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KurumiT | 28 minutes ago
I see, bummer, was hoping you knew, lol.

Ya I walked into it with a similar viewpoint as you originally had, but my friend made me pick it up. I am definitely enjoying it(tho im yet to watch the new episode) but ya, the censor's for a show that emphasizes gore like this, are certainly unwanted.

hotstud6969 | 4 hours ago
have you read like every single manga oh my god

Tyrel | 5 hours ago
That censoring was on purpose, too, eh. I tried inverting the colors and it inverted it very poorly unlike episode 2. So basically, the studio did it on purpose.

I have that on my ptw list but I don't have the time to watch 99 episodes sadly. I've heard good things about it. I actually avoided it at first because of how boring it looked but people have said a lot of good things about it.

pakoko | 9 hours ago
Yeah my thoughts exactly on Glasslip.

The reason I think Lisa is Shibasaki's daughter is because of Shibasaki's background story when he lost his job as the ace of the first division after trying to reveal a conspiracy behind the suicide of the Diet secretary. The bald Kurahashi guy says in this episode that "He [Shibasaki] had a family. He had a life." This quote implies that things went quite roughly for Shibasaki and his family and life after he lost his job, possibly resulting in him growing distant from his family.

Since we can safely assume that Lisa's parents were either divorced or "separated" because Lisa's mother once said "You're going to leave my like your father did, right?" as she shook Lisa violently, the stories seem to match up. I'd like to think this theory is true, too, just because it makes things so much more interesting. Shibasaki would eventually have to choose between upholding justice or saving his daughter, which would be a great moment of development for Shibasaki.

pakoko | 10 hours ago
And I was semi kidding about Glasslip. If I really thought it was garbage I would have dropped it by now. I guess I just feel betrayed(?) because it's such a nicely animated show and yet it's being ruined by shitty writing. At this point, I could care less about the whole clairvoyance thing because I would never take using clairvoyance to avoid love dramas seriously. I wouldn't mind if this turns out to be some typical romance drama with a cute ending.

pakoko | 11 hours ago
4/10, complete and utter garbage... would not watch if it wasn't for the art and animation.

is what I would say to Glasslip. Haha the latest episode of Zankyou no Terror was great. It was still relatively underwhelming since this episode was more about developing Shibasaki rather than exploring Nine and Twelve's terrorist plots and their pasts, but I'm sure we'll get that soon enough. I also liked seeing Lisa in this episode as a runaway, because I believe it's the right direction for her development. "You can't go back anymore." Those ominous words uttered by Nine were in some ways a new beginning for Lisa, a chance to escape her shitty life for a more adventurous one. Also, some people are predicting that Lisa is Shibasaki's daughter, so if that's true, dis gon' be gud. His only daughter siding with the terrorists... I like it!

Tyrel | Yesterday, 3:19 PM
Dat Tokyo Ghoul... Way to ruin an adaptation.

julyan | 07-23-14, 9:21 PM
I see, thanks. Now I definitely won't buy it even if it's on sale right now~

julyan | 07-23-14, 7:56 PM
How good is Soul Link? I saw the dvd volumes in my local store and due to its low price, I'm thinking of buying it. But it's ranked 5000th-ish in MAL so I began to be skeptical. But then again, I saw your score which is 8.

LayDLovable | 07-23-14, 3:02 PM
Horror, supernatural and adventure ^^

LayDLovable | 07-23-14, 1:21 PM
I dont mean to be bothering you but I see you have read a lot of mangas and I would like to ask for recommendation if you could please tell me some ^^ thank you!

ssjokg | 07-23-14, 1:17 PM
Oh thanks Stark!!

Btw I meant a premium account or stuff like that.
I logged in now and it shows the page normally but I dont know if that will change when it airs.

I am a bit confused about the two different times you posted tho.

insan3Spectre | 07-23-14, 2:12 AM
It's good, not exactly "amazing" but it's pretty interesting. I'm getting to the material where I hear the series really takes off, though.

WindBreaker | 07-22-14, 9:05 PM
Your profile is insane. Like a veteran

KurumiT | 07-22-14, 7:57 PM
I have a question about Shiki, and I hope you know the answer .-.

gonna spoiler bubble it for passerby's.

also, you said you didnt think you would like Tokyo Ghoul, has that changed? are you enjoying it?

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