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Favorite Anime
Blood+ add
Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi
Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi add
FLCL add

Favorite Manga
Vampire Knight
Vampire Knight add
Koko ni Iru yo!
Koko ni Iru yo! add
Beast Master
Beast Master add
Akagami no Shirayuki-hime
Akagami no Shirayuki-hime add
Katakoi Densha
Katakoi Densha add

Favorite Characters
Daigo, Kotarou
Kurama, Mutsuki
Asahina, Tamae
Lei, Siva
Usui, Takumi
Crosszeria, Luka
Aoi, Leo
Ryuuzen, Yoiyami

Favorite People
Yuki, Kaori
Yuki, Kaori
Shimaki, Ako
Shimaki, Ako
Wata, Nobu
Wata, Nobu
Saijou, Ayano
Saijou, Ayano
Chiba, Kozue
Chiba, Kozue
Mitsuki, Miko
Mitsuki, Miko
Hoshimori, Yukimo
Hoshimori, Yukimo

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June 5, 1989
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January 1, 2010
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Time (Days) 92.2
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Completed 1032
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Plan to Read 16
Total Entries 1238

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About TTBooBooTT
Let's see, well I am currently getting married this year (4/14/2010). So that is the biggest thing going on right now. I am a real tomboy. I love sports and video games. I am not unaccustomed to pain, since I live with it everyday. I have fibromialgia (don't know what it is look it up!). I get along better with boys then I do with girls. I just attribute that to the fact that I grew up with men so I know how to get along with them. I really love helping people and talking them through their issues. It is very rewarding being able to help other feel better. So feel free to talk with me! I will do anything to protect the ones I love. Wow, well I think that is enough.

I am really a manga fanatic! I just can't stop!!! I am very picky when It comes to my manga, in a sense, because I will only read ones that are appealing to the eye. This is because 90% of a manga is the pictures and the other 10% is the story. So if I am going to have to look at the pictures (which are crucial!) then I am not going to read it! I am also picky when it comes to what I read. I am more into shojo, romance, and/or smut then into lots of fighting. Because to me manga is slow pace and I like to take my time. So for me, reading action scenes can be a lot less thrilling then seeing it actually happening! And that is why I love anime.

I like anime too! Especially when it is about a manga I have read! There is just something so thrilling when you get to see the characters talk and move. I really enjoy action and gore when it comes to anime. I am more willing to watch something like that then to read it.

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