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No random friend requests. I'd love to be friends with people on this site but I have to talk to you before or have seen you around in the community. You don't just get friends, you earn them. Talk to me and I'll likely accept. Hell, I might even sent you a request.

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200 Days of Anime Watched completed - 7/29/2012

300 Days of Anime Watched completed - sometimes during July (damn MAL's stats glitch)

300 Days of Manga/LN completed - 8/23/2014

500th Anime Completed: Saikano!

600th Anime Completed: Dennou Coil!

666th Anime Completed: Chrono Crusade (ironic much?)

700th Anime Completed: Nodame Cantabile OVA 2

800th Anime Competed: Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead OVA (on Halloween lul)

900th Anime Completed: Hellsing Ultimate

1000th Anime Completed: Momo e no Tegami

100th Manga Completed: Shinobi Life
200th Manga Completed: Arisa
300th Manga Completed: Ore ga Akuma de, Aitsu ga Yome de


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R4vel | 9 hours ago
The F/SN Manga only covers the first route (fate) right?

Subzerokid | 9 hours ago
I can only guess that's a long time.. You've never ran outta anime that sounded interesting?

Urek | 10 hours ago
i am still in denial...

krossk | 11 hours ago
hi man, could you tell me what anime/manga your profile and avatar pictures are from?

Subzerokid | Today, 9:08 AM
Your list is HUGE, how long have you been watching anime?

Subzerokid | Today, 8:46 AM
Hiya~ I'm a random person who thought your profile was interesting. However it also makes me think that there should be a limit on the amount off BBCode allowed in the about me section.

SandyBoi | Today, 4:57 AM
Have you got any thoughts of at least a couple of anime you plan on using?

SandyBoi | Today, 4:13 AM
Me too. I should get around to doing that as well. Spring FAL was my first time and I forgot to consider airing dates when submitting anime titles.
Did pretty good considering it was my first time though.

KingYoshi | Today, 12:35 AM
Well, I sent a reply, but it seemed to disappear without sending. If it somehow makes it to your profile after sending this one, I apologize for the repeated response :P.

I was wondering what makes you down on Oookami Shoujo? It has a director who seems to be pretty accomplished and has higher PTW than Terra Formars even. Though, I admit, I'm worried about the studio working on it. They don't seem to have ever produced a FAL relevant anime. When I think about Ookami Shoujo, I remember Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun for some reason. In the Fall 2012 season, it flew under the radar with only 45 players selecting it to their team (22%). Yet, it finished #1 that season. I figure this one will be on less % of teams, but possibly could finish in the top 7 if it turns out a similar surprise success. I don't suppose I have much more than my gut feeling to base this off of, but it has similar themes at least. Maybe it can grab 2x points? I don't know though, those PTW numbers say it has a really high chance of finishing above the 3% mark.

As for Sanzoku, I didn't notice it was going to be CGI. Though, Sidonia no Kishi finished 16th, had an 8+ score and didn't have Ghibli/Miyazaki attached to its name. I wouldn't count it out completely, though I'm leaning away from it as well because it is riskier. I don't think this one will have a shot at 2x points because of the Ghibli/Miyazaki connection though.

For World Trigger, I wonder if it could be a classic, "start and first swap" anime? Maybe play into that initial WSJ crowd and then swap it as it fades out of relevance.

Donten also doesn't have an air date yet, it seems. I learned my lesson with Pupa in that regard.

Akatsuki no Yona is the interesting one for me. With its September 28th release of the first two episodes. One of only three from my initial relevant anime list that start before the 5th (Terra Formars and Amagi Brilliant Park being the other two). Could give an early boost, but unfortunately, due to its early date, I doubt it can touch 2x point territory. Could be worth an early start and swap strategy if there is an extra spot on the team. Too bad, there are more than 7 anime I'd like on my team. I'm on the fence about this one and how I want to build my team. If I use this anime, it is a completely different strategy than w/o it. Hmm...

TamaraIL | Yesterday, 11:30 PM
Well hello there. I was just gonna send you a friend request and hope you'd accept it so I can find your profile easily and go through your anime and manga lists to find something I might like, (not that I have watched everything on my list but oh well), but after I read your 'about me' I saw that's not an option so here I am, writing a comment. :D
So um, hey again.

KingYoshi | Yesterday, 6:12 PM
I have been doing some research here and there on the upcoming FAL season already, but now that has been officially announced, I started going hard. Here is what I am thinking so far...

These are the ones I think are more "obvious" than others and will be popular choices...

These are the ones that I am thinking have the best chance of rounding out my team along with the aforementioned four...

These are the others that I have had extended thought about. They are more iffy, but could produce some surprise successes...

KingYoshi | Yesterday, 4:09 PM
Awesome!! Time to get to work :)

kenshin_sama | Yesterday, 8:43 AM
Damn, that's a motivation killer. ;_; I'd have thought that at least one manga would have done this, but oh well. Are kohai really not that popular? I think they're adorable. :>

Bayrock | Yesterday, 2:29 AM
You say you found Nakamura's behavior to be unpredictable which is not surprising. It's been insisted that the final chapter could be revealing that Nakamura has some type of mental disorder such as schizophrenia or something along those lines. That would explain why she didn't seem to recall much of the past when Takao questioned her and the odd apparitions she saw in chapter 57.

Honestly I'm on the fence currently about my interpretations and the way I feel of the manga and its conclusion. On one hand I'm satisfied, but on the other I feel that the entire second half of the manga was intentionally left open ended because the author wasn't capable of wrapping the story up otherwise. It was certainly rushed compared to the first half, but maybe that's also because I consumed the first half via the anime which is particularly slow paced.

Overall, I'm not all that happy that it couldn't keep the consistency it had in the first half throughout the rest of the manga, and I feel the author may not ever have been prepared to give a proper conclusion to it. The second half feels very scattered and open to interpretation. That can be seen as either good or bad I guess but for me it destroys the hope I had for the series to leave a memorable impact on me as was the case when I first saw the anime in Spring 2013.

To sum it up bluntly the series will remain dear to me for its unorthodox set of values and the impact the anime orginally left on me. My personal interpretation of the ending leaves me somewhat satisfied, but I only wish it were more streamlined and refined. As it stands I find the second half of the manga has done injustice to the former half for me personally.

Then again this was all based around poems by Charles Baudelaire which actually inspired the Symbolist movement. If I look at it that way maybe using symbolism to portray the ending is not so unexpected and could be a viable move, but I digress. It's something I feel can be interpreted in more than one way; and that's where my confusion rests.

SandyBoi | Yesterday, 12:52 AM
Hey Stark700,
Was surprised to see I got a friend request from you lol.
Thanks for that btw :)
Looking forward to FAL?

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