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January 19,
Wandering Purgatory
July 31, 2010
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About Tayau
Just some guy.

Avatar is from Transistor.

I send novel spoilers for Spice & Wolf and Monogatari series to anyone who asks me. Though Mugi probably knows more about Monogatari now.

I don't like serious discussions on this site but if you want to try me give it a shot anyway.

I rate shit based on how I enjoy them. Ain't no bloody critic, not on this site I'm not.

I like almost everything, much love.
-> But I am growing older and finding myself calling bullshit on so many shows. They're nice, but they're not works of art people. Most of the time anyway.

You can find me on steam here.

One love.

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zat-bust | 5 hours ago
close enough.

zat-bust | 9 hours ago
Nice to meet you,

That is some crazy compatibility for both anime and manga.

Therockbro | Yesterday, 3:08 PM
Ey man, is Transistor worth playing? Because I got it for free on my playstation, but I never actually try'd it xD. And since it looks like you're quite the pro gamer, and a fan of Transistor I thought I'd just ask you.

Thanks in advance.

Subpyro | 03-26-15, 6:59 AM
Yeah, I'm aware of that. As said, I never picked the light novel up (and probably won't), so it is nice that you have written the finish up in a short fashion (short is good). I'm familiar with the statistics, how much happens where and such, but thanks for the hint anyway.

Subpyro | 03-26-15, 3:00 AM
Hey, Tayau.

I've read your Spice & Wolf LN ending post back in 2013 or 2014 and have re-read it again. As someone who has completed the two anime seasons but hasn't picked the light novel up, I thank you for sharing it. It's short, but straightforward and covers everything and all satisfactory information that one would be looking for.

You have my appreciation. :)

DragonNikana | 03-01-15, 10:55 AM
For sure.

Yorozuya-no-Yume | 02-27-15, 4:22 PM
Well I guess you like shy girls because you are a guy, while I hate them because I am girl :?

Lol well idk I love villains >:D

Yorozuya-no-Yume | 02-21-15, 8:01 PM
Oh I see, I guess you dislike him, hmm? I mean I know he is a bastard but I love him a lot :3 I often dislike characters who are shy, likeable to characters in anime, ya know like Hinata from Naruto..

succubi | 02-16-15, 3:57 PM
it's nice to meet you as well ^_^ but yeah I listen to alot of kendrick lamar, lil ugly mane, yung lean, wu tang, and nujabes. what about yourself?

Smaster | 02-16-15, 1:40 AM
Yeah pure bestiality and awesome ahegao.
This mystery guy rocks!

Smaster | 02-11-15, 6:54 AM
My pace of watching H did decrease a lot as compared to before. As weird as it may sound I filter mostly oldies...or my Hall of Fame...which I never get tired from watching. Try to watch all Murakami Teruaki releases from 2004+, you won't regret it at all. This guy is such a mystery..his identity is a complete mystery but he made it to my most favorite author..hell yeah. Don't die mystery dude..keep releasing your good stuff. :)

Other than that Mercer, how's life going. I mean Valentine is this week dude!
Go buy some sexy lingerie for your partner, lingerie business works better than roses and chocolate now lol..srsly!

Smaster | 02-06-15, 4:01 AM sure were happy to see her reactions then cause I know what you mean by really dirty ones.
Well if you did watch the recent Hs, you can see the differences as compared to ol story anymore..little discussions and they jump on each other doing it constantly...and this is what we like right :P

Smaster | 01-08-15, 6:19 AM
Ah we all have been through rough years. The good thing is that when we become old we will have interesting stuffs to tell to our grandchildren.
Sure what I can say is Live your life to the fullest until you start working!

I did remove H from this profile because I wanted to make this one look more... respectable.xD
I have another profile for H only now..Smasternoecchi <

Horny girls are everywhere just have to be a brave guy and jump on what I've been saying to myself..*cough*

Yorozuya-no-Yume | 01-07-15, 7:08 AM
Hmm that's really nice. I love shounen, seinen, comedy, parody, psychological, mistery, sports and historical the most :)

Yorozuya-no-Yume | 01-07-15, 6:40 AM
Cool. Hehe yes, Gintama is really great, can't wait for the new season in spring :3
By the way, which anime genres are your favorite? ^^

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