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February 11, 1986
December 22, 2009
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Haters gonna hate regardless of how much work you put in your graphics so don't feel discouraged and continue your way. Hard work will always pay off.

To the left are all current favorites/obsessions.
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Current DP was made by Ehhliiääänna

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Himikoi | 8 hours ago
Oh you're the best, thank you thank you thank you. I love them!!!!! x333 and you two made it so fast as well! Thanks a lot ^^

takgudae | 10 hours ago

Hopefully they like the set now lol

takgudae | 10 hours ago
Totally forgot about her other request BAHAHA. My bad. Thank you <33

Envy | 10 hours ago
Eh? From what I recall.. It gets better. Well, don't look at me.. I randomly watch things I deem interesting. Your call, I don't mind watching them, been like a year now. AAND, may I ask where you watch them?

Mysterious guys, that's cool. I prefer the active ones. Oh, yes. Love how sadistic sougo can be. But I love Conan better than Kaito (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

I'm sorry, I'm sensitive.

Alright. Oh, no.. a friend of mine gave it to me, And I thought it was a tablet. I don't even use my desktop that much!

-Luzifer- | 11 hours ago

rusette | Yesterday, 7:58 PM

*slaps* You know perfectly what I'm talking about. *slaps again* D:

Envy | Yesterday, 6:36 PM
I think it was 'You who came from the stars'. I'm sorry for crushing your hopes of gaining a friend who is an avid asian drama watcher even though I'm asian. Already had my share with it. I plan on watching them again, but my schedule is the only thing stopping me.

I'm hesitant to put it up yet, must be because of the pressure you guys are giving me. You're welcome, I really meant hard/soft lighting not the blending modes, but yeah.. I'm still working on which gives the better tones and shades. Same here!

Ah, this one came from my Razer Keyboard, I can look up for links, But.. I'm not really sure which of them works.

ryosan | Yesterday, 4:12 PM
.....or maybe i should continue profile layout to celebrate 6 years with mal which i accidentally noticed just now

so is it okay if I send you my profile's progress and hear your opinion?

-Luzifer- | Yesterday, 1:51 PM
*muss sich das Lachen verkneifen weil sie aufs Opening bei Shikos Profil geklickt hat* Ich hoffe die Serie ist besser als das Opening weil, pfff---*stopft sich ne Socke in den Mund*

ryosan | Yesterday, 1:26 PM
I'M SORRY K I'M ALREADY ASHAMED I FORGOT ABOUT SOMEBODY SO AMAZING- YOU DON'T NEED MAKE ME FEEL EVEN MORE GUILTY (#`皿´) but I find Daiya no Ace senpai tachi more astonishing so he can be shocked as much as he want and in fact i really wanna get rid of toudou-san da username

yeah, I saw that too and you was the first one who came to my mind... I thought I wonder what Sylinchen would think about this situation but you don't need to worry too much because he was already standing the next page lewlz more like- WHY ARE YOU NOT UP TO DATE WITH THE MANGA?! you are missing a lot of awesome things

there indeed was that kind of period of time and actually i'm wondering myself why did i do those kinds of things last year probably because i was tired or whatever tbh I don't feel like continuing my profile layout... don't see any point in doing it anymore... I SUPPOSE I NEED ANOTHER HIBERNATION TIME EEP

you are the senpai here pls

lazy ba.....? as for lazy banana? |°з°|

-Luzifer- | Yesterday, 8:04 AM

Nate-chan | Yesterday, 7:39 AM

I'll finish my Kekkai Sensen firstly :P

AnotherWish | Yesterday, 7:06 AM
Und was sagste zu den anderen Tips die ich dir gab?~

Apropos Drama-Trip: da du ja eh versuchst mich zu verkuppeln und mich auf den Menschengeschmack zu bringen, gimme mal einen Drama Tipp, wo du denkst das ein Typi vll mein Geschmack sein könnte :P

leanna- | Yesterday, 6:27 AM
sorry for the late reply.

EXACTLY. That's why I don't give a crap about what people think about my graphics anymore. Well, I still do but I try not to. I just want to enjoy doing it. I don't want or like to be pressured by people.

LOL what average are you talking about? That flower layout is gorgeous and it is 'above' average. I don't think many people would be able to pull that off so yeah.
Hahaha. Sorry, not yet. It's like literally empty. I kinda lost motivation because I just realized how I suck at gfx really bad orz.

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