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08-14-14, 3:06 AM
March 18, 1990
New York
September 23, 2009
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Time (Days) 53.6
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Time (Days) 68.8
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stupidsama | 04-05-13, 7:50 PM
check out my lists

stupidsama | 03-19-13, 6:10 AM
You have my symathies

stupidsama | 03-18-13, 11:27 PM

stupidsama | 03-11-13, 9:46 AM
I am you?

Creed-sama | 12-22-11, 1:15 PM
Pretty much same old. How about you?

Creed-sama | 12-14-11, 12:33 PM

Slurpentine | 05-03-11, 2:56 AM
There's an anime? Holy shit

I haven't seen the movie either

Vensito | 04-21-11, 10:56 AM
Ah, I'm watching Kuroshitsuji dubbed too, I think I watched a few episodes in sub a long time ago and it didn't tickle my fancy :P. So I guess we're on separate sides of that? Glad you liked it!

Slurpentine | 04-21-11, 8:38 AM
20th Century Boys is the shit, bro

Vensito | 04-16-11, 5:32 PM
Watching the 13th Pokemon movie >_>.........................Yeah I should really be doing something else right about now.

Vensito | 04-16-11, 3:19 PM
Yoooooooo~!! What's up!?

Creed-sama | 02-26-11, 6:41 AM
heh, I knw wut you mean. I was planning to buy the HTC Desire Hd but since i rarely use my ancient phone to txt or make calls, I said fck it lets buy me a awesome PMP. xDDD

and btw it shits over the ipod and zune. :D

Creed-sama | 02-25-11, 2:33 AM
and for universities....come to delhi, mumbai or pune...kerala aint all that. Just my 2 cents.

Creed-sama | 02-25-11, 2:28 AM
well, one word of advice need to knw your way arnd. Ppl doing weed won't be open bout it, not everyone does weed but college kids do that a lot(especially rich spoilt brats). so you knw where to look, its like everywhere you make do stuff will find ppl who do weed and other shit. We have hookah bars here at every corner. :P
bout kerala you need to find your way there. I bet no one is clean(as everywhere else).
Conclusion: make frnds, chill out, go clubbing, etc...if you're wut I think you're then you won't face any problems in going arnd and banging arnd. :P

1 word of caution: choose your chicks wisely, some are chilled out like there but lot of em aren't.

so when are you coming to India??

as for the pmp, its the cowon j3....awesome shit it is. pwns the ipod and zune all the way. it has 39 presets and has awesome output.

I'm just working here to pass time. When I graduate I'll be quitting and get a better job and study more.

so anything new in your life or the same old shit??

Creed-sama | 02-24-11, 11:39 AM
lol dude, I knw ppl who do weed and other shit which ain't good fro your health. doing weed is normal and quite common. I don't do it myself but i knw a lotta ppl who do it. and bout girls putting it out....yes they do but not as in the USA. its a bit reserved here but you get pussy if you knw wut you're doing. so all in all you're all set if you knw wut you want.

P.s.- srry for the late replies, been busy with life and job so it kinda sux. I barely get time to wach anime or play games, so you knw my dilemma. >_>
only thing I get to do is lissen to music on my new pmp. xD

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