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Akanezora | 2 hours ago

You can read the new work of Araki here. It's basically a new site for free reading that Shueisha just started.
Too bad it's only in Japanese. I'm just waiting for a translation.

Tyrel | 3 hours ago
Sent my new team to FAL. Did some major changing to my line up :D.

Tohka_Yatogami | 4 hours ago
I don't watch streaming anime online, I prefer download torrents of them than watching online.

You can see the episodes of "Barakamon: Mijikamon" on the website called "gogoanime.":

I believed it may have 13 episodes since the first episode of it was renamed episode 0.

Nuvi | 9 hours ago
Hey Stark! Been a while buddy, how are you? Idk if you remember me though. I saw you on Animesuki forums through Barion-Zara's profile. You mind if I send you a Friend Request on AS too?

Decided on your Fall anime lineup yet? Any series you're looking forward to in specific?

SweetCoconut | 11 hours ago
Hey Stark, I was wondering if you already read the latest chapters of Akatsuki no Yona considering that it has 94 chapters already.

And I would like to know your thoughts so far about the manga, do you think the anime will be 2-cour/split-cour?

Higashi_no_Kaze | Yesterday, 6:07 PM
You may have a point about the discussion points. Nanatsu will probably have a lead there, if only for manga elitists complaining about A-1 Pictures xD.

Still curious why you aren't considering Ookami shoujo for your team though :>.

Marow | Yesterday, 4:52 PM
Seems like I can't send a PM to you as only friends can. Here's the answer to your question:

The reason I removed you, and a countless others, was because I was cleaning out my friends list and only keeping those I fully knew who they were.

Marow | Yesterday, 4:22 PM
Well, I hope I play my cards right. I do hope so.

Not sure when I'll do my FAL stuff. Someday soon, I guess. Maybe I'll skip it all together? Heh.

Ermeson1996 | Yesterday, 3:46 PM
I didn't remember you are my friend. It's serious. Sorry for that.
But, I want to ask you on thing: Where did you read Kami Nomi: on the train?

Tyrel | Yesterday, 2:53 PM


Time to wait 3 months now.

Higashi_no_Kaze | Yesterday, 2:40 PM
Interesting that Ookami Shoujo doesn't even pop up in your post since it has almost 8k PTW Numbers. If not for that show it would be easier to go for Nanatsu or World Trigger as my 5th show.

And I do share your concern for Grisaia, it might not be as big as it is in terms of PTW Numbers, but the difference in numbers is significant enough to make me think long and hard about not picking it.

What I don't share is your mistrust in Toei. Toei is great and I'm expecting World Trigger to be pretty good. I do think that a lot of people think similarly lowly of Toei as you seem to, so that is definitely another concern.

As for Nanatsu, the feeling I get is that a lot of people don't care because they don't know the manga and the anime looks to be more on the kiddy side of WSJ in terms of artwork and first impressions, and people don't like that. On the other hand it does have a lot of manga fans, but they already have decided beforehand that A-1 screwed up the adaption so they don't really look forward to it either and will prevent the anime from getting too high of a rating. I'm not doubting that it's good, just that a lot of people will be interested in it. There must be some reason why the ptw numbers are THAT low compared to other shows like Grisaia. It's not always about quality, and in terms of harem LN stuff Grisaia seems to be the most popular one so I expect a whole type of fans to be into it, while Nanatsu is a battle shounen that gets 2-cour by a studio that any manga elitist hates, while mostly living from it's manga fanbase. I'm just not sure. If it turns out a big hit in FAL you can definitely rub it in my face with an 'I told you so!' xD.

AnimeZ0id | Yesterday, 11:54 AM
You're MAL is so pretty. I've seen you literally EVERYWHERE in this site. You're so famous ^.^ *high five*

//realizes you probably get his a lot//

Baddie007 | Yesterday, 11:47 AM
Sweet "A-0" review.

GarLogan78 | Yesterday, 8:15 AM
Hey, Stark 700. I had a question lol. It says that in Chiba The Idolmaster movie is currently playing. But it is called

THE IDOLM@STER MOVIE 輝きの向こう側へ!‐VideoM@ster版‐

and it runs for 122 minutes.

Do you know what that means or what makes it different than the original movie? Should I go see this one or wait for the bluray?

Kurini | Yesterday, 7:53 AM
Ahh, Uchuu kyoudai's forum, I miss it, I hope the anime will return soon.

Overall, Production IG did justice to Haikyuu manga. However, I can still nitpick. It's a given that it's impossible to adapt 100% of the manga in 25 episodes, but I'm still a bit upset they removed some funny little part/gag of the manga. As some people mentioned, the anime removed some characters' flashback, which I think it's a shame. During the last Aoba's match, it became more apparent to me that they removed many side characters' explanations of the game. But the last match was more intense in the anime because of the animation and the OST. Also, when I read it in the manga, I had to wait a week for each chapter, so initial experience weren't as exciting as in the anime. I will recommend everyone to read the manga from the start even if they watched the anime. I mean, Furudate's drawing is so impressive. I really love his panels organization, his shading, his way to draw those "impact" scenes and his way to draw the characters' facial expression (I always love the manga version better than the anime). <3

But I'm happy for the small extra scenes Production IG added in the anime. Like, Natsu's screentime, Asahi's scary face, Kageyama's playing with the ball in his room, etc.

I plan to reread completely the manga after ep 25 (I held myself from rerereading it after the anime was announced). I might have given you a better opinion if you asked me later. XD

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