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Xenocrisi | Yesterday, 12:52 PM
Omg the 1st episode of Osomatsu-san was glorius.

Xenocrisi | Yesterday, 5:07 AM
Is it official that Comet Lucifer will get 12 episodes? Because I didn't read that news nor I've seen it on the official site.

KiraYoshikage | Oct 3, 5:33 PM
I watch the anime first and play the game later. There are some scene with Karura was not in the anime. I'm a little sad for it, but I like a lot the first anime. I watch the anime in 2006. I had scare for the new one because I had not like the trailer of the anime. I don't know for the new one. the new game was just out end September.

Oh no for the anime of Wolrd Trigger. I will stop the anime now. The HS will be horrible, I feel. Just see the episode 48 was tell me that. A Chance than the manga is good.

KiraYoshikage | Oct 3, 2:55 PM
The new anime of Utawarerumono is not bad. A little slow like the first anime, but I would like to have a lot battle and action as the first Utawarerumono.

I hope see some character form the original one. We see Benawi and Kuro in the trailer of game.

How I rate my anime and anime:
10: Masterpiece( I could watch or read anime anytime without getting bored, maybe not perfect , but most than enjoyable)
9-So wonderful, but it lacks one or more element
8-Very good, it makes me want to watch again
7-Good, but that's the kind of work that I forgot
6- Average, will complety forget it
5- Bad
4- Very bad, Why I watch it
3- Horrible
Don't have word for the 1 and 2. Anyway, I don't have a lot in the 5 and below,

shadowtsunami | Oct 3, 5:24 AM
How are you liking the Fall season so far? I'm a bit behind (4-5 episodes per anime) in the last season, so I probably won't start the season until later this week.

StyleF1re | Oct 3, 12:18 AM
I appreciate the slap, man! The party's only just beginning...

Xenocrisi | Oct 2, 12:39 PM's definitely good (it gets better in the latests episodes) but AOYT it's a bit too much...

The OP (on Youtube) got 1 millions views in 2

StyleF1re | Oct 2, 1:37 AM
Starting this Fall off right with my first drop. Yup! Putting a lance through that sucker... haha

SerB3128 | Oct 1, 8:31 PM
nice review for Owari no Seraph!
Think the sequel will be darker than the original or stay about the same?

StyleF1re | Oct 1, 7:20 PM
You should join in the little "war" MagicKat and I have going! Interested to see what one of MAL's finest has on-deck...

YoxalLoyal | Oct 1, 10:10 AM
On one hand, I am hyped that it is getting an adaptation since I have been waiting for 2-3 years for its adaptation. But on the other hand, I am pretty skeptical about 8bit being the animation studio for it after the clusterf**k that is Grisaia no Kajitsu. Maybe it will be a little better with Romeo Tanaka and Aniplex's involvement. I really hope Rewrite's anime is a success like Clannad, but I'll keep my expectations low just in case they screw it up because Rewrite is actually pretty hard to adapt. Not only are the heroine routes written by different people, making some weak, some strong, and some not even involving the main plot, but the routes are pretty long too. The common route takes at least 10 hours or so to accomplish, so they might need to cut some of that. It's gonna take at least 36-48 episodes to adapt it at an acceptable level.

I wish White Fox took up Rewrite's adaptation, considering how they animated the visual novel's second opening. But seeing as they have 3 projects planned (some are airing this season too), I can see why Rewrite wasn't handed to them.

YoxalLoyal | Sep 30, 8:08 AM
Hey Stark, what's your take on this: Apparently studio Manglobe is rumored to be entering bankruptcy. Do you think this will affect Project Itoh's Genocidal Organ movie in any way?

Another source:

ZtarWarrior | Sep 28, 1:11 AM
Hey! I've been doing alright I suppose.

Yeah, I heard about the Rewrite adaptation, but I have the lowest expectations possible at the moment. My mind won't be at ease until we get a concrete episode total, as it could easily turn into another god awful mess like Grisaia if it's constrained enough. Anything less than 3 cours won't cut it, with the ideal length being 4 cours.

The length is one thing, but the nature of the story itself makes it challenging to adapt. It's impossible to cover the heroine routes in anything but an omnibus format, and I don't see anime-only viewers taking too kindly to that at all. They'll probably be upset that the story keeps resetting and drastically changing every 4 episodes or so. The format will be especially bad since there won't be any breathing room to ease into each new heroine's scenario.

It's a massive undertaking that would be difficult for any studio to pull off, so the fact that 8-Bit is in charge is very concerning. To be fair, the staff on board seem promising. Romeo is working closely on the project, and I've been hearing that Aniplex producers are involved somehow. I hope that means they were able to secure a proper episode count.

I dunno, I've been let down by VN adaptations so many times in the past, so I expect Rewrite to be no different. I'll keep a sliver of hope, but I'm fully prepared for the worst.

Dashiawia | Sep 27, 6:30 PM

Well, let's just say that I have very conflicted feelings about the announcement. On one hand, I'm super elated that one of my favorite VN's is finally getting an adaptation; on the other hand, however, it's incredibly frustrating to hear that the studio will be 8-bit, as they did butcher Grisaia no Kajitsu's adaptation not too long ago. It all depends on how many episodes the adaptation will be getting in the end, I think. Anything less than a 2 cour is bound to fail pretty hard, while a 3-4 cour series should be great if done right like Clannad's. By the way, the VN took about 60 hours for me to complete, if you were wondering about how long it was.

Tennouji_ | Sep 27, 11:37 AM
Oh so it's mostly about the message on the Rewrite anime site.

Well it's true. It's really difficult to adapt. Probably as hard as how to adapt Kajitsu. Unless they'll do it like Higurashi, then I don't think it's hard to adapt.

I agree with that the number of episode is very very crucial for Rewrite. Quality adaptation is one thing for us fans to get worried about but the worst part for us to get worried the most is the episode count. The length of Rewrite is no joke unlike Kajitsu.

Note, even I, I just dreamed that Rewrite will have an anime adaptation but I wasn't expecting that it will come true due to its difficulty on adapting it.

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