.

ralphy0103 | 12-07-09, 1:04 PM
you read A Revolutionist in the Afternoon, Bradharley's Coach, and Coelacanth <3

Excellent profile!

Zero | 09-29-09, 1:34 AM
The Walking Man is a very good manga,judging by your list i definitely recommend you read it,but it's hard to say what makes it so good,also hard to compare it with other manga and say it's similar to them...

There are a few more manga of Taniguchi Jiro available around in english(Harukana Machi-E, Hotel Harbour View) but i was very interested in reading The Summit of the Gods and The Ice Wanderer,both licensed in english,unfortunately neither of this two manga are available at the place where i usually buy my manga :(

Zero | 09-23-09, 1:46 AM
yep,there are only 7 chapters,at the end of ch.7 "the end" appears,i have no idea why here on mal it says it's got 11,also i checked the number of pages it's suppose to have and it matches with the number of pages the 7 ch. version i read has,i am pretty sure it's the complete version.

I just wish more of Taniguchi Jiro's manga would be available in english...

Trie | 09-20-09, 8:14 AM
Haha, nice.

Trie | 09-18-09, 8:58 PM
Hey, is your new profile pic character who I think it is? :3

Trie | 09-13-09, 1:43 PM
I noticed and downloaded episode 120.
They used the crunchyroll subs. I watched the first 5 minutes, there were a few mistakes but it was pretty watchable. It beats streaming the episodes off crunchy at least.

Though a few days ago, Rumbel put up a recruiting post in an effort to get new staff members. If it pulls through I wouldn't mind waiting on their weekly releases, if not then Ill most likely start watching the Horriblesubs.

Trie | 09-03-09, 8:39 PM
Sounds interesting, I enjoy watching slow-paced episodic series from time to time, especially stuff like: Golgo 13, Bartender, or Natsume Yuujinchou. IMO, there aren't enough of them out there.
I think I'll add it to my plan to watch list : J

Trie | 09-02-09, 8:42 PM
Haha I still remember you. Though yeah its been a while.

So how is Master Keaton?
It got me curious since you have it in your Top 5. MAL doesn't have much of a description for it.

Saks_Byenara | 09-02-09, 1:18 PM
Hahaha! Really...a impressive compatibility!! ^^

Zero | 09-02-09, 8:28 AM
*waves back*

so you're watching Votoms! I just finished it last week,very good anime.

sKittle | 05-09-09, 11:33 PM

NOX_Arachne | 01-27-09, 5:38 PM
Funny avatar)) ^_^

Takai | 01-21-09, 4:53 PM
second season of Honey and Clover is even better :P

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