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November 5, 2011
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No random friend requests. I'd love to be friends with people on this site but I have to talk to you before or have seen you around in the community. You don't just get friends, you earn them. Talk to me and I'll likely accept. Hell, I might even sent you a request.

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200 Days of Anime Watched completed - 7/29/2012

300 Days of Anime Watched completed - sometimes during July (damn MAL's stats glitch)

500th Anime Completed: Saikano!

600th Anime Completed: Dennou Coil!

666th Anime Completed: Chrono Crusade (ironic much?)

700th Anime Completed: Nodame Cantabile OVA 2

800th Anime Competed: Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead OVA (on Halloween lul)

900th Anime Completed: Hellsing Ultimate

1000th Anime Completed: Momo e no Tegami

100th Manga Completed: Shinobi Life
200th Manga Completed: Arisa
300th Manga Completed: Ore ga Akuma de, Aitsu ga Yome de


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Tyrel | 9 hours ago

Riku__Akayuki | Yesterday, 8:00 PM
Sure, thanks!

ihateeveryone | Yesterday, 7:58 PM
I had to find a way to vent my frustrations in a proper review format rather than turn it into incoherent yelling about how horrid that show was, so either way, I'm glad you liked it!

kami_desu | Yesterday, 7:17 PM
Hello stark700

So, I'm sure you've heard of that anti piracy thing going on right?
So what are your thoughts on it, especially on how it effects your manga reading habits.

I'm panicking to much... I'm think i'd be more reassured once I hear your thoughts or something
Comfort me... TT^TT

KakaKarrotCake | Yesterday, 6:47 PM

Hey, you should get some cards.
Extreme Club Cards
More cards

F_E_A_R | Yesterday, 5:10 PM
Thanks. I haven't watched much of the Mahou Shoujo genre but I'm willing to give that one a shot at some point.

pakoko | Yesterday, 4:58 PM
I know, right? When I first listened to "Is" by POP ETC I was like "what's this indie shit?" And then I watched it play with the motorcycle scene and I haven't stopped playing it since then.

This show, man. Take me away like Lisa, please.

F_E_A_R | Yesterday, 11:59 AM
Hi Stark

I've been thinking of trying a Mahou Shoujo and I noticed you've rated Cardcaptor Sakura a 10. I don't know if that's the one but I remember having watched one episode only a few years back where the main character had to choose between 1 of 2 cards to save her friends. A simple 50-50 choice but it turned into a freaking mind battle. Anyway, in your opinion, do you think I'd enjoy that anime?

Zee530 | Yesterday, 6:25 AM
Wow, you've already caught up with Kingdom manga, whilst i'm still trying to decide whether i want to spoil myself or wait for a s3 XD

chibuki | Yesterday, 2:42 AM

Riku__Akayuki | 07-30-14, 7:44 PM
Ha ha I've seen all of them XD Maybe something more like Fate/Gurren Lagann/Code Geass? (I hope I'm not bothering you btw)

Riku__Akayuki | 07-30-14, 7:13 PM
Something that start lighthearted to become very serious/dark later on.
A little Tearjerker too could be nice but not obligatory.

Riku__Akayuki | 07-30-14, 6:34 PM
Hi, sorry for the random question but since you've seen so many anime, there's one you would raccomand me that you really think it's worth? ^‿^

Tokoya | 07-30-14, 6:12 PM

I'm not done watching it yet, but it's pretty good...It seems like this film takes between the time when Gon and Killua first met Kite and right before The Chimera Ant arc started

Tokoya | 07-30-14, 4:30 PM
That HxH movie is subbed on a few anime websites....Do you want a link to it?

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