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Nuvi | 1 hour ago
Yeah, I'm happy about Yamada getting TV series. The manga was great till the first 100 chapters, unfortunately I had to downrate the manga to a 7 but the first half was a solid 8/10 for me. I hope the new arc gets better soon, the latest chapters are lackluster for me. :/

The main problem still lies with the animating studio, because of it being a relatively new one. Seeing them adapting Terraformars terrifies me but I'm still hoping for the good. Adapting 100 chapters would be a difficult task unless this is 2 cour[Assuming if they do the first 100 chapters]. Who knows if they might pull this off in a great way?

SweetCoconut | 6 hours ago
Yeah, you are right. But maybe, Kurome might have a better development next week than in manga? Who knows. But still, they shoehorned the remaining Jeagers and even Wave's development that happened during Wild Hunt Arc

So thats your guess too huh? Since the translation (man they're late) for Chapter 54 is not coming out yet, the chances of Mine winning is 30-70 unless the author will pull a miraculous act.

SweetCoconut | Yesterday, 3:00 AM
How about the cutting of Wild Hunt Arc? And killing Mine and General Budou that early? Man, based on the preview, Kurome will die next week. And thats before Ran.

papsoshea | Yesterday, 1:53 AM

Tyrel | 11-27-14, 4:07 PM
Good to see Kougami. Hope to see him in S2... but I doubt it.

Tyrel | 11-27-14, 1:35 PM
Nothing really pops out at me as "WOW THIS GOING TO BE GOOD." I'll have to wait and see until I can see the actual images of those horror and mystery shows though.

Kuromii | 11-27-14, 11:58 AM
Oh no I missed your birthday! Did you have a good time?

SweetCoconut | 11-27-14, 1:49 AM
Stark, what can you say about the changes in Akame right now? Do you like it or it will lead you to low down the score for the series?

Veronin | 11-26-14, 8:12 PM
Yeah. Honestly, I have no idea how you've been able to deal with this for so long. I had it happen to me just this once and it pretty much ruined the majority of my week. I even had to delete a couple reviews because of it and now I don't know when or even if I should put them back on the site. It's really sad to see how broken the system is and how little the MAL administrators care about its writers.

Other than that, my life lately has just been me studying for finals and catching up on video games.

An anime adaptation for Blame, huh? That'll be really neat. The main thing I'm concerned about is whether or not they'll do the manga's artwork justice, as that's exactly what made Blame so great.

Redfoxoffire | 11-26-14, 7:41 PM
(Has it really been a week since I checked my comments?)

I'm good. Playing lots of games recently, so I don't have much time for anime, but I'm fairly enjoying what I am watching. How about yourself? Any Thanksgiving plans?

babymilo91 | 11-26-14, 6:47 PM
Thank you!

neonBdragon | 11-26-14, 2:39 AM
Happy belated Birthday, Stark!

Studied | 11-23-14, 9:27 PM
Happy late birthday my friend, Stark. I hope you had a good time yesterday :s

Tyrel | 11-23-14, 5:00 PM
Happy late birthday~

vansonbee | 11-23-14, 2:14 AM
Happy Birthday! Grow another year older with anime and me, buddy. :3

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