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No random friend requests. I'd love to be friends with people on this site but I have to talk to you before or have seen you around in the community. You don't just get friends, you earn them. Talk to me and I'll likely accept. Hell, I might even sent you a request.

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200 Days of Anime Watched completed - 7/29/2012

300 Days of Anime Watched completed - sometimes during July (damn MAL's stats glitch)

400 Days of Aniime Watched completed - 9/20/2014

300 Days of Manga/LN completed - 8/23/2014

500th Anime Completed: Saikano!

600th Anime Completed: Dennou Coil!

666th Anime Completed: Chrono Crusade (ironic much?)

700th Anime Completed: Nodame Cantabile OVA 2

800th Anime Competed: Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead OVA (on Halloween lul)

900th Anime Completed: Hellsing Ultimate

1000th Anime Completed: Momo e no Tegami

100th Manga Completed: Shinobi Life
200th Manga Completed: Arisa
300th Manga Completed: Ore ga Akuma de, Aitsu ga Yome de


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Tuzo | 7 hours ago

edinaa | Yesterday, 10:01 AM
Thanks so much for your recs. I will start watching them very soon. What about the Summer, or the Spring or the Winter ?

Ajimuhantsuki | Yesterday, 9:40 AM
I would give PP2 a 5 .. the writing was a joke and a big trainwreck..

edinaa | 12-17-14, 8:23 PM
Good morning Stark!
I'm glad you are enjoying the Fall Season. Which ones are great?

Animefreak17a | 12-17-14, 7:19 PM
Il caught up to you.

Milky_way1886 | 12-17-14, 11:30 AM
Okay, thx m8! :)

Btw, I've noticed that your PTW and completed list are huge, so I was wondering when you actually started to watch anime? And what was your first anime? :O

edinaa | 12-17-14, 10:09 AM
Yeah, me too.
What have you done these months when we didn't talked? Are you fine? have you watched something good?

Milky_way1886 | 12-17-14, 8:26 AM
Hey again!

Watched some eps of fairy tail (2014) and it feels pretty dragged out, but not to the points where I fall asleep. As for the animation, I personally love it! Although I miss the old designs a bit :´C.

And thank you for the recommendations! Will definatley put em' in my ptw list!

And I was wondering if you would recommend Akame ga kill and Amagi brilliant park?

Thanks! :D

edinaa | 12-16-14, 11:06 PM
How are you?

Akanezora | 12-16-14, 7:55 AM
Hyped, looking forward to see a gameplay or two. And I'm happy Diego was confirmed because it was right about damn time. I'm not sure about Koyasu voicing him, I mean I love him but I would've liked someone different for Diego but that's completely fine too.

I'm just glad JoJo it's getting the popularity it deserves.

Milky_way1886 | 12-16-14, 5:12 AM
Hey man!

Loving your reviews!

I was wondering, since you've watched fairy tail and currently watching fairy tail (2014). What do you think of Fairy Tail (2014)? Read that many users claim that it sucks so much, do you agree?

And I was wondering if you could recommend me an anime similar to HXH (2011)? (Already planning on seeing Yu Yu Hakusho)


Tohka_Yatogami | 12-15-14, 8:31 PM
Nope, I did not know it was an original movie with a new character.

Thanks for letting me know.

The admin of Date A Live fanpage on Face Book did not tell us that. He only link us to a Japanese website, that's all.

Too bad, Gowther arc is going to be skip in the anime, since they showed Gowther at the end of the episode.

Tohka_Yatogami | 12-15-14, 4:29 PM
I knew that. I saw that on Date A Live Fan page on Facebook yesterday.

Kirua- | 12-15-14, 7:48 AM
Oh, alright. Yeah, AgK sucks as an adaption. I also don't get how Akame can kill Esdeath if Esdeath can just generate and manipulate ice without restriction. She had so many ways to kill Akame with ease. And also, the minister shot Leone's stomach instead of her head. Why?

Pretty much everything Anime original in AgK was just stupid or didn't even make sense.

Kirua- | 12-15-14, 6:13 AM
Great AgK review. I agree with everything said.

One little question, so how exactly do you decide your scores? AgK would be a 5,6 (which rounds to 6) if you go by the MAL system. Or do you determine the score by enjoyment?

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