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A student who procrastinates and acts like this EVERY SINGLE DAY^

All Time Favorite Quotes: "No matter what happens, she's the one I want. Even if I hurt others, I won't give up on her." - Yanagi Naoto, 11-29-13

100th anime finished: Guilty Crown

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Random Favorite Character pics ;)
02-11-13, 10:51 PM Edited 02-23-13, 1:08 AM
The End of Fall
12-29-12, 4:45 PM

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kawaii36 | 03-24-14, 5:21 AM
sankyuu sankyuu~

nyehahaahaha~ <- is it sound like satone? XD

Anyway,both of that captured from episode 11 <3

And yeah, that song so touching..(maybe?) =^=

Lommelun | 03-08-14, 12:18 PM
Namine's Cafe Newsletter & Competition Announcement

BenjiS | 02-25-14, 3:04 AM

U like it if innocent people get tortured? 0.o

BenjiS | 02-23-14, 11:29 PM
So u like other people's misery?
I don't like u.

Hiros-lastchance | 02-21-14, 2:25 PM
And here is your member card from the I may be in school but will make time for this anime club thing. Sorry for the wait, signups took while to fill. This is edition 1, first multiple produced member card.

Save the image, and upload it. Mal supports BBcode, but only in clubs and the about me section of your profile.

BakaLora | 02-16-14, 8:07 PM

Bisie | 02-07-14, 1:24 PM
Thanks :)
It was already in my plan to read list but still I'm happy to know there's gonna be an anime ^.^

Bisie | 02-05-14, 11:25 AM
Hey, I was wondering if your profile pic is from any anime, it seems pretty interesting :P

powerofemo | 01-27-14, 7:14 PM
interesting, a saki app, powers dont show sometimes? so sometimes it does?

lol, that's the latest? Over the summer I've stayed up to 3 watching anime before :P nothing to brag about cuz its a bad thing, lol. During school days, I usually stay up to 12-1, and I make GREAT use of my studyhall :),

thanks, the qualities not that good tho, luv it when saki uses her rinshan in the anime, and every1 around her is like, HOW IS THIS HAPPENING? my fav saki char wud hav to be between her, teru, and tsujigaito, only cuz shes kinda cool with the sword. idk if im the only one whos curious about it, cuz i havent seen any forum posts on it, what do u think of Touka(cold state) vs. Teru, Touka was able to crush a pro, interesting matchup right?

powerofemo | 01-26-14, 8:07 AM
exactly, i start off thnking, nice hand, my luck is strong, and i declare riichi, and it ends off someone winning off me, RON, -_-, o and i got saki achiga portable on my iphone, , its laggy and slow, but its still playable

Glad to see theres someone out there like me, bad habit, but sometimes i stay up to 1-2, repeatedly day after day, whether its watching anime, or doing hw, next day, i end up falling asleep right after school, and end up sleeping til dinner time. Altho i dun fall asleep in the mid of hw, cuz i dun start that til like 2 hours after dinner, :)

powerofemo | 01-22-14, 7:44 PM
lol, ive only gotten yakumans in saki portable(kuros ability givs me like up to 13 dora afer i kan)or sakis power, in normal games, my best ever was a baiman :/ its so fustrating when u call riichi early in the game, and ur winning tile never shows up :(

LOL, although i had the whole day, i did almost of the hw i have in the last couple hours and im still not done, procrastination FTW!

powerofemo | 01-21-14, 7:31 PM
Nice, i got rinshan kaihou once in sakiachiga portable without saki, i was like o_o , we start with 25000 pts, one of the matches, i got up to 97000 pts some with pure luck , then i played again right after and got like -500 pts, i was completely destroyed :)
lol same, anime and grades, im always like... ill deal with the consequences when they come, lemme finish a couple episodes first :)
We just got call saying NO SCHOOL TOM, cuz of snow, Guess whos not touching his homework tonight :P?

powerofemo | 01-21-14, 9:55 AM
lol, after learning the game 2 months ago, downloaded a riichi mahjong app on iphone, and id only go for all simples(tanyao_ or the yakuhai 3 dragon tiles yaku, quick and cheap id call, when i had the chance, i almost never called riichi, cuz if i tried to, the cpu wuda prob won b4 i had the chance 2,
LOL i almost never study at home, im the kind of guy who crams in studyhall and the passing time between classes and somehow gets a decent or good grade :) STUDY HALL FTW... altho our school has lab days so once a week we dun get studyhall... completely ruins things for me :(

powerofemo | 01-20-14, 4:05 PM
LOLwhen i first watched saki, i had no knowledge of the game, i got hooked in anyways
it wasnt until i started reading the manga(which is pretty recent) that i started learning the game, even now, i havent memorized all of the yaku :P
O and same here, last year, even tho i spent all my time watching anime, i still finished my hw on time and my grades were pretty much all As, this year, im completely relying on my study hall, and my grades hav been plummeting

powerofemo | 01-19-14, 1:25 PM
LOL, no, the powers are just overpowered, im a complete amateur, i just learned how to play the game like 2 months ago, Saki got me to start playing :)
, hehe, im like a master at procrastinating :P waiting til the last minute FTW

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