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Gonzo-lewd | 05-28-15, 6:35 PM

Gonzo-lewd | 05-28-15, 6:31 PM

Gonzo-lewd | 05-28-15, 5:59 PM
News like this always make me wish the industry would just crash and revitalize itself before it completely dies...

sarroush | 05-18-15, 6:54 AM
I think I read hentai like once every blue moon. Yaoi a bit more frequently but it's not a genre I care much about so that's okay! I'll have a look and see what catches my eye ^^

I was super surprised that Acnologia still had access to his human form. I just assumed he'd lost it when he turned all dragon. Yeah given how shounen typically goes, those are the likely endings. I'm looking forward to Natsu finding out the truth about Zeref though! I wonder what his reaction will be aside from the standard shock.

sarroush | 05-18-15, 6:35 AM
Haha yeah I read it earlier ^^
That twist was really good imo.
I'ma stalk your currently readings in the hopes that I find more things to add to mine! By the hour updates sound fantastic if the series' are good *____*

sarroush | 05-18-15, 6:27 AM
With all the manga you're currently reading, do you get updates every single day? It gets lonely when I have to go through days with no manga updates ;_;

Veronin | 05-13-15, 2:21 PM
Yup, it's probably the best show I've picked up this season. I might have to try Kekkai Sensen later on.

How's that Owari no Seraph show? I skimmed through the first episode when it came out and it looked... well, not so great.

Nuvi | 05-13-15, 7:11 AM
Movie/OVA or even a full one cour of FT Zero please.

And Ahhh, Frog-kun said that he will translate Qualidea soon after finishing Oregairu's volume 4 but I still see no signs for this project being active. :/

Nuvi | 05-12-15, 9:21 PM
Yoo. That big announcement was actually on the last page at the bottom. I saw different version of that chapter and they added the text to the left side. You can see it here.

I went to animesuki forums earlier to see if those guys had any idea and they said that it could just be an OVA announcement but another person doesn't agree to the post below mine. I can't think of anything else, probably another spinoff?

I'm not raising my hopes high tbh.

Veronin | 05-11-15, 8:47 PM
Same. It's a pretty simple process - maybe an hour at most to write a review - so I feel bad about lazing it for so long. One every week would be a nice goal for the summer.

I guess the first thing I should do is finish Cinderella Girls and Saekano and decide whether or not they're worth writing about. After that it's just a bunch of movies and obscure things that have been on my backlog for ages.


Gonzo-lewd | 05-10-15, 8:42 PM
Nyaa~ <3

Tyrel | 05-08-15, 7:23 PM
It was pretty good to see the conclusion of the arc (I think?). Seeing Kenny die was kinda easy to predict, but he was a pretty good 'Villainy' type character if you wanna call him that. Levi next move should be interesting :D.

ToG25thBaam | 05-07-15, 10:32 AM
Thanks a lot :)

ToG25thBaam | 05-07-15, 8:42 AM
Stark, could you tell me where you read the One Piece Party chapter 2 and 3?

Karharot | 05-07-15, 2:50 AM
I'm somewhat... careful with my enthusiasm about it.
The art imo lost much compared to the manga, if this is all then there is no problem but if other things will be also simplified like this...
I going to just wait and see without getting my hopes up. If it turns out to be great then I will watch it with pleasure, if it turns out to be just another season spot filler then I'm not going to cry about it and remain a faithful fan of the manga ;)

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